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File: 8311b68954fbf28⋯.jpg (47.85 KB, 825x495, 5:3, carrera.jpg)


Melinda Smith, stage name Mercedes Carrera, and her producer/director husband Jason Whitney have been arrested for abusing a young girl on January 31. The couple are accused of "inappropriate touching, oral copulation and digital penetration.”



Turns out the kid is actually her daughter and this is all the result of some sort of custody battle between the porn star and her ex .

Its strange to see the shoe on the other foot. As normally its the mother making up the most extreme accusations against the father to fuck up his life. Not the other way around.

Lacking any other evidence, I would let the kid live with the father. Because the mother is a porn star.

But you would be naive to think these accusations actually represent true events.


File: c78d7ef15aa6d69⋯.png (771.25 KB, 1024x579, 1024:579, PicsArt_02-07-06.34.21.png)


It was still WORTH IT.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Remember anons say no to sluts and hos. Find yourself a nice Christian girl to marry and settle down.



Wrong! You don't get to THINK, stupid! Somebody said "child sex abuse"; you have to shut your brain off and nod along. You wouldn't want people thinking that YOU are a nasty pedo, would you?



You should have a robot downloading questionable content just in case someone violates your rights by spying illegally.



If her mom's a pornstar then her daughter is probably going to not be utilized. If she's naturally over sexual then how's that going to end up? Tinder?


At least over sexual people can have a healthy outlet and system that lowers the chances of disease!



>I would let the kid live with the father.

But he's clearly a cuck and cucks make bad fathers




Those youtube comments are full of mgtow faggots, I haven't even watched the video but I can already tell it's not going to be worth it.


The daughter was probably into it once they gave her meth. The mother is likely highly sensitive multi-orgasmic and passed it on to the daughter.


They are broke because all the shekels from porn went to fuel their drug habit. This whore started doing porn in 2014 and has over 400 listings on IAFD and she didn't save a dolla.



Porn is degenerate.

Destroy pornography.



(((Ethan Ralph)))



thank you for your contribution



Is literally everyone connected to Gavin McInnes a piece of shit?


what's the bet she was arrested for being part of gamergate more than actually being a pedo


File: c46a1517602a24a⋯.jpeg (211.03 KB, 1222x1590, 611:795, DrV4MeuVYAACJgp.jpeg)


LMAO at the thought she's innocent of the pedo stuff and her ex is just a guy in his 30s who discovered /pol/ a few years back and decided to become a radical Orthodox Christian bro when /pol/ exposed the Jew and their degenerate agenda using (((porn))) and (((atheism))). Guess he don't want no tweaker porn hoe raising his daughter and decided Christ would forgive the lies necessary for that to happen. I bet the dude posts on Classical Statue twatter and attacked pornhub during that pornographers deserve rope raid a few months back which would coincide with when the allegations started. I guess her ex is /ourguy/!!!

Isn't it ironic that she shilled for the very same platform that would screw her over when it got even more red-pilled? She was an awesome gateway back in the #GoymerGate days I will admit. Now the SJWs she mocked are having a field day with this news, lol!!!


File: bdca850c13b0b08⋯.gif (251.57 KB, 220x206, 110:103, tenor.gif)


>Porn is degenerate.

>Destroy pornography.



Good! Lock them up!


Why put "Pizzagate" in the headline?

I fucking hate you fuckers so much



lmao only if you are a retard you’d believe that


File: 24c497c52897547⋯.jpg (85.98 KB, 600x408, 25:17, superman-pizza-cooked.jpg)



Are there real people here??? You can't honestly believe ignoring and isolating me is going to work. You just can't.


There are religions looking for me.



They do that to trigger anons. Sometimes they put "muhlennial", "boomer", "/pol/", etc..



You can do better than this, my friend.


wow, legit news!


Daily reminder that not all sex accusations are true.

Also daily reminder that false rape accusers deserve the same punishment as rapists.



>digital penetration

I know this means they fingered the kid, but it sounds more like they shoved a UBS drive up her ass or something. Which is significantly more hilarious.

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