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File: 13ec9217c86cdcf⋯.png (209.96 KB, 486x395, 486:395, Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at ….png)


During the 2016 presidential campaign and transition, Donald Trump and at least 17 campaign officials and advisers had contacts with Russian nationals and WikiLeaks, or their intermediaries, a New York Times analysis has found.

At least 10 other associates were told about interactions but did not have any themselves. Knowledge of these interactions is based on Times reporting, documents submitted to Congress, and court records and accusations related to the special counsel investigating foreign interference in the election.



And dems have plenty of contact with Mexico .


The left just can't get over the Hillary loss when they were so sure she was gonna win but wait Hillary is a woman so it can't be her own fault she lost(remember the wahmen are the primary victims of war speech) it must be:

>teh Russians.


>much Russians

It wasn't a crime before 2017, why is it retroactively a crime now?



>(((Jew York Times)))



>New York Times (((finds))) Trump campaign aides, and Trump, too, had plenty of contact with Russians

<muh russian collusion


>accusations related to the special counsel investigating foreign interference in the election.

Le reddit space for readability

At least 10 other associates were told about interactions but did not have any themselves. Knowledge of these interactions is based on Times reporting accusations related to the special counsel investigating foreign interference in the election.



Russians are PIGS and they punish people for having sex with animals.





I wonder if all those blue collar workers took those advise and used it to fuck with journos.



Yeah let's learn to make fake people talk to one another! Artificial intelligence is so cool.


File: f3613a69d126144⋯.png (273.46 KB, 795x534, 265:178, 131c7c5db2d389698a0e3f597b….png)

look… if you don't know how freedom of speech works by now… for god sakes please look it up already. read the damn law rather then form an opinion in your head of what it could be and go with that.



They don't know what it means they come from a backwards speaking country. They think our "free people" means the people are free to own. "Freedom" in their country means something different than freedom in ours.



That is why the first thing they do when they come here is kidnap people and sell them into sex slavery. They're like "Oh boy! Look at all those free people I can capture and sell as many as I want without spending a dime!"


Did the Russians interfere at the voting booths? I don't get it.


I figured it out. The left was SO SURE Clinton was going to win, this is their protracted butthurt witch-hunt against the fence-people that voted for Trump. Or something.


So why don't they turn this over to Mueller?

Is this like buzzfeed's last shit that Mueller took the incredibly rare action of flat out refuting?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The only thing you need to get is that they wanted to start a war with Russia.


that seems like a reasonable idea. if people like that ever get into power you can see another chapter in a fucked up american history.


they really should ban propaganda and start pressing charges for fraud and slander. these people have destroyed all integrity to the point nobody trusts a damn thing they say anymore.


File: 869840f305ac3cd⋯.jpg (198.25 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ghostbusters1920jpg-4856da….jpg)


here is the real reason Hillary lost the election



File: ba85df88b934239⋯.jpeg (86.62 KB, 634x662, 317:331, CD2735F6-3AAA-40FD-A2CB-C….jpeg)



Literally cant stop thinking about her



>no russian collusion

>okay there was but i lied about it for 2 years

i wonder why



>if i keep lying enough eventually people will accept it as the truth

fuck off kike, no one believes your narrative



>durrr im retarded

fuck off retard



We all will now that Trump's too pussy to build the wall


File: 03f5d76d48c74ef⋯.jpg (124.26 KB, 600x363, 200:121, asdge.jpg)

>more propaganda spam by the commieboard



Kill yourself, commie. There is absolutely no evidence of collusion between Trump and the Russians. I know that you soulless leftist cancer don't give a shit about the truth, but people here do.



The definition of collusion is going to be changed to "has any contact with."

Trump was a private citizen. He could have buttfucked Putin on his jet and that still isn't enough for collusion. Of course the Left doesn't understand this.



>muh russia

fucking give it a rest


Hillary sold uranium to the Russians but I guess thats ok



Mmm the things i.d do to those "people"


>Every time you meet Russian you're colluding with Russia


>president interacted with members of a country not from america

>this is the evidence we finally needed



>Conspiracy to commit voter fraud and treason against the United States wasn't illegal before 2017

Are you a complete fucking retard, or do you only LARP as one on the internet?



Ooooh, you're not even talking about collusion, you're talking about the Russian "hacked election" meme that the TV news pushed two years ago. You probably believe Putin is running the government, he uses Trump to cancel his own weapons deals and boot his own diplomats just to cover his tracks.

You're actually an NPC. The United States is being harder on Russian foreign policy than Obama ever was. Obama was caught on a hot mic telling the Russians he wanted to play nice in Syria. The fact that you WISH this narrative to be true is extremely revealing.



>inb4 Johnny posts parrots.



>Conspiracy to commit voter fraud

So the CIA in France, and in Germany, and in Poland, and in North Africa, and in Russia?



How does the president intending to leave Syria make him more hardline against Putin? Obama sought to work out an arrangement to find a mutually agreeable outcome, Trump just wants to run for Putins benefit. You are delusional.


File: ecefa90ccc48990⋯.png (62.14 KB, 509x481, 509:481, npcs.png)




>article of startribune on the NYT's opinion on Muellers accusation that of Roger Stoner's supposed coordination and witness tampering to help Russia to the aid of Putin

>2 npcs talk about freedom and rape in the comment section



If he buttfucked Putin would that make you guys like him more? I mean, there's always this weird homo thing about a bunch of dudes following a guy with cheap hair and Playboy vids around but I always kind of hoped you guys weren't literal faggots.


I bet if you looked into it, those "Russians" would turn out to be Israeli

Russiagate is a farce created by Israel to mask its activities and promoted by Russia to make it look like a stronger country then the weak shithole that it actually is



I thought they're pretty divided on that one since a fair amount of people admit she was the worst candidate they could run

Granted Warren looks like a hot pick and if Trump has any native american blood he can smash her in an election


File: 02e58544074ec9a⋯.png (389.07 KB, 804x667, 804:667, billboaard.png)

>New york times finds a red under my bed

Oh shit we commies now.



bitch mconnell loves corruption in politics so i hope you love more propaganda from superPACs and state actors


/pol/cow hicks still blaming Putin for muh collusion….hahaha…in case you didn't know the cold war is over….you hicks are so afraid of Russia you blame it for everything…funny as fuck


Site rating, (C) for comedy.



>Obama was caught on a hot mic telling the Russians he wanted to play nice in Syria

As opposed to Trump who has closed-door meetings with Putin and other Russians and despite the fact that the government is required to have transparency, nobody knows anything about except for the two of them.





Extry! Extry! Read All About It!

Russia is no longer a communist country and would actually make for a great U.S. ally. Unless you are socialist commie scum or Putin has dirt on you for selling him a bunch of enriched uranium, that is.



>russia no longer communist

>just led by a KGB agent who loves the USSR and has sham elections in which the only people who can run against him are who he approves



Are you disputing that Russia is no longer communist….or what exactly?



>All that's needed for a country to be a "great US ally" is that they aren't communist

This is why Boomers need to die already.



>He could have buttfucked Putin on his jet

>He could have been buttfucked by Putin on his jet

fixed that for you. also, trump is basically a russian plant, destroying america from the inside. the tariffs are doing a hell of a job on american jobs. all trump cares about is having a building with a shiny trump sign in moscow so he can retire surrounded by euro-russian girls.


also, trump has private meetings with putin in which no other aides to advise him during the talk are allowed, other than the translator(this has never happened before) and then afterwards trump takes the translators transcript away from him, never to be seen again (again, never happened)

what is trump hiding during his meetings with putin? and does even his most die-hard supporter deny that this sort of behavior that nobody else would ever commit makes him guilty as sin?



White America Supports Trump and Putin.

Kikes Like You Will be fighting off 95IQ Semites. Like You.

Europe is falling… and When it falls there will be nothing to stand in between the Muslims and Israel.

Scream and cry all day long. If I get Drafted, I will Point my M-16 towards the first Jew I see I KILL THE KIKE

Fuck You Kike.



holy left turn batman, where did you get the idea i'm a "kike."

also, where do you get the idea that trump is anything but a putin-cock-sucking russian agent, at this point?




cause trump said he was hard on russia! but it was probably a slip up and he meant to say hard for russia


Literally flogging a non-existant dead horse now. If you want to talk about Russian collusion, lets chat about Uranium 1.




is this another one of those conspiracy theories, like pizzagate and the clintons killing people? i'll pass.


File: 4be8b60d4a2a1ea⋯.jpg (32.87 KB, 720x459, 80:51, tumblr_pmbc4hLgYx1u1w3aqo1….jpg)



it is. someone is actually mad that a canadian company mining uranium in the IS was sold to a russian company all while keeping with the previous agreement that none of the uranium leaves the US. it was made by a unanimous decision by the board that gives the okay for this kinda thing. conspiracy goes that hillary did the deal herself or somehow was the puppet master and influenced ever member of that board since the agreement can only go through by unanimous vote and nothing less



It puts a smile on my face knowing that you spent nearly 24 hours crafting this witty retort.



You mean like the massive amounts of voter fraud in California?



>02/02/19 (Sat) 22:22:39

>02/03/19 (Sun) 19:14:32

Nigger are you actually retarded or just pretending?


File: e5e11580fbe2564⋯.jpg (69.97 KB, 431x767, 431:767, 6jliu2vb9dd21.jpg)



mainly they met with the CARTELS and human traffickers

and got to know their money intimately




>And dems have plenty of contact with Mexico .

And RUSSIA and their agents and they actually colluded



I guess I'll throw you a bone since you seem confused.

The main difference is that I was simply gloating, not bumping the thread as though I was making some profound statement, unlike your laughable comment(s). Better luck next time!



t. paid kremlin poster



>If I don't bump the thread it makes me a better person

Confirmed for complete retard.


File: 8dccbd863af118f⋯.jpg (288.97 KB, 1220x2028, 305:507, seb6l52nllc21.jpg)



hi don


File: cae5da4eb0eeb91⋯.jpg (352.98 KB, 1822x1139, 1822:1139, TELEMMGLPICT000134096967_t….jpg)


lol beto o'rourke

I know you have the advantage of having to convince low IQQ trumptards but come on


File: cc1ac20535c73cd⋯.jpg (53.31 KB, 740x521, 740:521, 104941833-RTX3AHJS.jpg)


File: 790ef33b2d9765f⋯.jpg (78.86 KB, 760x483, 760:483, 181130-g20-trump-pena-niet….jpg)



how could trump have known all those people were colluding with russians to interfere with elections, they were just low level….campaign managers and personal advisors



Because now that the Hillarious crowd's is done wit the whole uranium deal, there are no current friendly fire issues?

And the past is - "we were never at war with Oceania".



>venezuela can throw elections why cant i!?


File: ec37e4e32720578⋯.jpeg (1015.14 KB, 3248x2468, 812:617, D28B442E-A53A-43DF-A64F-8….jpeg)

File: 64e46ceda35fb04⋯.jpeg (39.94 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 944FB0E5-8DAA-4951-A659-7….jpeg)

File: 8c48f4f11283dd3⋯.jpeg (70.34 KB, 458x339, 458:339, 2EE8DDD5-2FC5-4C4B-8EB7-1….jpeg)



wait, so you're pissed that the Koreas are getting reunited or…?


File: b7e18d8f4c7c473⋯.png (1.82 MB, 1378x1500, 689:750, america.png)




>donald trump is korea


I think this is a sickness. Ma' Rushins!!!


File: 5eec0c310e3720d⋯.jpg (165.16 KB, 839x753, 839:753, l.jpg)


>its all a myth goy


TRUMP's campaign raised record numbers. also, NRA received about 30 million dollars in donations from russia. coincidentally, NRA contributed record amount to trump campaign… about 30 million dollars. trump is a russian plant, traitor to his own country and deserves to get lethally injected.


File: 369472c5152def1⋯.jpg (41.52 KB, 640x480, 4:3, hillarycrying.jpg)


>yfw none of those people were charged with anything that could be spun as"colluding with russia"



you mean except for the ones that were lying about talking to russians, or those who conveniently forgot to tell investigators they were working for russians.



they are still communist, it's just that putin is distributing all the wealth, but only to his friends. so it's like the worst form of communism mixed with a dictatorship.



So it's just regular communism. Also OP is 13 days old now.


Hey, uhhh, brain washing cryptonite released in California that burned down 30 billion and is taking over PGE.





If paying someone to fabricate a dossier is not voter fraud, then contacting wikileaks to get damaging leaked emails definitely is not voter fraud. This happens every election cycle. Please stop being a dimwit.


Russiaphobia - its real


File: 13c94424fa25fa1⋯.png (2.05 MB, 1440x2150, 144:215, ClipboardImage.png)

/pol/ reporting in for your daily update.



File: 05a3a551798f3ad⋯.png (394.42 KB, 1200x628, 300:157, 34286903467t47985109749507….png)





>it's just that putin is distributing all the wealth, but only to his friends

That just sounds like capitalism to me. Everything you make is collected in tax to be distributed by politicians to their friends.


>contacting wikileaks to get damaging leaked emails definitely is not voter fraud. This happens every election cycle

Wikileaks hasn't existed for "every election cycle", and they have never released any information about any candidate before Hillary. I know you're a Russian shill, but at least try to get your basic facts straight.


Trump literally hires Paul Manafort, Dictator's Fixer and Publicist-For-Hire, recently working giving secret handjobs to Ukraine's Moscow-puppet-asshole-in-chief to run his campaign, hands over the keys to the Middle East to Jared Kushner because he's banging his daughter. Has off the books meetings with Putin of a flavor you guys would literally hang Obama from a tree for, and you're all "NOOOOO, DA JEWWWS."

Well guess what buttercups, if the Jews are responsible for this, then Trump is a Jew, because it's all on Trump. Every single stupid step and misstep, it's all on Captain Combover. I don't know why you faggots are carrying water for this cuck? Beyond his big mouth, is he really doing shit for anyone? I mean, he talks big like a monster truck, but the shithead can't get anything done. He's useless. He's a vestigial foreskin married to a model. If he's not paying you, why are you white knighting him?



Do you have anything other than a string of ad hominem attacks to contribute to the thread?



what are you talking about, the first paragraph was all about the thread topic. Do YOU have anything to add or reply to that post?



Weird, his first reply is spot on, but then he resorts to "muh russian shills" on the second reply. Are you okay big guy?


Reminder this whole nothingburger was based off a 4chin copypasta, aka the piss story.



>and they have never released any information about any candidate before Hillary

She was exposed as a liar and a corrupt official. Thank God her credibility is destroyed forever.



Doesn't change facts.


Trump is a hundred times more corrupt and lies as much as he breathes, but at least it's not Hillary, amirite!!




I know some r/thedonald fans are mad, but it was totally worth memeing trump into the presidency and memeing the peepee dossier into historical significance.

memeing more responsibly just wouldn't have been this hilarious. chaos is the true sovereign.


File: b94ff3539c2d8fe⋯.png (133.83 KB, 658x827, 658:827, D661B139-631F-4B50-A6BE-5E….png)

File: 034abf9bdcad8c8⋯.png (83.03 KB, 658x663, 658:663, CDEF842C-BFE4-480F-8248-73….png)

File: 1c338c70b9e6e04⋯.png (195.46 KB, 658x1165, 658:1165, 2C4E8BF3-FDDB-4827-B323-81….png)

File: 8f00c6667ffc5f1⋯.png (135.99 KB, 658x857, 658:857, DD77A313-B868-4452-B8A4-9C….png)

File: e3b376f618536a4⋯.png (181.04 KB, 658x932, 329:466, 77727744-6413-49D2-ACCD-7D….png)


File: 5036d70745e593d⋯.jpeg (88.03 KB, 634x418, 317:209, 555AFA8D-1904-4CEB-9141-C….jpeg)

File: aeed74025dd918f⋯.jpeg (180.89 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, AE64BCA0-F1A7-41CD-A01F-E….jpeg)

File: ccddc6f59191fdb⋯.png (536.51 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 468E2A1B-A474-4063-8D98-F0….png)

File: dd2c1ec205ffc35⋯.jpeg (300.29 KB, 1484x1311, 1484:1311, 62A2C798-F61F-4A76-B328-0….jpeg)


File: 37429f6a44a8685⋯.png (121.72 KB, 658x867, 658:867, F2477182-0705-4762-8C55-43….png)

File: d4ade7bc57a5da1⋯.png (163.19 KB, 658x877, 658:877, BB4D9854-B021-4C1B-8D96-59….png)


I propose we rename this board


Read the News! (We want you to read)


>plenty of contact

>with russians

of course

trump is known for his love for degenerate sex with prostitutes

why are people surprised about this?


Putin landed in a UFO outside my window last night but that doesn't mean we colluded.



because a certain sect of people literally believe the earth is flat and vaccines cause autism and obama was a muslim kenyan who was going to declare martial law. I don't even think the shocking news that trump has always been a degenerate would convince them he's not god


File: fbe3a5c3cfa9aa1⋯.jpg (92.39 KB, 530x767, 530:767, rc1uddow36g21.jpg)


>And dems had plenty of contact with Russia fuck they helped make the dossier


File: a869289635981fd⋯.jpg (43.45 KB, 611x480, 611:480, uj3kw1b4jne21.jpg)



unless trump has literally signed a contract that would be direct evidence. so they found tons of evidence, just no signed contracts



You do know she was cleared of those charges right and was never indicted? Please steer away from alt right youtube channels to help yourself become better informed.


Well this is it guys. The presidency is bound to be over with this bombshell.

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