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File: 93c30478a4a4367⋯.jpeg (8.93 KB, 124x124, 1:1, fbi.jpeg)

897725  No.12785738

Expect the President to make a big announcement tonight in El Paso.

1. The CIA operation in Virginia is going well. The Democrats are turning on each other at a rapid rate as the model suggested they would. Blacks being humiliated by the Democrats, me too`s running wild, Another revelation about the Lieut. Governor is on taps for this week, and several things about the Governor is being held back for the moment.

AOC is putting out one narrative after another provided by her handlers at Langley. She and her Muslim buddy are priceless. She will get rich out of all of this but who cares.

And last but not least expect an announcement from Whittakker this week.

1030f9  No.12785750

I love the deep state, I want them deep in my ass.

e477a5  No.12785753


Trump will win 2020.

765c8d  No.12785754


Sounds like bullshit, but I believe it.

c9bbce  No.12785757

File: 93283f7699d5f48⋯.png (63.95 KB, 632x404, 158:101, ClipboardImage.png)


>political headcannon

>bullshit OP made up

>OP can't cope with the fact that Trump lied and is king of the swamp now

5eccb8  No.12785761

<please don't hang us goyim, we're on your side

Out fag.

a79dda  No.12785775


17ee66  No.12785800


Just use


503404  No.12785816

File: 40b7d4e1170e09b⋯.jpg (41.7 KB, 500x433, 500:433, 1533997456764.jpg)

c7fee3  No.12785820

File: 4aaae11183fbfbb⋯.jpg (148.79 KB, 566x733, 566:733, 1447487588321.jpg)


>Blacks being humiliated by the Democrats

Are you really still doing the based black republican thing?

b6a0d3  No.12785827


no matter what you may believe it does serve a purpose, to turn golems against their creators. give the most powerful of enemies even moar enemied demographics and they will start to truly overplay themselves

94771c  No.12785833




any day now

429fc9  No.12785834


Oh look, jewish solutions to jewish problems. Meanwhile replacement invasion is running smoothly.

ec32ce  No.12785852


I want to go to Brazil, adopt a loli waifu, and stay there until she's 18… then we bring our children and give them US citizenship.

ec32ce  No.12785859


Pence should convert to black on 2020

c7fee3  No.12785871

File: 0b3e53ec347b8fe⋯.jpg (98.48 KB, 543x361, 543:361, 1447476977611.jpg)


I posted a boy so you should adopt a ladyboy

000000  No.12785909

Agent Key Bord here, I though you all should get a debriefing because I'm an insider just like you. Through the last 15 years DEEPSTATE has developed a way to control actions of leaders in the future before they happen and now I will leak this method to you but it will only work with absolute dedication.

1. Draw a Q on a paper

2. Close your eyes and hold your breath

3. Write your time without units next to the Q

4. Finally put a big I on the left hand side.

5. The lower your number the more predictive analysis ability you contain. This is a talent on the most special can have, so don't tell anybody about it.

Good day.

812b96  No.12785923



But you didn't post source. Ass.

2b2a47  No.12785939

When are they going to start arresting all the fucking commies in office? We have laws they are ignoring.

812b96  No.12785945


Didn't you know? Laws are only for the goyim

a37599  No.12785947


t. Pence

897725  No.12785961

Button up buttercups. Tonight will be the stuff of legends.

627763  No.12785965


Go away, Q-LARP.

627763  No.12785966


Suicide now, you fucking yid.

a3da62  No.12785976

File: f8f88e6cc34b694⋯.jpg (51.97 KB, 650x461, 650:461, mic pens.jpg)


>t. Pence


>Pence should convert to black

What's this newfound fascination with Mike?

8a4676  No.12785977


And this is somehow going to redeem the state of the union?

897725  No.12785982


Wait and see. You have nothing to lose.

8a4676  No.12785989


Okay I guess it's impossible to be anymore disappointed

48a32b  No.12785995


>Deep State turning on Democrats

If they're not hanging them in the streets than they are not turning hard enough. I want them all to swing.

000000  No.12786034


>I was only pretending to be retarded

>You didn't beat me, I quit

>Please don't hang us goyim, we're on your side

d8a4e8  No.12786036




Pedo fags not welcome.


Go join that beaner scum Melinda Smith in hell if you're into that degenerate shit. This is a Christian NatSoc server.

d8a4e8  No.12786043

File: bdca850c13b0b08⋯.gif (251.57 KB, 220x206, 110:103, tenor.gif)

8e64db  No.12786066


whats wrong with druf_tochin_wall666.jewpg

6953f6  No.12786152


It's just glowing niggers trying to save their ass by purging some people.

405db6  No.12786155


>it does serve a purpose

Yes, it does.

>to turn golems against their creators

No. Its to reinforce anti-White hatred and White genocide from all sides of the spectrum.

a96cb3  No.12786160

Derp State is everybody with .gov email. They must all die.

5849f8  No.12786243


>Hurr trust da (((CIA))) guys!

The entire U.S government and its agencies are all "deep state" you retarded trumpnigger mongoloid, gas yourself.

4238d9  No.12786463


This. I hope they know that people are keeping track of them and their degeneracy. This whole OP is about them turning on themselves and devouring themselves down to dust.

Make it so!

a9580e  No.12786674


The deep state plays both sides. This is a cia algo thread. Sage

9780ff  No.12786694


>Thinks sage is a downvote

000000  No.12786972


Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerp state

000000  No.12786980


thx but no, i have a big family and the pay is good too

be27a9  No.12789798


>Occasional Cortex being MK'd by the CIA to destroy the identity politics freaks and those (((freemason))) tranny demons

>Announcement by Whittakker about Mueller and his gang of deep state Tavistock Nazis in the FBI/DOJ and SES who have been plaguing us for two years and threatening to start annodda shoah and wwiii with the bullshit report

my dick can't physically get any harder

be27a9  No.12789810


nationalistic freemasonry ≠ (((globalist freemasonry))), there is a small but distinct difference

e94906  No.12789838

Remember that the Deep State used to work in our favor. ManBearPig was a good psyop by them that completely discredited Al Gore and ensured /ourguy/ Bush won the office.

000000  No.12789872




neocohen please. and the derpstate is ZOG until proven otherwise.

087e59  No.12810375


>nationalistic freemasonry ≠ (((globalist freemasonry))),

Okay, which one is the Shriners in?

aa946c  No.12810481


Natsoc only. Keep your zionism to yourself.

c7fee3  No.12810500


lol not after this most recent cuckout, he has even lost r/the_Donald

2634dd  No.12812091

File: 652cf391f27648e⋯.jpg (8.65 KB, 255x255, 1:1, gas.jpg)


Fuck off Zionist shill

2f358d  No.12812111

File: fa7424ec8da9240⋯.jpg (108.18 KB, 500x500, 1:1, fa7424ec8da92401106ed60b4d….jpg)

000000  No.12812137


I'd vote for Pence when it comes right down to simply because of his 2,000 hi-power Amps to the faggots policy.

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