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File: bfb4a965a7066db⋯.jpg (73.95 KB, 600x600, 1:1, sHYmNuD.jpg)


Show your fellow annons how much you care by sahring some PDFs.

Las Thread:





File: cc3fe1523c408a1⋯.jpg (2.83 MB, 3150x4455, 70:99, Newspaper 01.jpg)

Scanning for Streets Tell Stories for the Underground RPG is underway. Boxed set is pretty neat, and includes two books (Streets, and Stories) 16 pages of flyers, 32 pages of villains (3-hole punched), a full-sized map, and an actual printed newspaper containing 8 pages. Newspaper page size is roughly 10.5" x 15". Will be out in a few days!




>32 pages of villains (3-hole punched)

Are the holes on the wrong side (the long side) in all the sets? Mine has them on the long side, and then another set of the same pages in the Notebook punched on the correct side.





Yep. And, you would think that if you are using the pages as intended, you flip the page up along the rings (assuming these are in a binder), and the opposite side is then upside down. Frustrating. Clearly, with a scan, that can be adjusted in the pdf.



Remarkable Races Submerged Compendium

by Alluria for PF

Please and thank you!


Looking for Android: Shadow of the Beanstalk


looking for recordings made by "Dark Radio Adventure Theater"




They are available online for free


Anyone have WFRP starter set to share?


Does anyone have it?







Looking for the Monster Hunter International, the Savage Worlds RPG, anyone got it?


Looking for Fall of Delta Green


Anyone have Faces of Thedas to share?



The book isn't out to the public yet (or even finished).



Holy fuck!

Super many many share happening now at:







Double newp.



- Outbreak: Undead 2nd Edition Gamemaster´s Guide;

- Intergalactic RPG;

- Ambrosia RPG.


Lost both my HDs recently and have been slowly rebuilding my collection. Thanks to you guys, I've been able to get back most of the awesomeness. The ones I'm having trouble with are BattleTech and Starfleet Battles, anyone have those?

I can live w/o BT, but the SFB stuff makes me cry.


Looking for Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells , and OSR game



>Anyone have Faces of Thedas to share?





Carse has a shitload of BT in his Cavern on vola




Nope, I'm a dumbass. It's in the Graveyard on vola.


The O-S-R trove is asking for a password. Is that new? Anybody care to share who knows it?



Bytee has been doing it ever since he got hit with a DMCA some weeks back. He changes it (a)periodically, and usually lists it four chans down. It's not yet on the extremely new thread there. It's currently Treasure, case sensitive of course.



Brilliant! Thanks very much!


I found one of the Living Arcanis 3E adventures on Scribd. Has anyone got the rest? https://www.scribd.com/document/349899830/LA-SP3-05-Soaked



Bytee just changed it. Do you have a link to the pdf share thread four doors down?



Can you please provide a link to where the dark adventure radio theatre can be found free online? All I can find is sales sites.



You're not even trying, are you? It literally has the same name in the same part of the board there (/tg/)




This does not have the Mask of Nyarlathotep yet. It's a little harder to find.



Hello! I am looking for a book made by Chaosium, Shadows over Stillwater.

Its a mix of Call of Chtulhu and some spaghetti western.


Thank you!


Looking for Android: Shadow of the Beanstalk


Does anyone have Attack Vector Tactical?



Sorry, my intent was unclear. I have a tab open to it, as I do with this thread and the PF/SF thread. I was asking if ShamelessPlug did, and if not would provide a link or at least direction. I didn't want to take on the job of continually updating someone else's trove password.


Shadows of Brimstone adventure books, please



I do not! I would appreciate a link, as there's a lot of threads.




Nevermind, found it in the catalog. Thanks for the head's up!



You should also know that those threads only last a few days. Additionally, the first post has a pdf with highly useful information.


So whats is the link for the archive?






/ShareThread, which is listed on page 3 of the aforementioned document in the opening post. When visiting four doors down, keep an eye out for AngryAnon, who is rather contemptuous of those who ask questions such as yours.



Which one is that? /r/Graveyard doesn't work. :(


Requesting Spaceships and Starwyrms


Tyrant's Grasp Player's Guide is out.


Press F for the inner temple



Ok, I've tried "f", "F", "PressF", and "Press F", none of which worked.




So nice to have provided you amusement.


Does anyone have Age of Legends? It looks compelling, but it's an expensive buy in. TIA.






Hot damn! Thank you!



v0l@f(eye)l3.0rg /r/7h3(eye)nn3rt3mpl3 - n00b



Weird. I just checked out the publisher's website and they actually encourage people to pirate their games. They're like the AntiFox.


Inner Temple is asking for a PW now?



explanation 4 doors down


File: 54e20fb4de1a378⋯.jpg (713.47 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, img000.jpg)

Streets Tell Stories for the Underground RPG is complete. This also completes the Underground RPG product line.



/Mayfair and look under the Underground folder.



Thanks and did you see

Mayfair Games - Hammers Slammers.pdf

Mayfair Games - The Castle.pdf

Mayfair Games - The Company Wars

Mayfair Games - The Forever War.pdf

in the graveyard?



Can you send me the vola addy?



h77p:// v0l@f(eye)3.0rg/r/




He means the GraveYard vola



that is the gy vola addy



I know you scanned the Keep a few months back (quite good) - is the castle from the same scan.. I have not compared them yet ..?



No, I'm an idiot. They are separate. I have both, I assumed incorrectly that The Castle was the module of The Keep (I've seen it misnamed before).




No problem..



Did the Company Wars come with a rulebook? I just saw covers, counters, charts, and maps.



I'm sure it did - I can find nothing about it on BoardgameGeek? -


File: 436946898fef44a⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Dr.-Strangelove-General-Ja….png)




sorry disregard that...




Not the rules, but I appreciate the link.



It's not on IRC either..(



Thank you. Now it makes sense.



Thanks Carse!



You're welcome!



thank you


Not sure if it was asked for, but 5th Evolution.


anyone knows the password for inner temple?



pw is leaRntofuckinGreAd

case sensitive



well... StoPscEwingMyButT is the right one.


Did Android Shadow of the Beanstalk come out yet?




vola /r/TheDustyShelf



Not in the gy, thanks anyway



Thanks a lot!


Temple is back.


File: 3e6e18b6a0fec3a⋯.jpg (10.91 KB, 140x181, 140:181, 228813-thumb140.jpg)


Looking for

The King in Yellow: Annotated Edition

From Arc Dream Publishing



Did someone scan Shadow of the Beanstalk yet, or has the PDF come out?


>>409619 See Vola Graveyard



Does anyone have a link for Tales From the Floating Vagabond or it's add-ons that isn't a Russian malware factory?



Inner Temple



I'd be interested in anything else from TotFV besides Core Rules & Bar Wars.

Tales of the Floating Vagabond - The Reich Stuff

Tales of the Floating Vagabond - Weirder Tales... A Space Opera

Tales of the Floating Vagabond - HyperCad 54, Where Are You?


File: 9ae381f86a60808⋯.gif (297.5 KB, 800x600, 4:3, good dog.gif)


oh awesome, thank you



Looking for 2320 AD


Looking for Neonpunk Crysis


Wondering if this has been liberated yet:


Haven't seen it in any troves.




I am looking for the following:

SR5 - Chicago Chaos

SR5 - Shadows in Focus: Casablanca-Rabat



requesting oaths of the riddermark (the one ring)

thank you



/TheOneRing @ snip


Looking for Mythic Battles: Pantheon RPG. TIA.




thank you

i wasnt sure if there was a trove


Does anyone have a copy of Ultimate Ships from Legendary Games? Thank you for your assistance.


Requesting a copy of this The Sprawl supplement



Still sounds like porn


Looking for the following Devil’s Workshop / LPJ D20 files please. I have looked through the Trove and typical sites and cannot find them. I would appreciate a point in the right direction. Thank you.





















Pelgrane Press galore @ 100Shares

lovingly yours,



Anyone with The Titan Herbal? Thanks!


Does anyone have those books? I want especially the one of Innistrad, but the others would also be nice.


Looking for The Other Side Core Rulebook



Thanks a lot!!!!!! You just made my day!




damn good


Is there any Champions of the Galaxy pdf compilations out there?


File: f496e39b7ca1183⋯.png (554.95 KB, 612x343, 612:343, ClipboardImage.png)

Does anyone have Open Legend pdfs or a copy of Wonderdraft (apparently, a very nice map-making software)?

Thanks in advance.



File: 0fa57ab165d599a⋯.jpeg (45.15 KB, 554x554, 1:1, images (1).jpeg)

Does anyone have Invisible Sun PDF? I want to see this thing before pay almost $300.



I am extremely interested in this. I am researching it immediately



Yeah, wonderdraft is nowhere on the torrent market and I can't find any pirated copies anywhere. It would be a really good addition to the .pdf Wishlist even though it isn't strictly a .pdf.





Thirding this for sure.


File: eef22cd8152dc7a⋯.jpg (321.25 KB, 750x1125, 2:3, img000.jpg)

Last book needed for a real complete run of the Shatterzone series. It was scanned from a physical copy despite it being a fiction collection.

Shattered and Other Stories (in both pdf and epub format.) Epub is a bit large because it's all image files. If someone wants to copy the ocr and construct a proper epub file, by my guest.








File: 32ccb9195e53aec⋯.gif (1.1 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 1337765834466.gif)


Have a look in the pdf's for the phrase 'Feb-Releases' and go down the rabbit hole from there (although good luck on running the bastard, that game is more of a mechanical mess than a Sovet-era diesel engine).

I found two useful links;

http://www.aeolia.net/dragondex/articles-subject.html <--- articles from old Dragon magazines listed by topic

https://th3-3y3.3u/public/Books/rpg.rem.uz/Dungeons%20%26%20Dragons/Magazines/Dragon/ <-- Dragon magazine archive, url is totally l33t.


Looking for Player Paraphernalia #s 126, 148, 154, 158 (Knotty Works)

Hybrid Classes of Porphyra (Purple Duck Games)

all for PFRPG


looking for the King in Yellow CD by "The Society Of The Yellow Sign"




Nope, and you're unlikely to.



saw them on IRC. check /Sharethread @snip for info



/ShareThread. Snip links are case-sensitive.







Journey To Ragnarok - Adventure and Setting for 5e

Does anyone have this or know a trove that has it?

Many thanks



File: 60f596c6e7776e8⋯.png (875.27 KB, 691x896, 691:896, Untitled.png)

This just dropped about a week ago. Anybody have it?


Requesting the following files. Thanks!:

[WOIN] W1: Xenomorphs: The Fall of Somerset Landing

[WOIN] W2: Dark Decade: From Dust To Dawn

[WOIN] W3: Santiago: A Myth of the Far Future

Bluebeard's Bride: Book of Mirrors

Worlds of Legacy: Rhapsody of Blood: Choir of Souls

The Sixth Gun: Companion


I just heard that Wizkids accidentally posted the whole Dungeons of the Mad Mage adventure instead of the boardgame's description PDF here. https://wizkids.com/dd-waterdeep-dungeon-of-the-mad-mage/

Anyone snagged it before it was pulled down?


Cthulu galore at 100Shares

Lovingly yours,




Just slapped it up on the Inner Temple.


Any good soul with Shadowrun: No Future? Thanks


File: f804601843b886a⋯.jpg (58.48 KB, 452x728, 113:182, Scribe.jpg)

Didn't see any specific requests but thought I'd share anyway

Anyway, here's WH40K - Wrath and Glory - Intro book, Core Rules and the first "Adventure Path" of sorts, "Blessings Unheralded"




Oh, and I have more or less all of the 8th Edition Codexes in PDF format, as well as most of the other 40K TTRPG Systems.


I'm searching Irongate for Last Parsec



I am looking for the Storyteller's Dictionary, the companion to the Storyteller's Thesaurus - Found here: Vola Inner Temple. Thank you.



File: ba1073866db4863⋯.jpg (106.66 KB, 465x600, 31:40, cover_lg.jpg)

Coming from the QTDDTOT thread, I'm looking for the Car Wars Compendium



Go back to the Temple


I put a Second Edition version at the Temple.



Thank you Kind Sir!




See Vola Inner Temple for W1.



See Vola Inner Temple




Thank you very much!


File: 5a3bdc42ad7d2bb⋯.jpg (44.58 KB, 600x122, 300:61, Banner-Hero.jpg)

Traveller Hero. Enjoy! Thanks to the donor!





Been trying to get there, keeps saying 404



Then you are doing it wrong.

volafile [dot] org



File: 2d55082e069ce5e⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 2550x1650, 17:11, Mythus Collage.jpg)

Mythus Bestiary and Mythus Prime are complete finally, which completes the Dangerous Journeys line. You can get both these and the rest of the Dangerous Journeys books at:



Heads up though, there were a few printing issues, the most egregious one being page 57 of the Bestiary. The error you see is exactly the way it is in the book. Does not affect the information at all.

On to another project to complete!




it changed again...



LOL....no its not


Looking for copies of

City of Mist

The Sprawl

Ultramodern 5 (5th ed)

Urban Shadows




True, as Bytee posted four chans down, two days ago. It's now Sorceror. I heartily encourage those here to also check the /tg/ PDF Share thread located gour chans down to maximize sharing opportunities.



And, if it's not too much trouble, Monster of the week 2nd edition would be very much appreciated.







And where is that?



Myeah, without a BF scanner, it won't happen. I predict a leak from the company would happen first.



This question (and many others) is answered by the resources found at /ShareThread. (For some reason, the link in Da Curated Archive leads to a sub-sub-sub-folder, but hopefully you're savvy enough to continue from there.)


Hey, has Chapter Approved 2018 for Warhammer 40K been found out in the wilds?


File: 38878ee278abbfc⋯.jpg (337.73 KB, 2400x2400, 1:1, freindo.jpg)



Thanks mate



Easily one of the creepier roles he ever played. The deadeye stare would be enough to unnerve me in a face to face.



Then don't ask for it until you KNOW it's for sale by the publisher.


File: 9165bf726771352⋯.jpg (63.03 KB, 628x472, 157:118, cbe8dbf768367c15172e4899a4….jpg)


Bunch of Warhammer 40k 3d files, some are pretty rare it seems. Enjoy



Just be warned, it'll take about eight hours to download them all and that's with high-speed internet doing one file at a time for maximum bandwidth from Vola.




I'm reupping them to /r/dwmx6420 as I type this.




Cheers mate :)



Wotta find! Thanks! Keep it up!

For the Emprah! :D



>those are available

Show me where they're available, other than in the Black Cubes of those who backed the first kickstarter. No one is going to scan irregularly-sized books like those with other than archival scanners, and libraries don't allow the public to use those. They aren't available in PDF.



They are already selling some of the cards as PDFs on their site. All Invisible Sun material is coming to PDF, just not quickly.



Got a link?



Sorcerer, not Sorceror. Apologies.


Looking for

Fate Space Toolkit - Prototype Edition

Shadow of The Century


Looking for any complete collection of the Call to Arms series from Fat Goblin Games. 3PPF only has a few.

Thanks in advance.


Looking for

Star Trek Adventures

Call Back Yesterday

Deep Space Nine Player Characters


Trouble On Omned III

The Gravity of The Crime


Anyone able to share the M20 Familiar Strangers stretch goal pdf that was supposed to go out to M20 Gods and Monsters backers?



What this guy said.



I have several Call to Arms that are not in the 3PPF folder. I will send them to Carse to make sure that they get cleaned properly.

Ten Foot Poles, Archer's Arsenal, Fireworks & Primitive Firearms, Powders and Dusts, and Pistols and Muskets



Here are six of them not currently in the 3PPF folders (I think). Thanks gracious anon!





Are you an idiot? The PDFs are not out now. They are not out on drivethrurpg. They are not out on monte cook games site.

There has been no indication from monte cook when they will be coming out if he ever plans on releasing them.

So it's incumbent on you to prove otherwise because the magic 8-ball right now says "Don't count on it".


Anyone know what happened to the release of:



Hi does anyone have z-land, all the links I've found are dead.






Currently up in /theinnertemple.


Anyone got this 5e homebrew thing?






looking for this recent publication from Arc Dream Publishing



1) I have the physical version of Invisible Sun, so I don't need anything. I am not the person who made the requests for the IS stuff. Don't make assumptions about who is saying what and why

2) Go fuck yourself



Hasn't been released yet. It's still a few slots down from Conan The Brigand on the Wave 2 list (The Wanderer and The Adventurer are listed before it).


File: 0df126cd8f8ebcc⋯.png (276.43 KB, 500x666, 250:333, SWR10_Dawn_of_Rebellion[1].png)

Anyone have Dawn of Rebellion (or better scans of the FFG Star Wars stuff than the Trove has)?


Requesting all/any All Flesh Must Be Eaten books.



Hey I'm looking for the new Star Trek Adventures release "Operations Division" if anyone has it?



This please.





My google-fu is failing me, anyone has the newest FEC battetome (the 2019 one not the 2016)?



Theres a trove of World of Calidar?




ratS kerT serutnevdA snoitarepO noisiviD



Is anybody else having trouble accessing any of the vola rooms?



Thank you mate, appreciate this!



I did, last night. I restarted my phone, and that seemed to take care of it.


I'm looking for these two adventures for Star Trek Adventures: The Gravity of the Crime and Trouble on Omned III

Anyone have them, or a link to a trove where I might find them?



There was some contributor here undergoing a basic D&D scanning crusade (of which Thunderdelve Mountain was one module). Perchance, have you made a decent scan of the compilation module B1-9?


Is there a trove for Heroic Maps?

I am looking for the Valdisfjell Dwarven City set https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/266909/Heroic-Maps--Valdisfjell-Dwarven-Mega-City-BUNDLE




Yeah, found the thread on half. Thanks!



I downloaded a few, this seems to be... some stuff from a 3D download site? For freebies a catalogue with links would be infinitely more useful than OMG HOT file dump.



>a catalogue with links would be infinitely more useful

You wanna create and link said catalogue, be my guest. Not my upload originally, just mirroring them.


Has anyone got a copy of the 1E Dragonlance Adventures? I've got it in HB but the PDF I found is corrupt in places. I'd like it for use at the table, rather than the book. I've checked the Tee Ess Arrr trove at snip, and an OSR Trove at mega. They don;t seem to have it?




Ha, changed again. The new share thread on half got it, too.



SS /file/dxii6s

The scan quality is kinda low, but all pages seem to be there


Hey, was the 3rd edition of Dragon-Blooded for Exalted released for backers and found it's way into the wild?


Someone have Amethyst: Compedium (4E)?



Hey. I have been looking for Elite Dangerous RPG supplements: military, espionage, super traders and exploration. Would be thankful!



Nvm found them in previous topic :) Thanks.


Anyone have the Frostgrave miniature rules?






Thank you both! These are exactly the ones I was looking for


Humble request for anyone who has Legendary Classes: Illuminatus (Purple Duck Games). Thank you!





Thanks, that's at least not corrupt! iPad readable :)



ufile dot io


gravity of the crime




thank you



check the /OspreyGames trove @ snip



they aren't available anymore anon. GW took a bunch of them down. Not my upload and yeah a longer term site like mega would be better but unless you wanna dig up where the 1/3 of these things still are than by all means.



Thank you very much :)


World of Darkness galore in 100Shares

@ vola...


Not really a PDF, but does anyone have, or know where I can find the Western icon set for Cityographer?

It's not in the trove, and I can't seem to find it anywhere.


Anybody has Eclipse Phase 2E? TIA



Seconding this.


White Wolf giant collection released at /r/100Shares

Lovingly yours,



Due to a hard drive failure, I've lost my Living City/Living Greyhawk/Living Jungle/Living Arcan... basically, my entire Living Campaign directory. Any chances for replacing any parts of it?


Any troves on Yandex




Isn't all the Eclipse Phase stuff free? I know I downloaded it all legitimately once from their website...


Looking for

Fate Space Toolkit - Prototype Edition

Shadow of The Century

Star Trek Adventures:

Call Back Yesterday

Deep Space Nine Player Characters


Trouble On Omned III

Sciences Division



We are looking for the 2nd Edition documents... not yet released to the general public.



T-F-H-U-A-C-N-K-K Y-M-O-E-U, very much.



Some EP2e playtest docs were free, but the back preview PDF has only been released to Kickstarter backers.


File: 53ca26c42d64b08⋯.png (194.38 KB, 967x495, 967:495, ClipboardImage.png)

Is there a cracked copy of this nice program? Aeon Timeline is ideal for managing rpg campaign timelines, events, characters and custom fantasy calendars.

Unfortunately, it costs 50 fucking $, which isn't really a purchase a common GM will ever do.



Chances are there might not be a crack readily available. I'm usually not right though, so here are some alternatives in the interim: https://alternativeto.net/software/aeon-timeline/



Unfortunately, the alternatives aren't nearly as good, it seems.



Forbidden Lands Corebook

Legend of the 5 Rings FFG Emerald Empire.



Nevermind, trove (which is easily guessed) has it (albeit a shitty scan). Unlimited Power is missing though.



The d20 folder on Star Wars trove has a Living Force collection.

Wonder if anyone has any of the playtested but never released modules saved. I've seen some character sheets of playtesters that show some interesting plot points for them.


why do new people bitch about reading Da Faq?

I loved it. Browsing page to page, gentle reminders of games I'd forgotten, delightful chases down rabbit holes into obscure warrens where treasures come and go.

Read Da Faq, n00b s41b0t.


Looking for complete GURPS Transhuman Space bundle



In the Innertemple


Requesting the Torg Eternity Nile Empire PDF that went out to Kickstarter backers.


Has anyone shared a copy of In the Labyrinth for the Fantasy trip by chance? I know it's not out for general release yet, but I had seen a couple of conversations elsewhere saying backers had been getting theirs around September. I realize the chances are slim until full release, but I thought it would not hurt to ask.

Thanks for your time.


Does anybody have any of these 3 from Interjection Games for PFRPG?

Ethermagic Expanded - The Etherknight

Ultimate Onmyodo

Primordial Dancer: Creation's Muse

Thank you!


Requesting a couple of Mongoose d20 Books: Dark Bestiary and Heroes of Fantasy...


Request for D66 Compendium 2 From Jon Brazer Enterprises.

Thanks in advance.


File: fff387117d3e99a⋯.jpg (638.91 KB, 800x1141, 800:1141, 1548610482739.jpg)



and adding the first d66 Compendium


News about invisible sun!

Just received mail (since I'm a backer) that they'll be releasing the full game in pdf. No details yet but they say I'll receive the files in a few days. Will obviously share / send to Nergal once I do.


Requesting all VTM 5e material. I could use a laugh or two.


Looking for Black Tokyo, outta curiosity



You have no idea how I loved posting that it'll be out in pdf soon. Partly because its fun to share, partly to prove that assmuppet wrong.


5 Free Map Tools for Dungeon Masters



Anyone have coriolis? Preferably a trove!






I'm looking for Car Wars material that isn't already in this folder...


...can anyone point me in the right direction?


"The Solo Investigator's Handbook" by 5E Solo Gamebooks

PLEASE 8^) and THANK YOU 8^))



Someone have Arcforge: Psibertech and Star*Path?



Thanks for that



>Arcforge Star*Path?



Pelgrane Press and Savage World massive upload @ /100Shares

Lovingly yours,




I know for a fact that all of those Savage Worlds PDFs have already been shared before and been readily available in the /SaWo trove for ages now. In fact, it looks like they might actually be the exact same files from the trove, since there's nothing in your upload that can't be found there. In fact, there's a lot MORE that can be found in the trove. So what are you offering here, exactly?

By the way, your copy of the Adventure Edition is severely outdated. The aforementioned trove has the most current version.


Looking for a pdf of




Has anyone seen Chicago Chaos floating around?




I have a slightly odd request, but does anyone have a trove of Alarums & Excursions to share?


I found a thing!


There might be a few undiscovered gems in there, I'm not sure. There's a lot to look at.



There are no gems there. Don't hold your breath while searching.



The magazine section outstrips anything I've seen in Da Annex. But hey, you just go on being a Negative Nancy, there, Sheila. I'm going to post actual links.



Pulled these from a thread dated Fri 14 Aug 2015, all links still work.

>Mekton (multiple editions)


>DBZ (Including the unpublished Cell Saga manuscript, but missing one book)




>Amber and Lords of Gossamer & Shade


>Bubblegum Crisis


>Bunch of Fuzion stuff




Most of the stuff on the trove already existed on rpg.rem.uz before that and all of this has been in circulation for months/years - you just had to dig little deeper - not stuff you were served on a silver plate.



"served on a silver plate", hey Dorothy? And how many hundreds of folders full of games you'll never play are stacked up on YOUR devices, happily cribbed from these threads? 50 G's? 100 G's?

Germs Werksherp Cerdices, 2015 post, still operational.




Not being negative (different poster BTW), but your characterization of there possibly being "undiscovered" gems in thetrove is the problem. Thetrove (previously known as rpg.rem.uz) only mirrors existing troves...so by its very nature there can't be "undiscovered gems" there.

Thetrove has quite a few problems compared to the individual troves where it gets its files. The chief problem is how rarely it is maintained. Another, tangentially related, problem is the name itself. Quite often someone here will request a recent file to be told that it can be found in "the trove" (i.e. that system's trove), that person then wastes everyone's time posting that they checked...not realizing that thetrove regularly goes several months without any updates. (FYI, the only reason most of its firectories have dates as recent as they are is because it went down in December and they had to re-upload everything.)



Does anyone have to share the freshly released ("early export") pdf of Dragons Conquer America?

Thankyou for your time and consideration.


File: f31dd19599030db⋯.jpg (675.19 KB, 2550x1650, 17:11, Aden Collage.jpg)

The World of Aden (based on the SSI Computer Game) for West End Games Masterbook series is complete. There were only two books produced for this line, both of which have been scanned and are presented below. Enjoy!

WEG29200 The World of Aden - Core Rulebook

WEG29201 The World of Aden - Campaign Chronicles






Thank you for posting these links. There are some here that might not be aware of them OR self-righteously take them for granted.

Thanks again.



Thanks Carse!



link pulled.




Thanks a lot!



Hehehe - stop making me love you so much! As always, keep up the great work of saving old games. Some of us care a great deal about your work.


I know they were gleefully attacking you - try not to give them the satisfaction of a response. And try not to encourage them to continue to flame the thread - it doesn't help us.

Also, having a name might be attracting bad attention your way...



Oh wow, been waiting for this ever since playing Thunderscape and Entomorph.

I have the Crapfinder and Savage Worlds editions, but SW can feel samey if you've already played in a lot of settings and Crapfinder is....well, crap.

Thanks a bunch for rescuing this.



You can always ignore if you are not interested downloading.

Anyway, thanks for the heads up. I appreciate that.





Anyone with Fallen Justice?



>Fallen Justice

O-S-R trove is down at the moment, so here you go... https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/c1tue8isNiPh7rTW%2FhERjoCsR7r0zoF2puaSXHkccXU



It says folder link unavailable


Does anybody have a copy of the 2018 revised version of The Sword Reforged for Corporation? I can only find the 2016 version. There's also a 2019 revision, but that's only just come out, so I don't expect anybody to have that for sharing.



Thanks milord





Request Slaves of the Machine God. Thanks to everyone who will help.




I mentioned earlier that this won't be available until August.


Requesting the location and item cards (including the map stones) of The Gathering Storm, an adventure for WFRP 3.

I don't need good scans of the cards, only simple images which I can read (maybe smartphone photos?).

I'm gamemastering this adventure and I lack all this information.

Thanks a lot.



Thanks anon. I'm curious about this game.



Me too, been hopeful since it's original announcement.


Looking for the updated PDF of the core rulebook.

The one with the latest errata




They haven't been incorporating the errata into the rulebook, just updating the errata list.


Are these in the wild? I didn't see them in the trove.





File: 3b4432fb9b6f8ec⋯.jpg (1.44 MB, 3298x2550, 97:75, Cryptworld Comic Collage.jpg)

A few gems for Cryptworld!

A few old horror comics from the 50's & 60's have been officially converted for use in Cryptworld. You can get these two plus the rest of the Cryptworld stuff below. Thanks to an awesome anon for passing them on!



It looks as though these might be able to be used with Rotworld as well, seeing as how it uses the "Pacesetter System" as indicated on the covers. So I included Rotworld just for the hell of it.




Wow, this is great! Many thanks to that anon and to you!




I goofed. This should be sendspace, not snip.



Snip doesn't have filegroups ;)

I just saw that and automatically entered sendspace .... no worries :)



Thanks for the response!

are those generic from DnD Next or are those the official Gale Force Nine releases? Something seems off.



neat stuff thx Carse



Shit did not know that



Uploading all of the now finally released Invisible Sun material to Nergal's Cleaning Company.

This includes:

All 4 main books

All additional books

All art books

Character Tomes

Directed Campaign Chapter 1





GM's Envelope

Player's Envelope

Poster Maps

Props Envelope

Punch Tokens

Secrets Envelope

350mb of it all

Hope you guys enjoy it!



Fucking yes!



Hey city!

You're welcome! I assume it'll be on your v0l4 as well after :) hope you like it!


Still requesting ORK! 2E



Thank you so much, anon. I can't wait to dig into those.



Very welcome!


File: 83e7178d81e4ead⋯.jpg (462.57 KB, 2595x1632, 865:544, Collage.jpg)

New Pathfinder Adventure Card Game scenarios for Season 5.









What >>411439 said, though I do have the Wrath and Glory core book, fluff book and first "adventure path" if you even want those.



>ORK! 2e

Tossing it up on /r/fwac5ajr @ vola



Kronocalypse for Savage Worlds


The Other Side Corebook



Wow, awesome! Thank you very much! ... and the cleaner ofc ;)



You are tg's hero of the week.



Hey, what's the directory of the Nergal's cleaning company?


Looking for a DCC Rpg Trove

Ty <3



There's a good selection here:


Is there a one page dungeon trove? Specifically looking for Ben Milton's stuff from his Patreon.


Is Pathfinder Tyrant's Grasp 1st book out yet?



I believe /O-S-R @ snip has an fairly extensive DCC collection. Password is currently Succubus, I believe.


Requesting the Brazilian RPG "Old Dragon".



Invisible Sun books uploading to /r/mqaec2h4 @ vola. Will add all the other stuff as I get it cleaned.



Looks gorgeous so far!



I know, right?



Updated copy of WFRP4e with errata encorporated (FINALLY!!!) up on the same vola.


Wow, I'm not going to lie. I knew Invisible Sun would come out eventually, officially anyway, on pdf, but I didn't expect to be right so quickly. God it's good to be so right.





Anyone have Faces of Thedas for Dragon Age or Star Trek Science Division to share?







Oh wow! Thanks for that uber file! Thank you donator!



You are very welcome! Enjoy :D






Holy shit. Could someone multipart that monster?



Thank you so much!

Keon am not hate you!




Typed KROM!!!!

KROM am hate auto Korekt



nvm, thanks for the is, guys


Here are the newest Society scenarios for Pathfinder and Starfinder.


10-14 Debt to the Quah

10-15 Tapestry's Trial


01-32 Acts of Association

01-33 Data Breach




I'm looking for something old, obscure and all but forgotten.

There was a sort of ...sub-game?... that was run AFTER your roleplaying session. The GM takes the part of a court appointed psychiatrist debriefing a psychotic perp.

>what happened today, Mr...?

>Eldritch the Wizard.

>I see. What happened today, Mr Wizard?

>We slew the Orc tribe of Blood Mountain and took the treasure of Yag-Ugg! We liberated the Nineteen Blades of Virtue!

>Mr Wizard, there was no "Orc tribe." You and your friends waded into a waterpark on the city limits and started attacking the guests with butcher's knives. Then you stole... let me see here... a tool chest and a cutlery set from the storerooms.




Sounds like every Paranoia mission debriefing ever run. LOL



Love it.



There was an rpg called Psychosis where you did not know what was actually happening. Your characters were all suffering hallucinations, and you played to figure out what the "Real World" was. It was good. https://rpggeek.com/rpg/1492/psychosis

But what you're talking about was a joke commentary on RPG gamers and the kinds of characters they play. It might have been written by John Wick. I seem to remember it on his blog. Maybe it made it into his Big Book of Little Games?



Thank you, I'll check out BBoLG. <3



That's probably Power Kill RPG, published by Hogshead.





Or a variation on The Extraordinary Adventures Of Baron Munchausen.


Anyone has spectre v1?

V2 is about to be released


FOUND spectre ops!!!

Thanx anyway


If anyone is interested...

Spo ertceps _ m3d1aF1r3 /file/j76ozbvsm6ljqte


Is there an Aces & Eights trove?



>Old Dragon




Nope. A chunk of the reloaded stuff can be found on /r/dwmx6420 @ vola for the next 48 hours, though.



You're a saint. Thanks, friend.


A couple weeks ago, someone dropped a bunch of Colonial Gothic in a vola. I started to dl it and blah blah blah internet crap happened; stuff was gone by the time I was back online.

Would anyone be able to re-share such a beast?



You might also be interested in /MiscTrove



That's the one I was thinking of! I've never seen it played, but it gets trotted out whenever someone wanted to mock gaming. It's funny, though!



What is this "Old Dragon" stuff?



Shit OSR brazilian book, from a press who think not selling PDFs (and only selling for limited time) is going to stop piracy.

They are stupid.



Oh, as if we don’t have enough OSR shit flooding the market!







RedBox is the worst publisher in Brazil. They behave like jealous child if you say you do not like something in their games (or if you say Old Dragon is a copy of D&D). Some people were BAN and blocked for silly things (such as pointing out errors in the text or in the arts).



Thank you anon.



Someone has posted it to the Graveyard.


Yet another WFRP 4e update on /r/mqaec2h4 @ vola.


Updated copy of Everywhen plus all three settings, now on /r/fwac5ajr @ vola.



Sweetness and shadow. Thank you for pointing it out; thank you to that which is Ambient.


File: 98ef3b5d78aeb51⋯.jpg (150.93 KB, 783x1015, 27:35, Psibertroopers.jpg)

Requesting Dead Night of Space - Psibertroopers




Does anyone have Birthright: Ruins of Empire? Its not in the troves


Does anyone have the White Wolf magazines from the magazines trove? The one that would contain them is down for TOS violation.



The Birthright Campaign Setting file should have the Ruins of the Empire book as part of it.


Does anyone have it?

Thanks from Unchigarrrria!



See Vola Graveyard for Post-Apoc. Need Horror myself.



You are my new favorite person!



Why, so it does. Thank you most kindly for letting me know


File: ee03dc6c0788231⋯.jpg (135.58 KB, 900x1350, 2:3, 245263.jpg)

Does anyone have the Alternity books?

It looks like they dropped the StarDrive setting, which is sad.




Sadly they never had the StarDrive rights for this version.


Hi, Im looking for Savage Worlds World Builder and Game Master's Guide.tia



Feel free to send me some internet brownies then ;)


Does somebody have the newest Numenera Adventure: Slaves of the Machine God?





Tyvm. You deserve all the cookies today.



That you so much anon!


Looking for The War That Never Was: a Planetary Operations Module

from Legionnaire Games


Is there an ETA on the Expanse RPG?



When it arrives.




I'll contribute something as well. Have the entirety of the classic Alternity game line:



Request for D66 Compendiums 1 & 2 From Jon Brazer Enterprises.

Thanks in advance




Pity most of what's available is bad scans.


File: f4a0b8c1e8779e0⋯.jpg (131.29 KB, 925x558, 925:558, Alien Greys.jpg)


All I have is an older version, I'm afraid.




Sadly, I owned all of this at one time.



Thank you for the effort.

Unfortunately, a 1gb file is hard to get down all at once when your ISP uses monkeys on hamster wheels.

Also, Mega asking to create an account before finishing a download isn't gonna happen.

I'll wait for them to come up another time, probably on a Vola. Again, thank you for the effort though.



Seriously, guys uploading enormous single files, multipart this kind of shit.






The best shelf. ty


Requesting “Stormlands” for The Trudvang Chronicles that was just released.



That game is free, u can download the corebook in the rbx website



swim put it up in the temple



That's the old one.


Looking for the Castle Falkenstein books from R. Tal. Anyone able to point me in the right direction?


i am late and invisible sun vanished... is it possible download again ?



She walked up to /r/jjkbczrm and she asked me to dance,

I asked her her name and with a sweet brown voice she said Vola

V-O-L-A Vola

Vo Vo Vo Vo Vola



It's in the temple


Is there a new password for the new releases on Snip.li/Mar-Releases? I see that there is a new Allsync up, but don't know the password...



pw: madness!!



Delta Green.

I've gone back more than a year into the archives, haven't found it expect two unfulfilled requests. Hoping to have more luck, as I can't find it else where with ease.



Think about the game system its for and try that snipli address.



/Cthulhu @ snip, in the Cthulhu Now folder.


A couple of monster manuals for Mutant Future, and 3 alternative classes for Starships and Spacemen (2E). Thanks to the gracious donor!





File: 03e12a2524b1c4a⋯.png (820.27 KB, 900x1238, 450:619, delve 2e.png)

Can't find this anywhere (and the name doesn't help when Ctrl+F around). Anyone got it?


File: 524fba14e1d1545⋯.jpg (427.01 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, Aeldari collection Jes Goo….jpg)

File: b7a1e127db5c919⋯.jpg (41.13 KB, 346x474, 173:237, The Gothic and the Eldritc….jpg)

Sorry if this has been covered before, I've been out of the loop on tg stuff for a while. Did the Jes Goodwin eldar sketch books ever show up in pdf or any other forms or are they still ebay exclusives?

Or his older collection for that matter?


File: 3211a5d4428b0a3⋯.pdf (2.2 MB, Ops and Tactics Core Ruleb….pdf)

Requesting the Kill Team core book and commanders.


File: 8df6fcf24549ea3⋯.pdf (669.74 KB, Ops and Tactics Advanced A….pdf)

File: 7bad67cd5cf174a⋯.pdf (6.5 MB, Ops and Tactics Character ….pdf)

File: 340e875512e85c4⋯.pdf (721.25 KB, Ops and Tactics Field Iden….pdf)

File: 1ad4be7276b2e39⋯.pdf (761.68 KB, Ops and Tactics Modern Mag….pdf)

File: e48919d574e5df7⋯.pdf (201.17 KB, Ops and Tactics Procedural….pdf)



Does anyone have a pdf copy of the latest forge world rules for xenos stuff? I was trying to find the stats for a meka dread and some eldar titans.


Looking for the following items. I would appreciate any assistance in finding them. Thank you.










Any if the class and race books from Ephemeris, i.e.














As a thank you for any assistance See Vola - Inner Temple for the following.

Products from Immortals to Tomes of Twisted Things.



The poster of the above. Look under "Mopsus" for my files (Weird auto posted name).



Awesome. Thank you Sir!



Hats off to all!



Whoa! Thanks a lot!


Requesting “Dragons Conquer America”.



"The Solo Investigator's Handbook" by 5E Solo Gamebooks

PLEASE 8^) and THANK YOU 8^)


I am apparently doing something wrong because I cannot seem to be able to locate the invi sible sun anywhere. Help please?



Active link to the entire IS bunduru 4 doors down from here.




It would be much appreciated if you could put these back up.



Thanks mate!



Up at the temple, not from me.





It just dropped this morning, give it a couple days.


Re: K@ult Rpg and @lphastrike


Anyone have Necromancer of Zhentil Keep from DMs Guild?


Has anyone seen the preview of the Lunars sourcebook for Exalted 3E?


Anyone have any Castle Oldskull stuff? I want to take a peak since it's on BoH.



/O-S-R @ snip, I believe. Couldn't tell you what folder, though.



Anyone willing to share Steve Jackson's Game - GURPS 4th edition trove? I got bad luck today and my Hard Drive just got wiped out.




/O-S-R @ snip, I believe. Couldn't tell you what folder, though.


Does anyone have scanned components (action cards, careers, etc.) from Warhammer Fantasy Role Play 3e?

Thank you



emag.zn #F!OPwDhb5T!DkXaqTmQSHLwEE2TPCG5ew


File: 1cc5a7b7e798ff2⋯.png (1.15 MB, 989x1280, 989:1280, Monster_Balls.png)

Requesting Monster Balls.


Can we get all of Fapp posted here... asking for a friend.



Pfft. Good luck with that.


Does anyone have Obscene Serpent Religion 2? It's not in any LotFP trove. Thanks in advance.



Yep...which ones are you after?


The Expanse RPG has shipped to backers. Has it shown up anywhere yet?









Im not him, but everything you have. Im looking for hero's call and the advanced pack fr Bright Wizards


File: bfa2695ae67d238⋯.png (188.49 KB, 276x273, 92:91, crumb.png)



The guy who posted the Delta Green had his post removed, why was it removed?

Are actually usable URLs and PDF shares not allowed?

What kind of stupid shit is this?



His posts look there to me.



I'm talking actual links, not this secret club archive you guys have.

I mean, it's fine if you guys want your own secret archive, but why delete posts that are actually helpful to the rest of us?



What are you smoking, kemosabe?

The link is there for you to use, jackass. It's only "secret" 'cause you're too stupid to figure it out.



All you have to know is outside knowledge that's impossible to find within the context of the given information!


Gas yourself, I found it anyway.

To anyone else looking, to access the secret book club, go to halfchan's /tg/, search the threads for "share," look for the treasure island PDF in the share OP, and read it.



Since posting direct links takes shit offline permanently, just learn what every single other person here knows how to do already.



Good for you, halfwit.






Sure. Which Codexes are you looking for in particular, just so I don't have to upload the whole lot.



They're on The Dusty Shelf vola right now.


So looking for an old game called Omni system and sourcebooks for it( there was one called Ronin)




You're a fucking moron. How hard is it to remember that you DO NOT POST DIRECT LINKS to something that isn't yours. You may think that it's annoying that a URL referrer is used but...tough shit. You don't have to deal with the aftermath of some dumbass making DMCA strikes against your uploads even easier. It's not even required to go to 4chan, you just have to remember to go to snipli<dot>com/ShareThread and download the PDFs there.




I love the glory of this double post.



>Omni system

Uploading now to /r/dwmx6420 @ vola, give it fifteen to twenty minutes.


File: fb3e03348625e01⋯.jpg (447.98 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, img000.jpg)

Thanks to a recent donation by a very generous donor, we now have all but one book of the original Recon game by RPG Games Inc. These were produced in various sizes and in various forms. For example, the original core book was 8.5 x 11, one module was literally a newspaper folded up (that was a bitch to scan), and a couple of books were 8.5 x 5.5. There are two printings of the core rulebook. The black cover version is already out there, but it was not complete (missing character sheets and the back cover). In fact, there is only one page (other than the cover) that is different between the two printings: The Color Cover refers to the VC/NVA as "Luke the Gook", and the Black Cover simply says, "Charlie".

In addition, Sayaret/Track Commander was also previously available, but a poor scan. I have corrected and cleaned that scan and have included it below. I labeled these as RPG Inc to avoid any confusion with the Palladium releases.

The list as I have now:

Recon - Core Rulebook - RPG Inc [1982 Black Cover]

Recon - Core Rulebook - RPG Inc [1982 Color Cover]

Recon - MD's Screen - RPG Inc [1982]

Recon - Module 01 Haiphong Halo - RPG Inc [1982]

Recon - Module 02 Hearts & Minds - RPG Inc [1983]

Recon - Supplement 01 - Sayaret & Track Commander - RPG Inc [1983]



The one book we are currently missing (and are actively pursuing) is the San Succi player aid map collection. Anyway, these were not easy to find, and represent a lot of time, effort, and no small amount of money as far as hard-to-find rpg's are concerned. This is the donor that send the original Justice Inc books, and recently has also sent me a number of other books recently, including the Temple of the Beastmen board game that is missing from everyone's Space 1889 collections. That one is scanned and is almost out of post-scanning cleanup.

I am very grateful to them (and others) for actively pursuing these books, and allowing me to preserve them for future generations. Enjoy!




The stupid idiot here is you: paranoid, angry, ranting, and what coherent venom you did spew has been common knowledge on the chans for a decade.

It seems you couldn't get a clue if you doused yourself in clue pheromones, did a ritual clue mating dance, and ran through the field of horny clues.


Has "Coriolis: Emissary Lost" been shared already?



Yes, you can find it in the /Coriolis trove. (That's snipli<dot>com/Coriolis for anyone triggered by not being spoon-fed the location.)




Thank you kind anon.




Thanks for everything Omni!


If anyone here uses DC++, do you know what happened to Chaos Wasteland? Is there a new hub to join instead?



The hub is down indefinitely. People are gathering at djDent.no-ip.info:2222.



More forgotten lore...

I still love you and all you do.



>It seems you couldn't get a clue if you doused yourself in clue pheromones, did a ritual clue mating dance, and ran through the field of horny clues.

Is it wrong that Im now seeing this as a Benny Hill end credit sequence?



Has the Expanse RPG shown up as PDF yet?


File: 18d99e0266fb541⋯.jpg (963.41 KB, 960x1600, 3:5, horned DMT machine entity.jpg)


Specifically the core book, Chaos Marines, Imperial Guard, Orkz, and the Kill Team stuff.



>RPG Games Inc

Thanks to you and the donor!



Haven't got any of the Kill Team stuff but think I can get my hands on them fairly soon. As for the codexes - https://volafile.org/r/uxvbefbr - Please note that the CSM one is missing bookmarks but that's not a massive problem.



Ok, got my hands on the core rules for Kill Team but nothing more atm, have ammended the same link with the file in question.


File: 32e5de26cc0c564⋯.jpg (139.44 KB, 1033x679, 1033:679, monica.jpg)



Thanks, you're a hero.

Also, I have PDFs of Rogue Trader and 1E Dark Heresy, as well as their related releases if anyone wants them.


Requesting Sir Alkian's Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse.



Thanks to a gracious anon!

H e l i c a r r i e r H e i s t for S u p e r g a m e 3e. Make it quick, this is a pig file.




Any one got a copy of deadEarth?


volafile /r/teentemw

Drow Drop Off!




Awesome! Thanks.




Looking for any and all Rangers of Shadow Deep material.

Thanks in advance!!!



/Rangers on snip





I think I saw this the other day on a Vola. Does anyone know if it is still available?

Thanks in advance!




Hey y'all, as promised I uploaded the next part of the invisible sun pack I'm getting.

Just uploaded Invisible Sun - Book M to Nergal's cleaning factory. It includes the book and some printable cards. Hope it's up soon and you guys like it :)

On to the next book :)


Looking for any and all Scarred Lands books .

Thanks in advance







Why not post a few more direct links; the tracker bot didn't catch the first few.





Looking for the expanse RPG



It used to be easy to dl from scribd without signin. Now i can't figure it out. Help pls?



I'm looking for Wicked Pacts.



File: e6b92f0aa1485b6⋯.jpg (52.37 KB, 904x490, 452:245, 1983_h[1].jpg)





Definitely >>412733




>'Valentimes' is done / Here and then it's gone


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