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File: 0bb3bd2fe4b0e58⋯.jpg (103.7 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 20190209010909_1.jpg)

File: 8b83bbb6a36bedb⋯.png (20.75 KB, 403x404, 403:404, mods.png)

cd5b43  No.16097929

This is my orc.

I am a combat class, custom Warlord.

Orcs are a great racial for being a combat. They have a berserker spell that fortifies fatigue and makes you capable of frenzied attacks with a double-handed weapon.

For all the newfags who haven't played Oblivion, I am listing a few essential mods:

Alternative Start.

Oscure's Oblivion Overhaul.

Mart's Monster Mod

Immersive Weapons 2

Supreme Magicka

Better Dungeons

Unique Landscapes

(mods to cure crippling loneliness)

Skyrim Style Followers

Roaming NPCs

Tamriel Travelers

Crowded Cities

Tavern Goers

Populated Prisons

Without these mods, Oblivion is pretty boring. The base gameplay lacks monster variation and stuff in general. The world feels empty in these categories. You're gonna want OOO + MMM. Immersive Weapons 2 adds many weapons. Supreme Magicka balances and makes magic playstyle more viable. Skyrim Style Followers makes exploring dungeons less lonesome. It doesn't make a big difference in difficulty with OOO. You will still get you and your follower's teeth kicked in. Get Oblivion Mod Manager, BOSS, and Wyre Bash. Use Oblivion Mod Manager to organize and install mods. Use BOSS to generate a load order. Use Wyre Bash for a bashed patch, especially to combine level lists. Oblivion Mod Manager can also help with an archive invalidation/BSA alteration.

You are also going to want patches and things to make the game not crash into oblivion. New Vegas Anti-Crash. Oblivion stutter remover. EngineBugFixes. 4 gb ram patcher. CTD and Memory patch ENBoost. Oblivion Unoffical Patch. Also OBSE and -Elys- Universal Silent Voice.

Oblivion is pretty fun for RPing and finding ridiculous stuff. If you give the game a second chance with all these entertaining mods, it's a very enjoyable experience. You'll level up and find new creatures. New dungeons. New death traps.

cd5b43  No.16097933

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Tutorial Videos

cd5b43  No.16097934

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Good channel to help with installing these mods.

cd5b43  No.16098025


nice aggro, faggot.

orcs rule.

d7b9c5  No.16098035

File: 3db5039d66b7986⋯.jpg (696.48 KB, 1921x1080, 1921:1080, 36731420-1518755460.jpg)

But why a male orc?

29b7a4  No.16098041


You can't fix Oblivion.

d7b9c5  No.16098063


Oblivion has enough rpg elements left over to be fixable.

cd5b43  No.16098074

File: c75467980a94fc0⋯.png (487.42 KB, 900x869, 900:869, e40c81f8869767754ba0daa91b….png)


Male Orc

+10 Willpower and Endurance

+5 Strength

-10 Intelligence, Speed, and Personality

-5 Agility

Female Orc

+10 Endurance

+5 Strength and Willpower

-15 Personality

-10 Speed

-5 Agility

I guess male orcs are a bit more retarded than female orcs. They get a stat boost in certain areas. Why a female orc? Are you some kind of pervert?

2cbfee  No.16098081

Strange list OP, I don't see all the sex mods

6b0f13  No.16098087


Believe or not, some people here actually like to play video games, not beat their dick all day

71998c  No.16098088

Oblivion armor looks really dumb, If it weren't for that I'd give it a try.

f10922  No.16098094

File: 975bc7db49220c2⋯.png (83.3 KB, 248x260, 62:65, what_2.png)


How is that even possible?

2cbfee  No.16098096


That's strange, what value is there in a bethesda game other than to beat your dick to abominations labeled "SEXY GIRL CONNOR"

b2d7cf  No.16098259

File: 138e105b15058c5⋯.jpg (101.19 KB, 1536x1152, 4:3, 138.jpg)


>Believe or not

I don't believe it

d7b9c5  No.16098261



Make a fem orc and rape the male breton population. Steal all the shotas from the towns of oblivion and send them back covered in your fem orc juices. Dominate your male companions into submissive boy toys.

a982a7  No.16098265


Are you even posting on the same board?

91e891  No.16098312

File: b1ba68905c42c4b⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 15.5 MB, 852x480, 71:40, The South Boston Orc Cont….webm)



my bros femorcs are best girls my first Oblivion character was a female orc barbarian who wandered the world looking for worthy opponents to defeat. I didn't even continue the main quest because I was too busy making my own fun going on an adventure with this character that I created. that character is what opened up my love of fantasy warrior women.

OP I'd recommend XPUpdate or whatever it is as well. I want to replay it now.

7b0051  No.16098331


I do, but I suck at making even a decent thread. Plus sometimes I play a game that just isn't that good and isn't worth more then a couple hours at best.

cd5b43  No.16098423


>OP I'd recommend XPUpdate or whatever it is as well. I want to replay it now.

I usually just powerlevel and find easy ways to level a major skill, anon. There's a daedric shrine where you can continuously whack worshippers to level combat skills. I don't rely on it, but when leveling is a bietch that needs to grind – I do it.

Besides, I don't want anymore mods. I actually ended up taking two mods out after playing a bit longer. SM Combat and Knock Enemies Unconscious. My game still is riddled with CTDs from time to time. I try to use less mods to prevent crashing anyways. Those two mods proved undesirable after a small playtime.

0536fd  No.16098441

haha reddit gaming

80e65e  No.16098486

you forgot the best mod


07425d  No.16098517

File: 5532f9e93503e0f⋯.jpg (117.81 KB, 720x609, 240:203, Thou seems to enjoy.jpg)

What's the mod to repair that shitty level scaling of the game?

It's so shitty to be a near god and fight goblin hunters that match your skills.

d9da22  No.16098523


Oscure's Oblivion Overhaul.

07425d  No.16098540

File: 06cd248afd9eda2⋯.gif (2.91 MB, 300x212, 75:53, Orthodox attack.gif)


Whoa thanks, anon!

cd5b43  No.16098865

If you want to avoid crashing, make sure nothing is running in background and not to alt tab while in-game.

1f555a  No.16099816

File: d0af0278ff7d2ee⋯.png (474.64 KB, 1646x904, 823:452, I'm with the Blades.png)


Only good thing to come out of that trash heap is pic related.

8ebb04  No.16099825

File: dedac27eb446de4⋯.png (22.2 KB, 640x479, 640:479, dedac27eb446de44a95e5a9f07….png)


Fuck off faggot, no amount of mods will ever make that Oblivion, Skyrim or Fallout 4 and 76 any good so go eat your grandfathers dead dick.

dfc316  No.16099880


Bump because you're an autist.

4258d8  No.16099966


>Furry bait anti-sue simulator


1f555a  No.16100022

File: 07287decee91ed3⋯.gif (98.69 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, katia gets loss again.gif)



<implying its isnt great precisely because of this aspect

184b4a  No.16100062


That's not a spider daedra

1f555a  No.16100094


rachnera was worse girl after papi

98a99d  No.16100115

File: 44ef2df69ecd730⋯.gif (2.37 MB, 255x234, 85:78, 44ef2df69ecd7309ef290e9d08….gif)


>wasting time playing a game you have to buy and then spend hours fixing for the developers

>not playing a good game that works out of the box

184b4a  No.16100186


I don't care about that shit, I just like the spider daedra

cb555c  No.16100297

File: 6dfad453f2d8f88⋯.png (861.28 KB, 1032x991, 1032:991, lucky spell orc.png)

People are talking about Orcs so here's a build I made a while back that's been pretty fun for me.

It's a spellsword type of build and the idea is to be as tough as a raid boss using conjuration to summon adds and destruction to attack enemies at range while still being good in melee along with having a way to heal both you and your allies in a pinch.

The reason for stacking Luck is to have it maxed out in 35 levels. It doesn't help much, it's just something I like to be able to do.

Looking back I think I might switch out Armorer for Alteration to quickly be able to use the Shield spells to be more unkillable.

1bc023  No.16100327



>a bethesda game

Nigga, you stupid.

6d37d8  No.16100557

File: 80a98778d8f193b⋯.jpg (35.27 KB, 640x528, 40:33, Todpost.jpg)


>No Manimarco Revisited

>Only half of FCOM

>Essential Mods list doesn't even include OCO or at least the Unofficial Patch the most basic requirement for an essential list

6d37d8  No.16100574



But the best races in Oblivion are Redgaurd and Argonian anyway so why pick Orc at all?

5ccfae  No.16100860


Argonians were only good in morrowind, and before. Red guards were always "we wuz sword singers and sheeit."

b4c29c  No.16100869


That's an odd way to say Bretons. Fucking 50% magic resist and +50 magicka

cd5b43  No.16100891

File: f2e45d2c5458998⋯.jpg (47.67 KB, 512x512, 1:1, f2e45d2c54589984689cd05d9c….jpg)


>not relishing its brokenness

895cb9  No.16100907

File: 3541baf1aee926f⋯.jpg (133.94 KB, 380x380, 1:1, I seriously hope you stay ….jpg)

0ede8a  No.16100997

File: f034904b89f1bbc⋯.png (420.65 KB, 960x540, 16:9, you're a slave for a reaso….png)


Argonians were also fuckuseless in morrowind. Only good for some sea navigation until you got waterwalking, spearchucker combat and some disease resistance that doesn't even cover plagues.


>It's so shitty to be a near god and fight goblin hunters that match your skills.

Reminds me of when i was playing as a sorceror with like 95 Heavy Armor skill, 79 Strength and 68 Endurance, and i was still getting staggered by some sneaky fucking rat while fighting an ogre.

bf53ba  No.16102310

File: 7e9e1a20b651021⋯.png (104.09 KB, 759x1006, 759:1006, lo.png)

My current load order. I just installed a few mods to make it more hardcore/like Morrowind and to also add some more things to do. OOO alone makes the game ten times better by fixing the horrible loot and level scaling.

6d37d8  No.16102566


Argonians have Water Breathing Poison Immunity and 75% Disease resistance

Redgaurds only have 75% Disease and Poison resistance but make up for it by having the best starting stats in game

>+10 Strength

>+10 Endurance

<-10 Intelligence

<-10 Willpower

<-10 Personality

>+5 Light Armor

>+5 Heavy Armor

>+5 Mercantile

>+10 Blade

>+10 Blunt

>+10 Athletics

Also they have the Adrenaline Rush Power which I will let speak for itself

for 60 seconds on Self, once per day:

>Fortify Agility 50 points

>Fortify Endurance 50 points

>Fortify Speed 50 points

>Fortify Strength 50 points

>Fortify Health 25 points

Pick the Warrior birthsign and you;ve bumped yourself up even more but whatever you do don't waste the birthsign on Shadow like I did in my first playthrough


Get Manimarco Revisited

and for the sake of your eyes OCO

cd5b43  No.16102584


OOO and having MMM too makes the game very difficult to play. I recommend variety mods like Alluring Alcohol, Alluring Potions, and Immersive Weapons 2 with an OOO mod patch. You have to replace the ESP. It should also fix a technical problem it has with wyre bash.

The thing about modding this game is you don't want too many mods. Before making this thread, I actually had CTD issues and had to delete a few lighting mods and read up on it. None of the major mods are taken out, but leftover mods I had installed after a dark dungeons to help… like starlight, nighteye, and brighter torches. Those were no longer needed. The game already runs smoother with them gone.


What's so special about Manimarco Revisited? I admit Oblivion Character Overhaul 2 is pretty good and compliments the vanilla design.

a5a153  No.16102598


If you get the XP mod, Reguards become fucking broken assholes. I started a straight down the line female warrior with a sword focus. I ended up running around at the speed of sound in full ebony bitch slapping everything in one hit. Felt really good turning Dagon into goo by punching his shins like motherfucking Kenshiro.


Manny Markers revisited brings him back to how he was shown in Daggerfall. He's a proper looking Lich king God and he has his strippers back. It also extends his dungeon, beefs his minions and makes his fight virtually impossible unless you know how to expertly counter powerful magicks.

6d37d8  No.16102607

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Mod recommendation



>What's so special about Manimarco Revisited

>He doesn't know

it's an actual hard as fuck boss battle with a Lich



>Implying they weren't already

but I'll give you props for playing a female since they're weaker

a5a153  No.16102632


They made the most important struggle in the Elder Scrolls such a fucking joke in vanilla Oblivion. I can't believe they thought that a two second "fight" against a weak faggoty high elf was good enough for the God of Undeath itself.

b624fd  No.16102708

Threadly reminder that if you play a beast race you're a furry. Not surprising knowing the composition of /v/ :^).

6d37d8  No.16102885

Mod Recommendation List


>Unofficial Patch


>Elys Universal Silent Voice

>Oblivion Character Overhaul

small mods

>Mercantile Progression Fix

small mod big change

>Custom Class Description

if your an immersion autist like me also allows you to see the portrait you picked for the custom class

>Improved Imperial Dragon Armor

>A fair attribute gain change

>Blade of Woe and Sufferthorn Replacer

>Nine Tongues

overwrite the Blade of Woe in the last one with this

>Umbra Replacer

Quest Changing Mods

>Arena Alive

>Manimarco Revisited

>Smaller Overhauls

>Class Advantages

>Blademans Better Birthsigns

>Supreme Magicka

>Nekhanimals Awesome Vampire Mod

>DLC House mods

>Battlehorn Castle Refined

The mod author said he was working on a new version and to not use this one but he said that years ago. I haven't encountered any bugs with it myself in any of the playthroughs I used it but if you're worried the alternative is

>Battlehorn Castle Upgraded

I don't use it because it's a bit much and over the top for me

>Frostcrag Reborn De-Isolated

Massive Overhauls


takes a long time to get everything for it but there are a few ways to do it there's even one installer version out there that does it for you but I think it requires you not to have other mods before you do it

>Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul

Hard to find mods


I don't know what's up with it's author he put it up then took it down for years then suddenly put it back up for a while then hid it again. I will say this though, still the best companion mod for Oblivion

Mods I've heard are good but haven't tried myself

>Oblivion Scaling Unclusterfucked

cd5b43  No.16106116


Female orcs aren't that much weaker. It's 5 less willpower. It must make up since they don't lose 10 less intelligence.

6d37d8  No.16106176

Post your builds

–Class Name–








Heavy Armor






Anyone but Shadow


Better starting attributes but the Redgaurds have the advantage on both racial bonus resistances and starting skill bonus since Orcs don't even have a bonus to blade and the best weapons in game are swords and on top of that Berserk drains Agility while Adrenaline Rush is a straight up buff

5ccfae  No.16106206


For anons that have not played oblivion understand "2 second fight" is no exaggeration. The entire story line hypes this guy up, and when I fought him I attacked with my lightning staff killing manimarco in two hits. The entire fight lasted two seconds.

19d954  No.16106364

I still want a good list of porn mods.

000000  No.16106367


Oblivion XP

eee946  No.16106517

Skyrim is the best TES game

Thats how bad Tod franchise is

6d37d8  No.16106780




It's a requirement for the next mod

>Lovers Situations

there's a voiced version if you want it edits the vanilla voices to fit it's dialogue

cd5b43  No.16106818


Skyrim is very reductionist compared to Oblivion. You don't even get a hand-to-hand combat skill. You could make the case that Oblivion is the middle ground between Morrowind and Skyrim. Also, a lot of people say they prefer the dark and bleak atmosphere of Skyrim. I prefer the fairy tale and bright climate of Oblivion.

2260da  No.16106876

File: b55478889878b2e⋯.png (93.4 KB, 261x440, 261:440, 11f49604f56a5ec60d8dc54324….png)


>edits the vanilla voices to fit it's dialogue

>I'll. BREAK. My staff. IN YOUR! be. hind.

>Oh yes, GRRRAND CHAMPION! Mol'est mmeeeeee.


d80ea1  No.16106979

File: 4d86e4fbd420813⋯.png (79.94 KB, 409x323, 409:323, really_nigga.png)



>dark and bleak

Do they know what that means?

1f555a  No.16106991


> You could make the case that Oblivion is the middle ground between Morrowind and Skyrim

If Skyrim is 100 and Morrowind is 0 then Oblivion is 75.

6d37d8  No.16107027


>The empire you spent 4 games saving, uniting or otherwise improving is tattered ruins on the edge of collapse

>What you did in the third game has fucked the entire nation of Morrowind over

>Aldmeri dominion forms wars against the empire and forces them to sign a treaty where they ban the worship of Tiber Septim whose armor helped you save the empire last time

>The empire is left with only three nations after Hammerfell left when the Dominion tried to collect it in th treaty

>One of those nations is in a Civil War to secede/

>The entire City of Markarth and it's questlines

>Thieves Guild is no longer a bunch of ebin Robin Hoods just scumbag criminals with zero attempts to justify their actions

>Mages Guild fell completely out of favor splitting the study of magic into two new institutions bickering over political power

>Companions the warrior guild of skyrim the home of the nords a race of warriors are barred from the nord after life due to a curse

it's under several layers of dull and bland but it's there

1f555a  No.16107053

File: e18d180c44eaa8d⋯.jpg (40.8 KB, 225x225, 1:1, bugs.jpg)


Imagine if you arrived in Skyrim in this shit condition and eventually made it a prosperous province and restored its classic lore culture.

6d37d8  No.16107061


Don't get me started I posted my massive autistic screed on how Skyrim should've been/could be in the TES 8 thread a while back

6d37d8  No.16107063

1f555a  No.16107074

File: c35eeb4d6e9e99e⋯.jpg (1.47 MB, 2700x3600, 3:4, 8a0ea8184a66ad9b47e83ada75….jpg)


bost it again

6d37d8  No.16107110



>Slave inside a cell in the basement of a house in Whiterun

>Character Creation is instant like in Oblivion

>Movement is granted right after character creation (again like in Oblivion)

>You hear noise coming from outside the cell Guards breaking in to the house and arresting your owner and freeing you

>One Guard is an asshole and makes a racist comment about whichever race you pick (if you're a fellow nord he calls you a weak excuse of one)

>The other Guard shuts him up then helps you out and explains the situation to you

>You are broke

>The City is in massive upheaval (haves and have nots, Jarls Decision to stay out of the war is very costly large amounts of Guards are conscripted peasants unable to afford taxes)

>Neither of these two support any side

>Because you have no money you can't afford to stay at the inn but seem physically capable (and they're desperate enough to accept anyone) you can follow them and join the Whiterun Guards

>Joining the Whiterun Guard acts as both the Tutorial and The Start of the Main Quest

>(The Whiterun Guard quests don't need to be new they can be repackaged Whiterun Quests like beating Mikeal One of the Quests will be The Golden Claw)

>Whiterun is a much larger City in this version with Cloud district alone being the size of the vanilla City

>You are not allowed into the Cloud District at the start of the Game (The Companions hall is in the Wind District)

>After doing a couple of Quests and advancing in Rank with the Guards you will be summoned by The Jarl

>The Jarl tells you that something has decimated one of his watchtowers and he's heard reports of a Dragon in his hold

>At first he sent a Guard to investigate who traced the sightings down to the inside of a cave

>The Jarl first sent a contingent of Guards in then when they didn't report back he hired the Companions

>He still hasn't heard back from them so he's sending the player to check on them

>The Player will see several corpses strewn around explaining why there are so few Companions in game

>When The Player enters the cave the entrance will collapse behind him

>The Dragon will be easier than later ones since it can't fly in the cave

>The Player will absorb it's soul as in the base game but there won't be any witnesses

>The Greybeards won't shout from High Hrothgar yet…

>The Player will return to Balgruuf and be made Thane

>The Player will receive messages from both General Tulius and Jarl Ulfric trying to get your attention and requesting an Audience

>The Greybeards will NOW Shout from High Hrothgar

–Civil War Changes–

>You could now defend Whiterun with either side because your Thaneship matters*

>Balgruuf will be truly neutral, he will take your advice on what side to choose and that will lock you in as supporting either the Empire or the Stormcloacks

>Both Leaders will make it clear that winning Whiterun means winning the War

>As with both Civil War mods (Open CW and CW Overhaul) you'll have a Battle in Either Riften or Markarth depending on which side you chose

>The New Great House Sadras will be allied with Ulfric and have a mushroom tower in Windhelm

>The Grey Quarter will have a Questline to restore the Old Arena in it called The Pit

>It will start out as something Ulfric wants to avoid doing (he wants strong and able warriors to fight for him in the war not risk themselves in the Arena to no benefit)

>The Player will be able to turn Ulfric around on it with a Speechcheck

>If the player fails the Speechcheck they will still be able to open it illegally and convince Ulfric later that…

>The Pit can become a recruitment hub for the Stormcloacks attracting warriors from across Tamriel and previously unconvinced Nords

>The Pit would provide the Stormcloacks with proven and skilled warriors for every soldier from his ranks that tests himself and losses more will succeed and gain valuable experience from it

>The success of the Pit would bring in money to the Grey Quarter bettering race relations between the Nords and Dunmer

note* There will be one scenario where you still attack Whiterun see Daedric Quests Changes

6d37d8  No.16107111




>Each of the Major Cities includes/will include a temple to one of the Divines (like in Oblivion)

>The Divines will be from the Nordic Pantheon instead of the Cyrodilic

>Each City will have its Patron Deity and Temple

>Whiterun will have Kyne(areth), Riften will have Mara, Markarth will have Dibella, Windhelm will of course have Talos, Falkreath will have Shor, Winterhold will have Tsun with the rest of the Pantheon falling out of favor

>The Temple in Markarth will receive a massive overhaul to fit Dibella's place in the Nordic pantheon it will now be an art gallery with Paintings on the walls the Priestesses will mock your "Cyrodillic misconceptions" if you ask about their "other services"

>The Temple will not be closed (it was likely closed because the devs didn't want to risk the outrage from fox news like Bioware did)

>This would also explain the ostracization Helga fears if her Faith is discovered she worships the Cyrodilic version of Dibella in The Stormcloack Riften which worships the Nordic Pantheon

>Shors Worshipers have to meet in Secret due to their place in Imperial Territory they are led by the Former Jarl Dengeir (they will publically worship Shor if the City is taken by The Stormcloacks)

>Stuhns Worshipers will still be active as bandits and will be the ones that kidnap your wife from the Hearthfire homesteads

–Daedric Quest Changes–

>"The Whispering Door" Quest won't just be restored it will be expanded

>When the Player goes to the door Mephala will tell them about intrigue in the Jarls Court

>Hrongar is worried his brother won't back the empire and Vignar is worried he will betray the nords for it

>Both men covet the Throne (this quest makes Irelith's Dialogue about being wary of everyone even allies make more sense)

>instead of telling them to open the Door Mephala will instruct the player to "pull on the strings of this web" and herald the Jarls demise

>This Quest can be done both before and after the player meets with the faction they want to choose in the Civil War as well as after the Battle to Defend Whiterun when that side is chosen

>there are five possible scenarios in this quest

>1) Manipulate Vignar into killing Balgruuf and frame Hrongar

>2) Manipulate Hrongar into killing Balgruuf and frame Vignar

>3) Manipulate Vignar and report him

>4) Manipulate Hrongar and report him

>5) Return to the Door after finding out what her influence is doing/fail the speech checks to manipulate and reject her

>In all of these Scenarios the Player as both a former High Ranking Gaurd and Thane will be charged with leading the investigation

>1 and 4 will make Vignar Jarl

>2 and 3 will make Hrongar Jarl

>In 1 and 2 Mephala will retain control over both people and be Most pleased

>In 3 and 4 Mephala will retain control only over the imprisoned one and be appeased

>In 5 Mephala will be outraged and will influence Balgruufs Children to kill him (Like the original concept)

>After 5 the Player will be able to decide the new Jarl as the Third Thane

>If The Player is a Stormcloack and Hrongar is made Jarl then they will need to attack Whiterun like in the Vanilla game

>If the Player has defended the City as a Stormcloack than Hrognar will storm out and move to the Blue Palace

>If the Player has defended the City with the Legion than Vignar will step down as Thane

>Both of the above will alter the Quest and make the original planned ending the only one

–Faction Changes–

>The Questlines for all of the factions will be greatly expanded no longer will the "five quests to become Guildmaster" meme be true! instead things will go back to the Oblivion progression system

>Each Guild will have various ranks for you to advance through (Like The Thieves Guild in the vanilla game)

6d37d8  No.16107114





>Throughout the game there will be this real theme of The Nords losing their way and their culture being in decline

>The Companions being Werewolves will be played up.

"The Companions are nearly five thousand years old. this matter of the beastblood has only troubled us for a few hundred"

>It will be explained that during the Oblivion Crisis when all of Skyrim(and the rest of Tamriel)was under siege the Glemoril Witches came to them with an offer

>The Companions would be imbued with the power to fight this threat (Lycanthropy) but in exchange the souls of the Circle would be Hircines

>The Companions of the Oblivion Era Accepted this Pact but it still haunts the faction to this day

>The new dialogue will make it clear just how tragic this is.

>The Circle the paragons of the Nords held up as shinning exemplars of everything an honorable nord should be to enter Sovngarde the eternal rest of the nords are barred from it.

>Making the younger recruits hopes for advancement all the more tragic "This group… this family… this band… this is the best thing I've ever been a part of. The oldest fighting group in Skyrim, and nothing but glory from Ysgramor's day to our own. To be counted in that line is a bit of immortality. Even if I never see Sovngarde, I'll have that much."

>The introduction to the companions might change slightly to massivly depending on how far along the player is in the Main Quest ("I've never even heard of this outsider"- None "I think I've seen him doing the rounds"-Starting Gaurd Quests "S/He's… The Thane"-Dragon's Den "S/He's… The Dragonborn"-The Way of The Voice "By Shor it's Ysmir him/herself!")

>The last three reactions skip the first quest although you are still given the second quest

>A Radiant Brawl quest to test your restraint with Vilkas accompanying you(after what happened with Uthgerd they're very cautious)

>Proving Honor happens differently you will no longer get trapped and be treated to a cutscene where an obscure order unable to afford armor better than fur, know a secret kept from the entire country, attack Farkas on the judgment that wolf armor is for werewolves(Silver Hand may or may not be cut entirely)

>The Secret will be known by the Library of Julianos who are helping the Circle look for a cure but it will be kept from the other Junior members and the Jarl

>Dustman's Cairn will be like other Dungeons perhaps with a Unique Spider Boss (to explain why Farkas develops a fear of them)

>Keeping with the extended questlines the means of advancement here will be Collecting the fragments of Wuuthrad the Player will be able to track their progression not just by being given new ranks but also by looking at Wuuthrads mantle and seeing it become more and more complete

>There will be no raid on the Companions where a group of bandit tier enemies somehow make it past the walls and guards to breach the Companions hall in the Clouds district NEXT TO THE JARLS PALACE

>Instead Kodlak will have turned into a werewolf by his curse and started a rampage while you were gone forcing the other members of the Circle to cut him down

>They keep the secret by telling the other Companions that Kodlak was the first slain by the beast

>The Circle takes the body (to the underforge presumably but the details don't matter) make/wait for it to revert then give Kodlaks body to the Priests for his Funeral

>The Funeral scene happens the same way as the vanilla game

>The Final Quest is the same however now the final promotion will feel earned due to the longer more involved Questline giving a real sense of progression

6d37d8  No.16107116





–The School of Julianos/The Collage of Winterhold–

>Each City will have its own School of Julianos (similar to how each city in Oblivion had its own chapter of the mages guild) and like in oblivion they will each specialize in a School of Magic

>Taverns and Inns will no longer refer you to the Collage when you ask to be taught magic instead they'll point you to the School

>The School will tell you about the collage but will also warn you not to bother going until you have a recommendation from each one otherwise you won't be allowed in

>Unlike Oblivion recommendations aren't written letters instead Each Head Teacher will cast a Spell on you after you've met their personal requirment

>Faralda will no longer be standing on the bridge (The Professor of Destruction has better things to do than wait for you to start a questline!)

>The Collage will have an enchantment on the gate* and the bridge itself might test you

>The Enchantment will respond to the various spells mentioned earlier if they are not detected the player will hear a voice telling them that they must complete the Scholars Path under Julianos otherwise the gate will open

note* it will be possible to Cheat and enter anyway which would be considered legitimate as Mage must be cunning as well as intelligent and the ability to sidestep Bureaucracy and get what you want regardless is a valued trait among both your peers and superiors

>Due to the expansion The Collage is no longer the place to START studying Magic rather it is where the bright and gifted take their talents to the next level the player is still given a tour of the premises upon entry but they will not take a class so remedial that it will teach them a basic ward after

>Most of the Court Wizards are Graduates from the Collage

>Mages outside of the Academic system are ostracized and are treated as untrustworthy if not with outright hostility and disdain (Think Falion in Morthal)

>In Contrast Mages IN the Academic system are highly respected with radiant dialogue like "You're quite the handsome/beautiful young scholar"

>Each School will have its own specialization

>Whiterun will have Restoration, Windhelm will have Destruction, Markarth will have Conjuration, Riften will have Illusion and Solitude will have Alteration

>The Largest Questline change inside the collage itself will happen when returning from "The Staff of Magus" The "Magus field" will now Cover the whole City and Entering it will be like entering other instances (dungeons and interiors)

>Inside the Field the player will enter Old Winterhold during the Great Collapse showing that it was caused by The Eye going out of control in the future (your present)

>Entering The Collage leaves you unsure if you're back in the present or sill in the past only you and Arcano are in the room

>After defeating Arcano an Arcane explosion happens leading you to a loading screen You wake up with the Entire Staff celebrating your Victory the Psijic Order arrive you have the option to ask "Was the destruction of Winterhold due to the Eye?" and reassure you that you are blameless they've aided you to mitigate the damage.

>The Questline is complete however you are not made Archmage.

>Like the Thieves Guild Advancement within the faction after a Certain point (Entering the Collage) will not be based on the Questline rather other objectives

>The Player will only be able to become Archmage After completing ALL of the Master Ritual Quests thus truly earning the rank of Archmage

1f555a  No.16107119

File: 42dacb44d64b33c⋯.png (383.26 KB, 706x455, 706:455, rewind this.png)

Holy Autism I didnt expect this.

6d37d8  No.16107124


You were warned

a5a153  No.16107130


You want to see more autism like this? Look up this guy called Zakharon. He made up to at least 30 hours going over an ideal Oblivion and Skyrim game. Was really interesting to hear his ideas on what would make for interesting quests, factions and worldbuilding. His biggest point is putting the Divines at the forefront by having huge temples and entire cities devoted to their chosen Divine. He even brings out the Imperial Cult as the major religion in the Empire instead of the Nine. I think the series is called "If Skyrim/Oblivion was good."

2cbfee  No.16107133


So I don't get why this is TES6 and not just TES5 again

a5a153  No.16107135


That was his Skyrim. He was saying that he posted it in the TES VI thread.

1f555a  No.16107137

File: a759c4df6c62690⋯.jpg (68.89 KB, 639x639, 1:1, a759c4df6c626904637183e4f3….jpg)


You shilled Zaric in the other thread already and I already gave you my thoughts.

a5a153  No.16107139


What? No I didn't. I did not realize that someone else brought him up.

0deb2d  No.16107142


The setting isn't even that awful, it's how none of your choices in the game matter since the game is so lazily made. Everything being degraded and the world turning shittier while the (((Aldmeri))) subverts every other culture and society is fine, but you can't do anything about it. You can't do anything to change the world in a meaningful way for better or worse.

And the same could be said for other TES games, but those games never gave me the illusion of choice.

1f555a  No.16107148

File: 6fd10ed7f26a885⋯.png (21.7 KB, 598x448, 299:224, 6fd10ed7f26a8853d37ee0b808….png)


Sure you didnt.

ae18a2  No.16107152

So which version of the TES IV engine has the most fun game after modding the shit out of it? Is there a modpack+game I can download/pirate since I have never bothered/playeda TES IV game before since they are all shit by default so I heard. I don't want to mess with modding it myself because fuck that timesink for a shit game.

6d37d8  No.16107153


I'm fully aware of that

see my autistic screed above.

the reason I'd change it that way is that both the quests in Dragonsreach would massively impact the game. The Civil War would be decided on the first change and the status of Whiterun on the second.

a5a153  No.16107157


You must have me mistaken for someone else. I didn't even post in the last thread. I just remember I watched that guys series after reading the autism wall that anon posted. I think some of his opinions are faggoty but overall his ideas on Elder Scrolls are interesting if only for a "different perspective" piece.

ae18a2  No.16107160

When I say TES IV I mean a game by bethesida for role playing like skyrim.

6d37d8  No.16107166



Depends on how much Roleplaying matters to you.

from a sheer gameplay perspective Skyrim is the best my personal favorite mod for it is SkyRe but my favorite Magic mod is Ordinator so I'm stuck between deciding to play a full mage or a warrior/thief hybrid

6470a7  No.16107170

File: 7e3c2c6adf4d212⋯.jpg (16.64 KB, 480x362, 240:181, cat reading cats.jpg)



>as a negative

6d37d8  No.16107185



Oh I forgot my changes to Dragonborn

–Dragonborn Changes–

>A day or two after Dragonslayer the >Greybeards will shout "YSMIR" prompting a quest there

>Upon arrival you will find a large number of >Dragon Cultists laying siege on High Hrothgar

>After defeating them Areingar will tell you that they are bowing to a new Dragonborn in Solstheim

>The new Dragon Cult is digging up the Dragon Mounds to create Skeletal Dragons

>The Dragon Cult will be destroying the All-Maker Stones

>The All-Maker Stones are keeping Miraak sealed within his temple and containing his influence

I would've made it so if you didn't have the Dragonborn DLC Dragons would stop being hostile after you complete the main quest recognizing you as the supreme Dov like how the blight storms stop after beating Morrowinds main quest.

Obviously the same would happen after beating Dragonborn

d80ea1  No.16107186


Fuck, I pirated this shit forever ago and haven't played it yet. The whole idea was to mod it, maybe I should just give it a go.

Thanks for giving me something to do OP.

cd5b43  No.16107187


Be sure to have the DLC too. I think the mods require it.

6d37d8  No.16107191


Mod recommendation list here >>16102885

1f555a  No.16107193


Nah, more like Dragonborn should have been about both the original concept also going around gathering former Alduin loyalists to have a huge dragon battle between your dragons and miraak's.

6d37d8  No.16107201


>the original concept

what do you mean by that?

1f555a  No.16107207


Keep it solstheim, keep the dumbmer suffering and keep miraak being trapped in hermamora's realm.

a5a153  No.16107224



Which N'wah let the property on the computer?

d80ea1  No.16107226

File: e335a2b5f46674d⋯.png (43.23 KB, 965x716, 965:716, Monster hunter world.png)


Yeah its the goy of the year edition. I think I snagged it many share threads ago before the massive OP they have now formed.


Thankyou for the post daddy, have this cute anime girl for your trouble

6d37d8  No.16107228


Yeah I never said don't do that

You do remember how it starts is the Dragon Cultists attacking you right?

So I'm suggesting they attack the Greybeards instead in a big battle and as extra incentive Miraak will keep sending Souless Skeletal Dragons after you until you sail to Solethsiem

1f555a  No.16107230

File: 5bb3f4f2c6ea22b⋯.jpg (55.33 KB, 750x739, 750:739, 6f86065b081785b508bb924c02….jpg)

File: b2876f3957b32e6⋯.jpg (75.48 KB, 750x728, 375:364, b2876f3957b32e662157580884….jpg)



1f555a  No.16107237


I think the DLC should start after you defeat alduin. Since it would explain why exactly now he appears, as its because of the power vacuum.

fe0658  No.16107240

File: 2ebf1e7a5e0bd05⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 18.02 KB, 527x594, 527:594, anudda dragon break.png)



I wonder (((who))) could be behind these posts

6d37d8  No.16107242

File: 2acd424d9c9aebd⋯.png (191.22 KB, 392x336, 7:6, looking into your soul.png)


You didn't read my original post at all did you I specifically mentioned both that the DLC would still be in Solstheim and that it would start after the Main Quest

1f555a  No.16107245

File: 76a8275efa06054⋯.jpg (66.22 KB, 700x525, 4:3, 1494798287084.jpg)


>if you hate elves of any kind especially the demonworshipping ashniggers then that means you are an elf

Top grade logic right there.

fe0658  No.16107278


Even Azura does more for Men and Mer than Talos or any of those faggot Aedra. Imperial empire? More like Imperi-Altmer.

6d37d8  No.16107303


>Trying to make the good Men of Tamriel forget that it was the Aedra and their pact with the Dragonborn that kept the marble jaws of Oblivion Closed

>Trying to make the good Men of Tamriel forget that when the Dragonborn slipped in lighting the Dragonfires Akatosh himself manifested to make Dagon fuck off and sealed Mundus from Oblivion again

Talos help me Elf I will not tolerate this God-Hating heresy

a982a7  No.16107319


It's not even fun broken like morrowind, it's just annoying broken and everything looks like shit.

fe0658  No.16107339


Yeah, and it only took them long enough for half of Tamriel to burn to the ground before finding the time to seal it off. And now where is Talos' empire? A shadow of its former glory, and at barely the age of a young Telvanni wizard.

By Oblivion, the Argonians were a better help than the Dragonborn's empire. Had we all kept them as a slave army we'd have no need for the Aedra to "save" us.

d7b9c5  No.16107348


That vanilla manimarco fight was so underhwelming. I remember being a kid and thinking "wait, this dude is supposed to be a legend, for like hundreds of years and that's all he had?". Then later I found out later that he is technically a god as well.

d7b9c5  No.16107350

File: a241d03d2766378⋯.png (992.61 KB, 900x1020, 15:17, 1387208956461.png)



<Not this psycho motherfucker

cd5b43  No.16108172

File: db8ca96248545b9⋯.png (300.77 KB, 840x420, 2:1, PosterUnity.png)


Quite a webcomic.

966859  No.16108287

File: 145155786991791⋯.png (83.2 KB, 420x420, 1:1, db8ca96248545b9e622b78ccf0….png)


>that perspective

1f555a  No.16108402

File: 6030bf66417c380⋯.gif (14.34 KB, 600x450, 4:3, story2144.gif)


I forget in what context that was.

1f555a  No.16108415

File: 33d156860f8c377⋯.jpg (113.71 KB, 1124x757, 1124:757, Argonian Maid.jpg)


All your posts are garbage.


cd5b43  No.16108469


Going into Kvatch Mage Guild for the first time. It was a commissioned Diversity Mural for a few thousand septims.

6d37d8  No.16108470

File: 7bf8f1e9b8f9dd8⋯.jpg (153.6 KB, 700x700, 1:1, M'rowind.jpg)


Keep being assblasted

5ccfae  No.16108505


Didn't the dunmer also lose mournhold?

cfc97e  No.16108539



it was later revealed that it was painted by the daedric prince of nightmares to be nightmare inducingly awful on purpose

2a6b47  No.16108571


Low IQ late-adopting nigger loves furfaggotry, no surprise.

2a6b47  No.16108609


Also keep in mind this doesn't happen in Morrowind so it doesn't happen at all, because no game in this series ever came out afterward and nothing can change my mind about that.

1f555a  No.16108648

File: 536c265ef5ff2f0⋯.jpg (556.48 KB, 2560x1621, 2560:1621, soul fight.jpg)


its been a long time i should re-read in next weekend

6d37d8  No.16108663



1f555a  No.16108672


Stop posting like a 4ummer and just filter him if he becomes that annoying.

5ccfae  No.16108674


Why are some posters saying 4um instead of 4cuck again?

6d37d8  No.16108678


a pic came out showing that they're going to adopt user accounts therefore it no longer deserves to be called an image board I think it was fake but memes will be memes

cdf998  No.16108682

File: 6e4cd7a10afe36b⋯.jpg (7.68 KB, 389x296, 389:296, WaMCALy_d.jpg)

That's probably one of the better mod lists I've seen, thanks OP

Time to slap on lovers. I'll never understand why I prefer modding oblivion over skyrim

5ccfae  No.16108687


I saw that, but why not just keep calling them cucks? We've known for years it was no different than neofag.

1f555a  No.16108690



Heres the actual cancer. 'Ave it raw cuz Im lazy.


6d37d8  No.16108696


well no one ever called them 4cuck it was mostly people calling them cuckchan and now they don't even deserve the chan part of it

82bee3  No.16108699

File: a61dc46fdf51c86⋯.jpg (57.89 KB, 592x778, 296:389, g 6e4cd7a10afe36b07753a482….jpg)

File: dc20dc9d54ddb49⋯.png (73.82 KB, 1161x850, 1161:850, g usoil.png)

6d37d8  No.16108701

File: 7455459a2a8defa⋯.jpg (335.38 KB, 1350x900, 3:2, He tried it.jpg)

File: 9d54e1e17b518e2⋯.png (961.31 KB, 677x483, 677:483, They all came here.png)


it's real

6c00a8  No.16108785


Redguards are boring as shit, and I say that as someone who likes to play the out-of-the-box Warrior class. Straight combat stat/skill bonuses across the board, win-button racial power, and autistic magic hating lore. The only interesting thing you can do with them are sneaky, light armoured melee types like scouts and rogues, which makes me feel like I'm railroaded into playing TeSA: Redguard.

223cf7  No.16108801


Wait, you're telling me that "video games" isn't a code word for furiously masturbating? Then what did we do at the last meetup!?

cd5b43  No.16108942


Just don't get too many mods. Oblivion modding is prone to crashing. The less mods, the better. Get the mods most essential to you and trim it. Get patches and stuff to help the game actually function. Make a batched patch. So on…

cdf998  No.16108976

File: 40539040ef0bc66⋯.jpg (46.26 KB, 800x393, 800:393, l_1726.jpg)


Exactly. The entire process is much more intricate and requires a bit more thought than skyrim

5ccfae  No.16109156

File: 71b6a055da9c720⋯.jpg (143.64 KB, 650x966, 325:483, ryuko.jpg)


Kill la kill wasn't that good, but the characters/porn makes up for it.

668778  No.16109568

File: 9f595a9933dcb84⋯.mp4 (1.04 MB, 480x480, 1:1, oblivion 1.mp4)

File: 9cd4e560177400d⋯.mp4 (1.21 MB, 480x480, 1:1, oblivion 2.mp4)

File: 3aabdb6951daa3b⋯.mp4 (884.72 KB, 640x360, 16:9, oblivion 3.mp4)


Also, never overwrite saves and if you die exit and reload your saves as oblivion is absolute shit tier and doesn't fully scrub previous save data when overwriting a save/ reloading a save after dying. The more mods you have, the faster save corruption will occur if you don't follow these rules.

741f79  No.16109582


Kill La Kill was great, eat a dick /a/utist.

026f1f  No.16109656

File: f6b4798c0499aeb⋯.jpg (51.9 KB, 960x600, 8:5, resized_ScreenShot607.jpg)

Oblivion is the best TES game

d80ea1  No.16109976

>OBSE not working when using the tester.

I wonder if its the pirated version I have. Weird. Anyone else ever have similar issues?

6d37d8  No.16110052


OBSE just doesn't work with Mod Organizer 2 there's a workaround to make it work with one but by default it doesn't work

d80ea1  No.16110094



Now its crashing when I try to launch obse_loader from the oblivion folder. I tried running it in compatibility mode.

Fuck man I just wanted to play videogames.

6d37d8  No.16110122


are you using Oblivion Mod Manager? if so just start the game normally and OBSE will just run with it

8798be  No.16110123


Mein Neger!

d80ea1  No.16110239


But the checker says it isnt running. I might just say fuck it and roll with it.

6d37d8  No.16110257


if you use Mods that need OBSE that'l fuck you way worse so make sure your loadout doesn't have any

7aa057  No.16110320



d80ea1  No.16110342


God dammit. I don't want to give todd money, I don't know what the issue is.

d80ea1  No.16110398


Alright, the obse says it isnt failing when I look at the log so something else is making it crash just after it launches. When I launch from the mod organizer it works fine. Maybe I'll just install some mods and see what breaks or not.

6d37d8  No.16110428


if it's crashing at launch that's either no OBSE or some type of mod conflict usually the former

d80ea1  No.16110506


Lets see. Deleted the folder in mygames, ran the obse loader and it started. Ok. Ran the launcher through mod organizer with alternate start on and obse test plugin. Says it cannot detect OBSE. Go back and try to run the OBSE loader again, crashes.

I feel like I am fucking something up but I don't know what.

6d37d8  No.16110521


Some Mods have dependencies if your using nexus each mod will tell you if it requires anything in its requirement section

d80ea1  No.16110556


I'm done for tonight. Maybe its the mod organizer I'm using who knows. I can get it to work until I start using that. I'll fuck with it tomorrow.

cd5b43  No.16111840


Oblivion Mod Manager is decent enough. If your pirated it, then maybe it's that. I'm pretty sure there's a tutorial on Youtube that knows better, or a resource on Nexus Mods.

2d7149  No.16111851

Is there away to remove Argonians and Kajjit from the game? Aside from the obvious that is

d80ea1  No.16113544


I listened to the man with the anime backround and that worked. I should have done that from the start. It works, time to get some mods.

d80ea1  No.16113663

Alright, I downloaded most from


I don't know about FCOM though. Any other big mods like that?

6d37d8  No.16113728


I just said right under it Maskars Oblivion Overhaul

have fun

a5a153  No.16113883


You'd have to go in and manually change the race of each argonian/khajiit and also change the character generator to never generate them ever. I don't know why you would do that though because destroying property is always fun. You would also miss my favorite joke in the game. "Why do Khajiit lick their butts? To get the taste of khajiit cooking out of their mouths."

d80ea1  No.16114278

So whats the difference between OOO and MOO? They are both overhauls, is one better than another?

6d37d8  No.16114349


They can work with each other I've only used OOO with the rest of FCOM so I've forgotten what it specifically added but I can tell you MOO adds things like Bounty Boards both add enemy NPC factions that have their won "questlines" Nothing voiced for OOO (didn't make it far in my MOO run to check) but it does pay out in unique gear.

OOO fixes the vanilla problem of bandits with insane gear (so does Unclusterfucked but that came years later) OOO drastically changes the level scalling and that's why it is/was so loved it fixed the games biggest problem while MOO is designed to work with it and can be slotted in to almost any loadout since it was built for max compatiblity including like I said a Loadout with OOO. MOO removes waiting and makes you have to sleep instead if you want time to pass among other changes but it's mostly focused on encounters and has a faction system

90c22f  No.16114354


b5d147  No.16114437



From a quick look is this just OOO but more modern?

d80ea1  No.16114439


Alright, so I can use both. I don't know if I like some of the monsters the monster mod adds, they look out of place. I got most of the ones suggested and and looking through >>16114349 list.

Going to try to not go balls to the walls yet but I want something new.

6d37d8  No.16114565


It's one part of OOO.

Vanilla Combat Enhanced is another part.

like the last O suggests it's an Overhaul so it did many things if you only want some parts of what it did but not others then you can dig around to find mods like the two I said above.

I just found out recently that OOO has a new version by a new author I THINK it still works with FCOM but some of it's addons (the creature one and Shivering Isles) explicitly state that they don't but the Equipment add on does.


The Vampirism mod I stated above changes that playstyle drastically

Most of the changes FCOM adds are Enemy and Equipment based if you want to feel the gameplay change MOO does that in certain ways, it adds lock bashing , the ability to play dead and I already mentioned that it removed the ability to wait so you can't heal from it and have to sleep to make time pass.

MOO also adds Mimics and makes Zombies keep coming back from the dead (looting their brains them keeps them down)

cd5b43  No.16115279


OOO makes the world "realistic" so to speak. It is for people who want bandits to be TOUGH when you first start off. You are basically a whimp in the beginning and you're an ordinary scrub like anyone else in the world. Then you advance. It's more appealing to roleplayers who want to understand the difficulty of their world and be a part of it.

5ccd7d  No.16115432

File: e13791cec2e28e9⋯.jpg (49.08 KB, 540x720, 3:4, jazz.jpg)

>For all the newfags who haven't played Oblivion

This has to be bait, right?

5ccd7d  No.16115442


<here's a build I made

>Needing help with a "build" on a single player proto-skyrim game designed for brain dead console kids.

The game is designed so that you basically can't lose.

cd5b43  No.16116523

File: 8ab28b4a2754ccd⋯.gif (766.97 KB, 500x360, 25:18, 8ab28b4a2754ccd91104486b77….gif)


>The game is designed so that you basically can't lose.

Get OOO and notch the difficulty higher, bietch.

6c00a8  No.16116593


Are you for real? Skyrim is fucking grim. Did you not pay attention at all? Just because the game is easy as shit doesn't mean the setting and story isn't horror material. Just off the top of my head:

>main quest is about a dragon that's devouring the souls of every nord that dies

>you can't actually stop this from happening, you can only delay it

>devoured souls are gone, they don't come back even when you "defeat" Alduin

>every faction except the College and the Stormcloaks/Imperials is actually a Daedric cult

>seriously, the Fighter's Guild stand-in is a fucking front for a Hircine cult

>the Thieve's Guild is actually a cult of Nocturnal, you have to sell your soul to complete the questline

>the Dark Brotherhood is the Dark Brotherhood, once you join, guards whisper "hail Sithis"

>Markarth in general is some pizza-gate tier bullshit, with guard disappearing people, haunted houses, the forsworn, and a fucking Namira cannibal cult

>the entire province is sitting on top of the Falmer, a subterranean civilisation of people-snatchers that wouldn't be out of place in a Lovecraft novel

I could honestly go on, Skyrim is almost ridiculously dark, but the mechanics of the game don't reinforce this in any way, or do justice to the setting.

d80ea1  No.16118531

Oh yeah, what are the de uggoification mods to make people not look like they have downs?

6d37d8  No.16119937


Oblivion Character Overhaul

cd5b43  No.16120240

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Tutorial here.

e15850  No.16120410


I don't know who created those abominations but that artist should be fired when a modder can improve it in his spare time.

cd5b43  No.16120440


It is usually the other way around. People think the original Oblivion faces are abominations.

Honestly, if you spend enough time in character creation fleshing out the face, you can make anything look good in Oblivion.

6d37d8  No.16121530


you miss read his post he was saying the originals were shit and that Bethesda should be embarrassed a modder can do better in their spare time than an actual paid character designer.

Though to be fair OCO came out years after Skyrim and was just made for better hardware it's not like other NPC mods it needs another mod just to add the functionality to allow it to work

c7cc68  No.16121948

I remember adjusting the face of the Orc Male in character creation to maximize the size of his teeth and his jaw, which made him look very monster-like.

fa10df  No.16123077


You can make so many goofy faces in Oblivion character creator.

d80ea1  No.16123497


Oh yea one last question. I see a bunch of texture packs but I don't want anything to jaring. Any ones that are good?

fa10df  No.16124953


Alluring Potions and Alluring Alcohol spice things up. There are good armor and sign texture packs. I don't really care about "muh graphics". I value gameplay more than graphics.

0ecb69  No.16126692

File: 49c8ec04faa3f0d⋯.jpg (18.59 KB, 500x332, 125:83, 1396485519183.jpg)

5ccd7d  No.16126739


>knowing and caring about the plot of skyrim

You're basically the equivalent to /pol/'s r/thedonald user.

12f7f3  No.16132248


This, just get Skyrim Special Edition OP.

a82b79  No.16132257

File: 2a6feb9e6c51d74⋯.jpg (22.8 KB, 215x302, 215:302, 91b3OswCRiL._AC_SX215_.jpg)


to be fair he might have bought the bioshock oblivion combo pack

88597b  No.16132279


What kind of loon thinks there are Elder Scrolls games after Morrowind? That game was great, and inexplicably never got a follow up.

0a8dee  No.16132336

File: e329ec2a7b1df81⋯.jpg (84.97 KB, 960x954, 160:159, W8M2hnM.jpg)


>still hasnt come to terms with the fact that the majority of gamers now treat games as interactive movies, woefully ignorant of the far-reaching capabilities of the medium whilst touting themselves as true fans.

press x to continue seeing pretty colors and hearing fun sounds

bf53ba  No.16134942

File: 7279f2f1e838221⋯.jpg (21.71 KB, 338x358, 169:179, 1468346197910.jpg)

>Ayleid ruins have gas chambers inside them

How did he get away with it?

6d37d8  No.16134996



98a99d  No.16135371

File: 46e17ffa7389273⋯.jpg (939.81 KB, 2576x1920, 161:120, 1441959642103.jpg)



2f5545  No.16136175


you can write all of this gay shit but i didnt feel any of that from the gameplay or game itself at all. you can write about alduin representign the end of the world, but as a character i dont remember a single line alduin said or felt an iota of menacing from him. after i got my faggot dragonrape shout, i swung my big dick sword in his ass until his prostate bled just like any other dragon. i havent touched the main questline since

f027cb  No.16142703


The elves dindu nuffin they wuz good boys they didn't fuck with magic or any of that sheit

*ihnales skooma*

7f249c  No.16154057

File: 98cf97b96a24e1a⋯.gif (1.73 MB, 239x240, 239:240, 1428964110706.gif)

>see this thread

>decide to finally take Oblivion off my backlog

>install it

>attempt to install the mods listed in the OP

>pretty sure half of them don't work but can't be sure because I've never played the game

>decide to play a sneaky thief mage illusionist type

>find the thieves guild

>get told to steal the waterfront tax records

>just barge straight in there, pick locks while being told i'm trespassing, aggro the guards

>choose to resist arrest and run back to the guy who buys off the guards for half price

>outrun the guards and dodge all the arrows

>pay the fines with guards hot on my tail

>they're still aggro for some reason

>decide to bail

>get far enough away they stop chasing me

>try to fast travel back into the city

>"You cannot fast travel while guards are pursuing you."

>walk back to the city

>can talk to the guards just fine and have no bounty

>"You cannot fast travel while guards are pursuing you."

>"You cannot wait while guards are pursuing you."

>what the fuck

>decide to commit a petty crime and pay off the fine so I get fast travel back

>accidentally pick go to jail

>accidentally hit quicksave instead of quickload while in jail

>manage to pick the lock to get out

>manage to pickpocket the key to the evidence chest

>get my bow back while the jailor is walking around near the cells

>somehow he literally teleports back into his chair

>literally teleported, I saw him fade into being in front of me

>can't sneak around him without him seeing me

>go for a sneak attack with the bow

>he doesn't react

>shoot him again

>still nothing

>eventually kill him

>somehow doesn't trigger dark brotherhood questline

>walk out of jail like nothing's wrong

>can finally fast travel again

Can't even tell what's a bug and what's intentional behavior anymore.

e107f4  No.16154126


Man I love these, anyone got more?

6d37d8  No.16154143


look up LaFave bros they have an entire (((Mertube's))) channels worth. Funilly enough they only recently started LPing the game even though those parodies are almost as old as the game itself

e107f4  No.16154156


Thanks m8.

a5a153  No.16154159

File: 8205d955bb98a16⋯.mp4 (9.07 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Have you heard of the high….mp4)


I don't know if you'd consider this a part of the series, but I think it's funny nonetheless.

b34c07  No.16155399

File: 2f014c536deba2f⋯.jpg (134.4 KB, 696x936, 29:39, 85e1cb1bffc75f27775850e9f6….jpg)

>press z to try to politely drag plate i accidentally knocked over back onto the table


Guards are a finite resource, right? If I kill every guard in the game they'll stop arresting me, right?

21add5  No.16155441

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

You know what's really funny? How much straight-up TES porn there is on YouTube.

Look at this.

This video has 170k+ views and has been up since 2015. There is literal sex in the this video but somehow it and this guy's entire channel has passed through JewTube's censor bots.

6d37d8  No.16155447


>Guards are a finite resource, right?

if they were they'd have names you've fucked yourself I'm afraid

cd5b43  No.16157087

File: fcb189ace939045⋯.png (18.44 KB, 404x406, 202:203, updated.png)


Did you get the unofficial oblivion patch?

>updated my mod list since OP

Finally, I got Better Cities (which has Cyrodiil Bank included, so I removed that mod). Bounty Hunters to make crime more fun. Hear No Evil + Crime has witnesses makes crime really easy to get away with. I am tempted to remove one of them… SM Hide made crashes more frequent. I removed body mods to reduce CTDs. Gameplay is pretty stable with this loadout, but I might remove Crime Has Witnesses.

5ccfae  No.16157108

File: a552688ab533e3d⋯.gif (2.46 MB, 512x512, 1:1, Agitated.gif)


Guards are infinite I'm afraid, on top of that it's a wasted effort to place things in oblivion. You'll place things perfectly, leave an area, then zone back in only to have the physics sperg out sending everything flying.

cf9139  No.16157184

I stopped playing Oblivion+Lovers when Skyrim came out, because I can't stand the uncanny valley faces.

Unfortunately, Oblivion has a better world and Lovers has more content than Skyrim+SexLab.

Now I'm tired of both because of how inconsequential my sexing/whoring/raping spree are.

Nobody gives a shit if I fuck a countess/jarl, cuck them, whore out their daughters.

It feels as if I'm the one who's being raped/cucked out of my time.

Now I'm just waiting for the big mods to come out.

Right now I'm waiting for Vicn to finish GLENMORIL + translators translating the whole mod.

6d37d8  No.16157430


> uncanny valley faces.

Oblivion Character Overhaul for the millionth time in this thread

6d37d8  No.16157435


Also you might want something like Lovers Situations which creates Quests around fucking the characters

Yes they do include Adultery

ce5c0a  No.16157525


That second pic is spooky as all hell. Black and white old shooped pics are freaky as fuck.

ce5c0a  No.16157530


Anon, there has been paedophile shit on youtube for years but they've only started cracking down on it last year. It's a sick fucking website.

cf9139  No.16157559


>Oblivion Character Overhaul

Huh, didn't know they had a Version 2.

Looks pretty good too.


That shit is just as banally written as Skyrim's Amorous Adventures.

I'm done with TES porn I suppose, since TES6 is going to be shittier than Skyrim.

I've perfected my waifu character, and now she can finally experience the world as a legit adventurer instead of being a cock-hungry slut.

0ede8a  No.16158754


Oblivion's network of thieves with no definitive headquarters was still more believable than some fabled sewer hideout den of thieves that guards didn't just raid and burn the fuck down.

fc405f  No.16158803

File: 5481a0bce94bcb7⋯.png (180.76 KB, 542x533, 542:533, cc35501fdf5357cc7f2bd23ab7….png)

>See thread and feel like playing Oblivion again

>Try to set up FCOM this time to see what its like

>Remember it was a pain to set up but can't remember why

>Eh fuck it lets give it a go

>Start gathering all the mod download

>Half the mods needed are behind a forum that host got suspended

>Zero mirrors or back ups elsewhere

Well I guess I'll go fuck myself then. Also fuck forums that force sign ups just to download from there shitty servers.

7dea92  No.16158858

File: 66e8f48ad6e748e⋯.jpg (100.15 KB, 555x526, 555:526, 1369953236478.jpg)

>tfw The Elder Scrolls has top tier lore and top tier potential but is squandered immensely by Bethesda's incompetence and laziness and Zenimax's greed

6d37d8  No.16158892


to be fair Skyrim made it very clear that the guards in the city were bought off

6d37d8  No.16158894

6d37d8  No.16158905


son of a bitch it just happened today

6160bb  No.16159212


You probably never seen it because who the fuck will look porn at youtube.

cdf998  No.16159277

File: cba17c6fde64aaf⋯.gif (2.42 MB, 1005x742, 1005:742, cbd1ee2cec0ef4b4d553723c93….gif)

>tfw still havent ever finished the main quest in TES game

>appreciate the entire series for its concepts and lore

Itd be cool to have a coop dungeon crawler spiritual successor Battlespire. I think that Blades game might be like it. Also after actually playing TESO, I must say that the actual combat is leagues better than skyrim and oblivion. I rpd as a skooma addicted catman who lost his shirt and immediately challenged the first guy I saw to a duel and won. People even stopped and watched and it lasted a long time. Was actually a close battle and a surprisingly fun experience. If only the loot/item/trading system was better and itd be one of the best MMOs in the last 10 years

9755c5  No.16159284

File: 011d6c6b4f81dbb⋯.jpg (932.89 KB, 1417x1056, 1417:1056, 44676-1-1387664956.jpg)

File: 866e2fd925f5a92⋯.jpg (881.56 KB, 1417x1053, 109:81, 44676-1-1387717482.jpg)



Looks like shit. I unironically prefer potato faces since at least those are humorous compared to these rancid turds. Orcs can look brutal as fuck if you spend some time with the sliders. The only reason people use it is their obsessive compulsive need to mod literally everything even if it's garbage. The same faggots that waste their entire day downloading retextures for scrolls of paper.

Who cares about graphics? Going out of your way to make everyone look like some teenage Wiccan's OC sketchbook isn't the solution.

5e082b  No.16159298


Yeah, this is how I feel about it too. I just stick to the necessary under the hood fixes. I don't consider graphical fixes to be mandatory and potato faces don't actually bother me.

30a6d4  No.16159359

File: 6f77a69cf8bfeb9⋯.jpg (164.12 KB, 1417x741, 109:57, oblivion-character-overhau….jpg)


OCO v1 looks better for Oblivion IMO

It looks like the style they wanted but coulnd't manage

Unfortunately it's a pain in the ass to find it

cd5b43  No.16159626


TESalliance is shit.

Go to Nexusmods and just get OOO + MMM. It is much easier. You don't need the whole FCOM.

f83346  No.16159648


I like the way they look, for the most part.

21add5  No.16159652



For fuck sake anon, just upload a zip to Mega and save everybody from the hell

ae0cae  No.16159847


Can you remove the Khajiit files pre-install? That's the only thing that's stopping me from using this mod.

e78c7a  No.16161285

>being anything that isn't a breton

>I don't like starting with 50% magicka resistance

7bc738  No.16161458

Morrowind > Skyrim > Oblivion

6d37d8  No.16161682


Go here >>16100574


and then neck your weak build with this guy >>16100869



Shit taste

e5dbe8  No.16163985

>wanting to play as the virgin Breton instead of the chad Imperial

Bretons look weak, are insignificant in Tamriel and have the pitiful Jauffre voice

c1a9a0  No.16164083

File: b81e7ccc5dc7d58⋯.jpg (53.28 KB, 917x640, 917:640, 3498739083476958463936546.jpg)


>Enter thread

>See this sperg


>Sucking off oblivion while calling morrowind shit taste

How the fuck do you even end up here? Having taste this bad usually leaves s'wits like you at reddit or cuckchan

6d37d8  No.16164479


>the worst game in the entire series is good guys!

Because playing a game is such a small part of actually enjoying it you can replace that part of ball torture and it would still be goof.

Morrowind the design philosophy of a walking sim

cd5b43  No.16165099


Skyrim is trash.

5178ec  No.16165217


>taking starting stats into account in anyway

The only benefit is the extra starting endurance and that becomes moot when you have 500hp and can heal that in 5 seconds. I'd rather be immune to magickal attacks using only one ring slot and use the remaining equipment slots for other things.

5178ec  No.16165235


>he doesn't get around Morrowind by running and jumping from one side of the map to the other in 20 seconds

I'm laughing at you.

6d37d8  No.16165244


>Skip more of the shit game so you can see how good it is!

Morrowfags everytime

5178ec  No.16165262



>having options to get places quicker is skipping content

>what is fast travelling from the map

I bet you think walking quicker to get somewhere is skipping life experience, wasn't your issue that the game is a walking sim?

5178ec  No.16165308

Thats what I thought, nigger.

5178ec  No.16165329

File: 96f1770b915d9d2⋯.gif (228.6 KB, 487x342, 487:342, =).gif)

6d37d8  No.16165422

File: 92dd0fa76dcff07⋯.jpg (5.08 KB, 211x239, 211:239, Brainlet.jpg)




>Triple posting

>Not even bothering to defend the games shit gameplay and trying a "no u"

>Backpatting yourself like a 4um poster

Morrowfags are the eternal cancer and we have IDs here.

have one of your native memes as a gesture of fuck off and go back home

5178ec  No.16165430


>shit gameplay

>you walk slower when you have lower levels

>faster when you have higher levels

>just like oblivion

>thats the best he can do with almost an hour respond time


6d37d8  No.16165439


>Pretending the rest of the game isn't absolute shit

>Pretending that Morrowind has anything going for it other than it's scenery/setting

>Pretending everyone is autistically glued to the screen at all times

back to your home you've had enough crossposting for one day

5178ec  No.16165454


>I've lost so hard that my great grandparents are turning in their graves

>I'll imply he uses 4chan

Everything to do with spells is superior, as is the fast travel system, the main quest line and the music despite all limitations compared with Oblivion or Skyrim.

6d37d8  No.16165497


>Everything to do with spells is superior

>Roll dice to cast

>Roll dice to hit

>Even good spells are stuck in the shit combat system of the rest of the game

Morrowinds magic is still stuck in Morrowind you might have more versatility in the spells you can create but the are ultimately stuck in a shit game

>Spells like Sound, Dodge and Sanctuary only exist because of the counter intuitive combat system

>Even ignoring the hit chance meme most spells returned in Oblivion or were made redundant

and don't get me started on levitation

>Fast travel that was gimped out because the map was smaller is now considered a bonus

>Quests so vastly inferior to Oblivion he has to ignore all of the Guilds to try to edge out a victory despite the Guilds being a large part of all three games

>No mentions of how shit the side quests were in general

184ec5  No.16165504


>Oscure's Oblivion Overhaul.


5178ec  No.16165508


I will grant you the combat system and the side quests. I do like the spell failure better than the level cap in Oblivion however.

6d37d8  No.16165530


and i'll concede Oblivions level scaling was horrid. what really pissed me off about the spell failure in Morrowind was the double dice roll.

if you want to immerse me in casting arcane destruction from the difficult to understand aether than fine make me roll to cast it fits in with the rest of the (hated) system but you can't take that back and say "also it's normal/weak enough that the rest of the usual rules of attack still apply" commit to one normal enough to be evaded or complex enough to fail/backfire I think Archery had a similar problem but I forget (Never did an archery build in any of the games)

b8caa9  No.16165544

5178ec  No.16165545


Its not as if the Oblivion or Skyrim combat systems were any better, not hitting something because of low skill and hitting something with an axe and doing no damage because of low skill and just as bad.

6d37d8  No.16165591


I honestly prefer the latter to the former. Like I said the counter intuitive element of it really bugs me.

When you have what is designed like an Action RPG function on the rules of a turn based RPG it just doesn't work, I can accept that failure/lack of results in both system is my fault for under leveling a skill but there is something frustrating about having so much of the process rely on Player skill rather than Character skill but having failure/success entirely dependent on character skill.

I'm much more capable of accepting/understanding misses in say KOTOR because that's mostly auto aim there's a separation of Player and Character I'm not asked to aim and get in to position so it's "fair" that I don't get the benefits of doing that

Morrowinds system feels like it was designed by the type of person to try to teach a fish to climb trees.

On the outset for both it seems the same "bad skill points bad results" but the change in delivery "Your arm/technique is too weak to do any real damge" vs "even though YOU lined up everything the character skill is too weak so it phases through" matters a lot to some people me included

I also like how we went from shitposting at each other to having a nice cordial conversation about the games and their mechanics this what makes /v/ worthwhile

6b5790  No.16165626



I like how Kenshi handled visually resolving a stat-based, computer-handled combat. Combat is entirely stat based (although a crafty player could move out of a fight in the middle of an emey's attack to juke it out), and hits are determined by the attack formula of the aggressor coming higher than the defense formula of the defender. If the hit is successful, the enemy is hit as normal. But if the defense roll is higher, then the defender either plays a blocking animation to defend against the enemy or dodges out of the way. Everything is handled in calculations but matches up visually in the fight. You don't suffer from either some hardcore "MLG" player with a level 1 character who has the strength, stamina, and agility of an anorexic crippled geriatric unrealistically killing a veteran soldier kitted out in the best armor his faction has, but you also don't have every weapon in the world being magically enchanted with a dephasing spell that only goes off when the user is weaker than the opponent and harmlessly passes through his foe.

06f960  No.16166375


I never really understood this view regarding Morrowind, because it isn't difficult (for the player) to land a hit. You just have to walk up and swing, most enemies aren't dodging around or anything. Not that I'm defending Morrowind's combat. As >>16165626 pointed out it lacks tactile feedback or "crunch." It also falls into the same "Spam best attack, heal when needed" trap as many JRPGs.

107d84  No.16166394

File: 1626369e136f2a6⋯.jpg (68.83 KB, 780x653, 780:653, TFF5Hfm.jpg)

6d37d8  No.16167481


The sad thing is the character creator looks better


it's not about difficulty per say it's about how much of the process you do vs how much is automated if aim is "manual" for lack of a better description a hit should be guaranteed, like I said the damage doesn't matter and can/should be based on skill (also both games have varied attack types for melee weapons) but if on the other hand it's an auto targeting system then it's only fair that you can miss

in spite of lock on because of not having in perception or whatever.

Also I feel I should point out >>16165626

Kenshi is isometric while TES is first/third person so there's different expectations for the mechanics from the start

cd5b43  No.16183296


>The sad thing is the character creator looks better

You can make beautiful things with TES IV Oblivion character creator. It takes time, but with all the sliders… it is possible.

eafdbd  No.16183444


I'm pretty sure spells have a 100% chance of hitting if you cast it.

6c00a8  No.16183797


They do auto-hit, so long as the actual, manually aimed projectile hits. There is a chance that your casting fails however, based on your skill level as well as attributes and current fatigue.

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