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File: 843e75e76d9dc59⋯.gif (59.03 KB, 914x514, 457:257, API-LGBT.gif)

674303  No.12780817

Read the Egyptian "Book of the Dead", and I noticed the phrase "just and fair" repeated judiciously.

It brought to mind Justin Trudeau.

Thinking it seems as if they make up fake names for public figures.

One day later the scandal of VA's Lt. Gov. broke.. his name is..

Justin Fairfax.

When, if ever, anons, have you known a nig to be named Fairfax?

Justin sayin.

0cc176  No.12780819

>Something looks like something else

>Therefore: Jews/Aliens




240ea7  No.12780821


> It brought to mind Justin Trudeau.

For me it brought to mind Justin Fair.

dbe200  No.12780848

My meds are peace and quiet with copious amounts of solitude.

cc0bda  No.12780853


there's nothing jewdicious about Justin Fair.

491ce8  No.12780868

>what are translations

674303  No.12780889


>what is something unrelated causing you to think about something else

bfc82c  No.12780895


4bef58  No.12780899


You really figured something out there buddy a 4000 year old hieroglyphic religous text of a dead religion is totally related to people named justin. English words sound similiar to other english words wew. More at 10

8d63d3  No.12780900


I know this is a Jew meme, but unironically take your meds.

97a707  No.12781050

I worked for an insurance firm once. There was a customer on the list that went through. His name was Baldo Balducci.

It's nice when some woman has the name Cuntz or Kuntz or Fuchs.

3337e6  No.12781646


This phenomenon can happen in multiple ways. You shouldn't get too hung up on names, or rules. Essentially, think of it like reading omens. Anything might be a sign, a portent.

000000  No.12785763


Trump anyone?

"they" make names or/and other things are at play behind the cosmic scene.

Dang, wish sometimes I were in the crowded room with my bag of Cheetos, looking at the bigscreen and cheering for my favorite team instead of being the clueless douche plugged in the matrix.

I mean, why the fuck did we sign for this?

With that dumb clause that we wouldn't know where we came from before the soul-download into a fetus?

>Yeah but the feels, the VR immersive experience and emotion engine man. You wanted the ultimate extreme experience.

<Oh shut up.

0d7f9f  No.12785908

even Q could not predict this

a04cf9  No.12786028


Administer your medication

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