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File: c31b14815470964⋯.jpg (2.68 MB, 2001x2881, 2001:2881, Grand Strategy Games.jpg)

7ed086  No.16099086

Grand Strategy Games



>Where do mods go and other info?


>Anon's Edits (EU4, CK2 and V2)


This Day in History, February 9th

>1904 Russo-Japanese War: Battle of Port Arthur concludes.

>1916 Conscription begins in Great Britain as the Military Service Act becomes effective.

>1942 Top United States military leaders hold their first formal meeting to discuss American military strategy in the war.

>1942 Year-round Daylight saving time aka War Time is re-instated in the United States as a wartime measure to help conserve energy resources

>1943 The Red Army takes back Kursk 15 months after it fell to the Germans.

>1964 The U.S. embassy in Moscow is stoned by Chinese and Vietnamese students.

>1978 Canada expels 11 Soviets in spying case.

>1994 Nelson Mandela becomes the first black president of South Africa.

6e333f  No.16099461

File: c34f606b6bf7f7a⋯.jpg (568.97 KB, 555x1000, 111:200, oreimo_ija.jpg)

File: cef75c635f57fdf⋯.jpg (501.51 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, k1T9IDq.jpg)

First for 大日本帝国

b90dc6  No.16099466

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

de2d68  No.16099481


is it actually possible to annex parts of china as japan? I cant remember correctly but once they go western you arent allowed to take chunks of them, only ports

b90dc6  No.16099503


Yes, you can ask for colonies bigger than ports once you have land bordering China. That's in HFM with Anon's submod at least.

de2d68  No.16099583


what about the rest of GPs, can they also do it if they have lands bordering china?

b90dc6  No.16099601

File: 8e726ec451a4e42⋯.jpg (490.27 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190123195102_1.jpg)


After a certain year I think so.

6e333f  No.16099646





I've read cb_types.txt for normal HFM and:

>if a state has less than 600,000 pops total you can always take it

>for coastal regions you need naval directionism (naval logistics for Japan) and machine guns (not required for Japan), you can't have any non-colonial provinces bordering the region you want to take (not ANY provinces for Japan - this is probably to activate the second set of requirements and make taking regions after you make treaty ports into states more difficult)

>for any other regions, you can never take ones with more than 2,000,000 pops; you need machine guns, military logistics, integral rail system (steel railroad for Japan) and the region NEEDS to border a non-colonial province with a railroad in it

So in several ways, requirements actually get more steep if you have a treaty port bordering the region, but once you meet them you can take them as non-colonial states (they merge with the state containing the treaty port and the whole becomes non-colonial) so it's a trade-off.

ff238b  No.16099658


What's better, HFM-Anon or Blood & Iron?

b90dc6  No.16099661


HFM-Anon but that's because I'm biased because I'm helping him.

09ef21  No.16100889


I haven't played HFM, dafuq is aridoamerica?

6b2804  No.16100898

Should just call it "Paracocks" thread cause that's the only thing anyone plays here

b90dc6  No.16100933

File: 139ed37ac40dc9c⋯.png (2.81 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Imagine if Texas formed a union with the Californians, North Mexicans, and I guess the Mormons for good measure.

ff238b  No.16100986


List other games of the same type from different studios.

20ced0  No.16102289


B&I because it isnt a mess

e53991  No.16107716

File: b443ed8cb712638⋯.jpg (101.39 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 3a82f050ff2c72eb1a00a79121….jpg)



>Blobbing into China as Japan.

The 皇道派 would be ashamed. This is not what 天皇 would want.

967582  No.16107748


Grand Strategy Games are shit.

ccbd43  No.16107834


The coloring made it look like a Dark Souls meme.

1991f5  No.16108753


Prove it.

0dc610  No.16109029


how else are you supposed to keep them in check?

4d6b95  No.16109795


Take all coastal states and coasts only.

30df18  No.16110948

File: 06c0e115c2d8589⋯.png (1.78 MB, 1738x791, 1738:791, WeißUndBaßed.png)

20 Shermans = 1 Panzerkampfwagen Sechs Ausführung B mit achtundachtzig Kampfwagenkanone dreiundvierzig L/einundsiebzig feuer Panzergranate neununddreißig/dreiundvierzig Panzerbrechend mit Hartkern unter Ballistik-Kappe, Projektil hochexplosiv und Panzergranate vierzig/dreiundvierzig Hartkernmunition panzerbrechend und Granate neununddreißig/drei Hohlladungsgeschoss panzerbrechend und zwei sieben zweiundneunzig Maschinengewehr vierunddreißig auf der Deutsches Heer

b5e0ee  No.16110962

File: 06d020da744cbe7⋯.jpg (467.75 KB, 1600x1248, 50:39, maskiner.jpg)

Anyone else tried the new HPM version? From what little I've played it seems like it's as much a rebel fest as vanilla, but I'm very intrigued by some of the new changes such as RGO choice in colonies. https://www.moddb.com/mods/historical-project-mod/news/version-04-highlights

e53991  No.16111123

File: 23a1c812a295019⋯.png (515.6 KB, 1920x1228, 480:307, 1920px-Hokushin-ron-Map.sv….png)


Hokushin-ron, you mongoloid.


All you really need from China is Taiwan. It's more important to keep Russia in check and ensure an East Asian sphere of influence with Japan at the center. Japan has the sea, and if they also have the north, they have succeeded in protecting and developing East Asia into the new world. Defense in the south and advance in the north. Southern expansionists went against the will of the Emperor and ruined Japan's chance at surviving WWII.

e53991  No.16111138

What EUIII mods do you use?

aa20d1  No.16111168

What's "grand" about these games?

d8cc47  No.16111314


Your mom's ass

aa20d1  No.16111319


Japan actually went south because Shitler cucked out and formed a non-aggression pact with the Soviet Union just as Japan was clashing with them.

92a168  No.16111360


t. retard who takes everything at face value

Neither Hitler or Stalin had any good intentions towards each other. The Molotov-Rippentrop pact was not an act of permanent friendship.

b8395e  No.16111369


To be honest NAP would have been fine if Germans had bothered to tell the Nips that it was ruse instead of real. That failure of communication was pretty much the worst mistake Nazi leadership did since without access to Vladivostok would have lost majority of the lend-leased supplies which prevented it from collapsing. It's also debatable whether or not Roosevelt's administration could have succeeded in provoking attack from Nips or convincing the public of the necessity to defend commies.

48e7a8  No.16111378


Did you get accepted cultures? Mine is broken and the events don't work for some reason.

976766  No.16111564


There was lend-lease going through vladivostok? that doesn't make any sense

1d62e9  No.16111586


>t. retard

Japanese would surely be thrilled to attack USSR when they were already at war with China for two fucking years, it it only weren't for Molotov-Ribbentrop.



Discussing northern road by the time Japanese were already at war with China is pointless, as they never would have actually gone through with it even had Khalinin Gol ended favourably. Japanese main concern was the lack of resources, and the war with China steadily ate through their reserves. Even had they decided to adopt a defense policy in the south and simply switched to defense, instead focusing on the north, it wouldn't have helped them – while there are plenty of resources in Siberia, the bulk of them was still untapped and the infrastructure was often non-existent – it would take years just to trasport the mining equipment there from Japan, start mining operations, and build the roads and railways necessary to actually transport these resources somehwhere useful, all the while fighting back chinks from the south and russians from the west, not to mention the partisan activity over the massive fucking territory that is Siberia – it would be a logistical nightmare and Japan would run out of resources all the sooner, without accomplishing its goals. Perhaps if the Japanese attacked USSR in 1941 (rather than suggested 1939) in conjunction with Barbarossa, they could hope for a quick victory in Siberia as USSR would focus its units west, but even then it wouldn't actually help them with finishing the job in China, and more importantly, in 1941 the war in China was already taking significantly longer than expected and Japanese resources were stretching thin (which led to the desperate attack on USA in attempt to gain resources from Dutch Indies, Phillipines, and other western colonies). In reality, Japan lost its chance to go with the northern road plan in 1937, when it went to war with China. Had they waited for Hitler to start Barbarossa (as I doubt Japan could actually beat USSR in a 1 on 1 fight, even if we take the purges into account), they could have gained Siberia and taken on China later, but of course, nobody could have known such things would happen back in 1937 – Hitler didn't even Anschluss Austria back then and didn't seem like the head of a superpower, and worse yet, Germany seemed to be interested in cooperating with China rather than Japan due to the Sino-German cooperation.

750b26  No.16111593

Anyone here got a link for the latest CK2plus? I don't have a paracucks account.

e415e1  No.16111666


Why don't you just buy it? :^)

659073  No.16111975


Miscmods+DAO is okay. The bigger overhaul mods like MEIOU run like shit in my experience.

59114a  No.16112545

so, i started europa universalis 3, Ui/hud ok, understandable but still, seems like i can't have any influence at all. yes, i already unpaused the game.

tell me in one sentence, what to do!

07ed93  No.16112661


Watch a fucking youtube video if you are too dumb to play yourself.

750b26  No.16112775


johan pls go

0cdf62  No.16112779

How is anon edits going?

Last i saw he wanted to add more products to the world market.

59114a  No.16112784


not going to watch jewtube shit, already playing it and found shit on my own. fucking faggot.

now tell me where i get some good mods and shit you lazy asshole

750b26  No.16112790


And I failed horribly, they AI is just too retarded to use factory-produced goods so we ended up with XYZ shortages of new RGOs.

Currently I'm removing them, but I've been slowed down by wagecuckery.

07ed93  No.16112798

File: b9d9aa67da257df⋯.jpg (92.9 KB, 504x821, 504:821, 1467113508299-0.jpg)


>two posts

>both are begging for simple shit

>calls other lazy

0cdf62  No.16112806


Got the changelog lad?

ive been tied up with university since november more or less.

750b26  No.16112833


• New flags for Fascist and Monarchy Tibet.
• Gave china several montane farmland terrain provinces in Yunnan and Guizhou
• Added the requisite of owning Texas to demand the 36 parallel as CSA.
• Reworked the Aridoamerica alliance and vassalization decisions.
• The player can now choose whether to accept or reject a GP building the Panama/Suez canal on their clay.
• Fixed Austin still being a port.
• Added a decision for Texas/Rio Grande to claim Texas/Rio Grande if either nation doesn’t exist.
• Added 4 new sea provinces: St. Lawrence River, Lower Don, Lower Volga and Danube Delta.
• Added a portage/canal-type province to the Welland Canal which connects Lake Ontario to Lake Eire.
• Added a canal-type province to the Volga-Don River system, the player can choose to build a canal there much like the Suez or Panama Canals, granting access to the Caspian sea; the AI will only build it in after 1948.
• New terrain type: High Plateau, mostly on Tibet and the Southern Andes.
• Added the following RGOs: Sugar, Spices, copper, lead.
• Added the following factories: Rum Distillery, Bronze Foundry, Bronze Artillery Factory.
• Modified the RGO change events to better fit the new RGOs.
• Added a new formable country: Andean Federation. Before Bolívar died, he had envisioned a united republic comprised of Gran Colombia, Bolivia and Peru. Now you can fulfill this ambition as either Gran Colombia or the Peru-Bolivia Confederacy (but only if you kept the confederacy alive or reformed the confederacy as Bolivia, for historical reasons Peru cannot form this union)
• Added a decision a-la Turkish Removal but for slaves in the Gran Colombia/Andean Federation: You can send all your ex-slaves to Haiti while vassalizing them.
• Added a decision to choose Andean Federation’s capital and primary culture.
• Added Rum distilleries to Maracay, Jagua, New Orleans and Recife.
• Changed Hispaniola’s tradegoods to sugar and terrain types to farmland hills and montane farmland.
• Added steel factory to Tunja.
• Fixed the Gran Colombia formation decision.
• Fixed several events in the Venezuela-UK Guyana arbitration.
• Nigger-rigged event 1999998025 (VNZ’s plea to the USA) to work as player USA. Sadly non-ai USA won’t get the event, but will still be able to play the game. I encountered an odd error here that makes the game randomly crash and sadly I haven’t found a proper solution for it.
• Overhauled the dismantling events for RUS, FRA, ENG, USA and TUR
• Plagiarized a bunch of cool inventions from PDM
• Added several new inventions for the new RGOS
• Plagiarized a bunch of cool techs from PDM
• Cracking (oil) can now be researched in the 1850’s
• Added the following provinces: Olbia, Orisanto, Siracusa, Trapani, Agrigento and San Felipe, Comitan, Tenosique and Calakmul. Lappeeranta, Joensuu, Alakurtti. Dogubayazit, Mezereh, Igdir.
• Added the following regions: Tabasco. Kola Peninsula, Bitlis, Harput, Sivas, Ganja, North Caucasia.
• Added the following cultures: Karelian, Turkic Minor, Tati-Talyshi, Mizrahi, Laz.
• Added the following countries: Melikdoms of Khamsa.
• Added Ingriyan cores to Ingriya (Previously unused.)
• Added decisions to rename stuff claimed by Greater Finland.
• Added a realistic lake Vygozero.
• Added a buildable canal connecting the Baltic and White Seas.
• Added the following province pictures: Arkhangelsk, Azores.
• Overhauled Anatolia with several new provinces and regions.
• Added a decision to annex California or Alta California diplomatically.
• Reworked the Greater Georgia and Armenia decisions
• Added gypsy pops to Armenia, Georgia and turkroachistan.
• Added impassable crossings all over the Caucasus.
• Added ‘developing academia’ tech-type to the ottomans and Caucasian principalities.

0cdf62  No.16112843

File: 0421f67a51d49a5⋯.jpg (32.3 KB, 480x639, 160:213, Bolivar y su lucha contra ….jpg)


Neat, thanks.

ac86d3  No.16112972

>>16112833 (checked)

did you ever add those fixed provinces to anatolia that make it more similar to the megali idea and those fixes to the meuse?

750b26  No.16112988


Yeah, but in the end I remade them to look more like the roach vilayets from the 1860's with Megali-friendly borders.

ac86d3  No.16112997

>>16112988 (checked)

alright, what about the meuse? I swear some anon posted a map with fixes to the meuse some threads ago

750b26  No.16113004


I think the HFM guys fixed that one.

48e7a8  No.16113183



Is there anything interesting you can do or form in B&I?

8a2985  No.16113356

Any of you actually play HOI4?

07ed93  No.16113375


No. Go watch youtube meme videos or something.

66e344  No.16113384


I played it a fair bit, but the AI is just too braindead and the base mechanics are fucked.

750b26  No.16113396


So, does anyone actually own a paradox account? I just wanna play CK2 with CK2plus on my free day.

8a2985  No.16113399




Found the base mechanics to be fine, my only complaints are how fucking retarded ally AI can be. You can attack the enemy with you ally on the same tile and they will just sit there as your unit wittles away. Not to mention drawing offensive lines is clunky as hell. Also a huge pain to do naval invasions, don't remember how they where in HOI3.

ac5c64  No.16113490


Here's a link to an installer for 2.8.3, but it seems to work with 2.8.1:


750b26  No.16113500


Thanks anon, is there a problem with 2.8.3? I see HIP is also for 2.8.1. I haven't played CK2 in ages (ever since JD came out)

ac5c64  No.16113515


Don't think anything's wrong with 2.8.3, I just never found hotfixes past 2.8.1 for a pirated version whenever I grabbed 2.8, so I played on that version with mods. HIP worked despite being for 2.8.3 as well, so CK2+ is probably fine.

54462c  No.16113522



Have either of you guys seen a link to WTWSMS mod for CK2 for 2.8.0? I don't feel like going to all the trouble to find another crack of an updated ck2 just to play the expanded late antiquity mod

750b26  No.16113529


Alright, thanks dude. btw >>>/sengoku/1 has all the stuff for CK2's patches, 2.8.3 included.

Might also update Anon's HIP edits as well.

b8395e  No.16113556


Around 80% of the US-lend-lease arrived through the port in Vladivostok, significantly smaller portion through port in Murmansk and other routes. Look it up and you quickly see why Germany failing to communicate with Japan properly was major fuck up since despite their limited capabilities for assistance taking or at least blockading Vladivostok would have been relatively easy for Imperial Japan.


You are correct in saying that lack of resources drove Japan to attack Western colonies & US as per Nanshin-ron, but you forget that the key factor behind the attack was the US trade embargo which was only implemented after Japan took control of French Indochina. While Japan's position via resources was bad, until US stopped the oil trade there was no pressing need to invade colonies. If Germans had played the diplomacy game better & had Japan attack USSR during Barbarossa it can be argued that it would have been able to hang on depending on how its trade partners such as US & Dutch in control of Indonesian oil would have reacted. Given the hostility of the US leadership against Japan over the perceived rivalry over Pacific I would give Japan 40% odds of retaining their resource trade. Even in the fucked up case they would have likely managed to hang on since war with USSR would not have required the costly naval operations to the extent that Pacific War against US did. Take note that USSR would have been in no position to send troops to Asian front beyond the forces already stationed there. With Japan being able to at least deny US aid from arriving via Far East Asia despite the flaws of their ground forces Germany would have collapsed USSR pretty damn quickly.

750b26  No.16113560


Yeah it's on the steam workshop, for 2.8.3 You gotta use the steam downloader if you're a filthy pirate like me tho. Or do you just want it for 2.8.0?

54462c  No.16113567


Fug, either or. I can't seem to find an activator for DLC nor 2.8.3 download. I also cannont find the old download for 2.8.0 WTWSMS

750b26  No.16113573


Don't cs.rin.ru have all that stuff?

ac5c64  No.16113579


I happen to have the master file I used to install it for 8.1, but it may work with 8.0:


The mod is also on GitHub, but that's probably too new:



I might just be retarded, but I never figured out how to decode/use the text in that post. Tried using them as Mega links, and I didn't bother with trying to figure out if they were just a letter-by-litter cipher.

750b26  No.16113585


>I might just be retarded, but I never figured out how to decode/use the text in that post. Tried using them as Mega links, and I didn't bother with trying to figure out if they were just a letter-by-litter cipher.

I have no idea either, I've always used the cs.rin.ru links instead of that. I thought they were magnet links, but they aren't.

54462c  No.16113613


This is exactly what I needed , what is it you desire I must repay you

f6b6ee  No.16113616


>1800s/Victorian Age grand strategy or tactical game

>America turns into a fucking patchwork

>Europe has megastates straight out of AU mods

>No one bothers finishing the colonization of Africa or Asia

Why does this happen all the time? Is there any /gsg/ that lets me roleplay as the West Indies Company or other unscrupulous corps?

750b26  No.16113634


Got any links to pre-JD CPRplus?

ac5c64  No.16113649


Do you have the gif/webm of Serval-chan standing akimbo and rocking side-to-side as Kaban looks down, turns back to Serval, and back to looking down? Meant to save that before, but didn't.


There's this link to a version that should be for 2.7.something:


I'm just nigging these CK2+ files off of plebbit since that's the first thing that came up looking for CK2+ download links, as I didn't play with CK2+. Having to pirate mods from:


750b26  No.16113666


Alright thanks, I'll try looking there.

750b26  No.16113678


For anyone looking for the CK2plus - CPRplus compatch:


48e7a8  No.16113708


Yeah, I'm with you there. Independent African colonies are tragically underrepresented in V2, white or otherwise. There should at least be an option to civilize them at a reasonable time.

As for your latter question, there is "companymod" somewhere. I think the dev comes by here once in a while.

54462c  No.16113746

File: b3fa8c8cef11d9c⋯.webm (5.06 MB, 496x360, 62:45, Da que Deus mamou by Aran….webm)


I don't have that, but I will dedicate my next GET to ID: "the Anon: ac5c64"

b90dc6  No.16113980


You can play as the East India Company in Anon-HFM edits. The West India Company was absorbed in the late 18th century.

f50fbf  No.16116291

Does anobody have WtWSMS for 3.0.1?

1d62e9  No.16116486


While the US embargo was devastating to Japan oil reserves, they were rapidly running out of other resources as well. They hadn't expected the war in China to take this long. Even had they retained the trade channels open (which is dubious given Roosevelt's stance), it wouldn't have solved their problems, only alleviated them. That is besides the point, however, as we are talking 1941 – a time when Japan is fully invested all over China and in dire need of resources. They couldn't just go and attack USSR, not without basically abandoning their gains in China (which wouldn't go well with the public, or anyone, really.) While USSR did move most of its forces west, it only did so after learning that Japan would not attack them - they would have kept their troops there and Japan would need to actually fend them off from invading Manchuria, else Japan would lose all of the mainland, meaning Japan definitely would need to move its forces out of China. All the while low on resources and running out of time fast. It was simply a scenario they couldn't win – perhaps it would lead to Germany to winning the war against USSR, but it would sure as shit lose the war for Japan, and there's no way Germany would go all around the world to fight Japan's wars for it. That's why Japan didn't go through with the northern road and instead chose a desperate plan that, however, did hold a small possibility of success – acquire resources from colonies with which to prolong its fighting capabilities in China, which they would hopefully manage to wrap up quickly. That, however, did not happen and while the acquisition of colonies did alleviate the resource pains considerably, it also put further requirements on Japanese manpower as more fronts opened (In Burma, for example). Japan likely hoped that Hitler would kill USSR on his own (and it did look that way at the end of 1941) and then mop up brits and negotiate peace with USA. And, honestly, it's not even that bad a plan and it likely would have worked, had USSR not managed to unexpectedly push germans back. In the end, Japan lost WW2 because of exactly two wrong assessments:

1. They would be able to defeat china by 1941

2. Hitler would defeat USSR without Japanese help

ecb17e  No.16116531



Kill yourself.

686b5d  No.16116631


Maybe defeat the Republic of China, but defeat the walrords and communists, they already had some manpower restraints in the chinese front before the Russian invasion of Manchuria thanks to the need of garrison of invaded pacific islands and western colonies (this happened after the sanctions imposed thanks to the bloody saturday scandal), also problems whit their military maritime focus, the usage of armour would have been of great help in mainland china, but still all the inland supply lines after when the japanese took Nankin and were fighing in the mainland were treatened by partisan activity, the second sino-japanese war was a mess.

7d5be7  No.16116651



Please stay focused on vidya

1d62e9  No.16116680


>stop talking about history!

>in grand strategy games

Please stay focused on sucking cock and fuck off.


warlords and commies didn't have much in the way of military. Commies mostly involved themselves with partisans, warlords mostly moved their troops under Nat. China command.

b8395e  No.16116930


I agree with you about Japan being in a "damned if you do, damned if you don't"-situation in 1941. However I believe you overestimate the USSR's capabilities while underselling Nips a tad. Were the Nips in position for large-scale invasion of Far East Russia? Obviously not. But I would argue that they had enough to hold on until Nazis would wreck the Soviets while taking easier coastal targets likely Vladivostok or at least preventing foreign aid from going through it.

You are right in saying that Germans would not have been willing or able to help much even with USSR defeated, but at that point US & Allied leaderships would have been forced to reconsider their stances. Do remember that Chinese would have faced their own difficulties the further they pushed Japanese back while reducing the strain on Nip logistics. Japan's entry into war would have likely forced them to cede ground back to Chinese initially, but they would have still been able to hold on to the coastal regions where most of China's industry was located aside from those that were hastily evacuated to Chongqing. Nips certainly could not win against Chinamen, but they could certainly stalemate them. In that situation I would see eventual uneasy ceasefire and China split between United Front and Japanese. Both of those would be unstable as fuck with republicans, communists, warlords and god knows what else on one side while Japanese portion of China would have been equally fucked with Manchurian experiment & puppet Chinese government having their strings pulled by competing Japanese factions inside the mess that was Great East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere.

tl;dr: there's no guarantee that Japan deciding to adapt the Hokushinron instead of Nanshinron would have been force option like you insist, though given Imperial Japan's ability to shoot themselves in the foot I understand your doubts

e53991  No.16118020

e53991  No.16118144


Dude. You need to stop thinking of the war in China as a traditional "War against China". It was not so. It was communist chinese agitating Japanese forces on the fringes of their sphere of control. The Japanese were not at war against China, which is why it "took longer than expected". The Japanese never wanted to invade China but were forced to keep Chinese agitation at bay while they frantically tried several options for peace. The problem was there was no central authority who could sign something like a peace treaty because China was in the middle of a civil war and the commies would not stop their shit after they forced the nationalist Chinese into a "unified front" against "Japanese aggression" and rape propaganda was very useful for this.

It was always referred to as "problems in China" or something along those lines, not "the war against China" and only later did it become known as The 2nd Japan-Sino War.

What Japan wanted most throughout WWII was peace, same as Hitler, but due to the unique position of the Tennou as a representation of the spirit of Japan rather than a sovereign ruler meant the factionalized military junta, Prime Minister, and Foreign Minister could never see eye to eye on how to achieve peace, drawing things out further. Politics were a mess in Japan at the time, which is the primary reason for them losing a war they never wanted. The 2-26 incident and the Kodoha were trying to remedy the situation before it began so they could Hokushin-ron in peace, but Japan never got in control of it's political situation.

1d62e9  No.16118275


>But I would argue that they had enough to hold on until Nazis would wreck the Soviets while taking easier coastal targets likely Vladivostok or at least preventing foreign aid from going through it.

Probably so, but at the cost of needing to divert large amounts of resources and manpower to the northern front, with no resource acquisition in sight. It's not that they couldn't take Valdivostok – they certainly could, even with increased soviet presence – but it wouldn't get them the resources they so desperately needed, while taking resources from the Chinese theatre, where they were already suffering shortages. It's not that the Japanse didn't recognise their strategic opportunities and capabilities, it's that defeating USSR was a much lower priority when compared to defeating China. Imagine for a moment that Japanese never went through with Pearl Harbour and instead got Vladivostok – it wouldn't solve their resource issues one bit and it'd just get taken by China as it pushed the out-of-resources Japan out of the mainland. Hitler winning the war against USSR and taking out allies only became relevant to the Japanese AFTER they seized the colonies which would resolve their resource issues.

>Do remember that Chinese would have faced their own difficulties the further they pushed Japanese back while reducing the strain on Nip logistics.

It would reduce the strain on transportation, but that would be of little solace to the Japanese when they would have nothing left to transport. Again, Japan went through the whole war in China by burning through the resource reserves they amassed during peacetime – after they ran out, that would be it. Japan couldn't continue the war effort, no matter how good its strategic position would be. The solution to this problem were supposed to be the colonies, but to get those, Japan would need to declare war on Allies, and that requires the southern road, not the northern road.

92a168  No.16119224

Please buy Imperator

t. Johan

51b479  No.16121151

File: 8562cbc36c7f261⋯.webm (1.75 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Fat Kid DDR.webm)


EU4 is the superior experience.

1d62e9  No.16123401


You should all buy Imperator while he's asking nicely. It'll be too late for you when you're sitting in jail for child molestation charges due to pirating Paradox games.

d86cd6  No.16124028


de jure af

8e2c5d  No.16125316

https://www.please use archive.is/platform/amp/2019/2/14/18224986/hearts-of-iron-4-dlc-man-the-guns-confederacy

https://web.archive.org/web/20190214203220/https://www.please use archive.is/platform/amp/2019/2/14/18224986/hearts-of-iron-4-dlc-man-the-guns-confederacy

>hearts of Iron 4 is one of the most complex games I’ve ever played

230f54  No.16130188

File: ee8ef0887d7c4ef⋯.png (2.63 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 203770_20190216225136_1.png)

>start in 1311

>this happens

ebin, simply ebin

f4370f  No.16130213


Try r/crusaderkings

315f58  No.16130380

>tfw no CK2 mods are updated for Holy Fury

It's been fucking months already, what's taking everyone so long?

d22bd2  No.16130394


people are trying to figure out how to unfuck a shitty dlc

b4ad8e  No.16132216

How do you win against a numerically superior enemy in darkest hour?

t. new

230f54  No.16132338


HIP, Winter King, AGoT, that Japanese mod, Elder Kings and Middle Earth mod are already updated. Warhammer mod is allegedly also updated but isn't released yet. The only mods which aren't working with HF are CK2+ and WtWSM.

315f58  No.16132380


The fuck? Only AGoT, Middle Earth, and Winter king are, the rest clearly states it's for Jade dragon. What are you talking about?

d22bd2  No.16132402


HIP just updated for holy fury, right when I updated anon's HIP edits for

f6b6ee  No.16132406



315f58  No.16132639


utilise terrain (mountains especially) for defense and encircle for offense. For proper encircling tactics, you need to go fast, meaning you should have some motorised brigades tactically placed to do the encircling or even utilise airborne assaults (those need a lot of tech and IC to unlock and build, though, so they're more of a luxury option). If you plan to play defensive (for example wait for someone else to beat the asshole attacking you), you generally do not want to waste time with land fortifications as they take forever to build, cost a lot, and only become wothwhile on level 5 and higher. Only exception would be if there's a particular bottleneck they could be used in or if you have no manpower with which to build troops – then the forts would be viable.

In case you are attacking USSR with Germany, you absolutely must go fast and and encircle as much as possible, defense be damned. Soviets are using ALL of their IC to shit out infantry divisions, have basically infinite manpower, and you WILL get overwhelmed if you allow the war to go on for too long. If you're invading China with Japan, you can use a more relaxed pace and just gradually take province by province – chink troops are too shit to actually counterattack as long as you put about 9 INF in a province and they have very low IC, meaning you should out-produce them. A good tactic is to grab all of their IC and laugh as they're left unable to produce any supplies. Just make sure you don't run out of resources.

b4ad8e  No.16132823


What if I am France and the enemy on my doorstep is superior in manpower while not having Soviet-tier basic infantry?

Also, are anti aircraft guns worth building in provinces with factories? Or are these as useless as all other forms of fortification?

315f58  No.16133049


Air combat in general is a massive waste of time and you can just ignore it entirely. Besides, allied air units from Britain will probably hold off the Luftwaffe on their own.

>What if I am France

Damn, I actually never tried playing as France. From my experience, though, the moment France loses Lille, it all goes downhill from there, so try holding that at all costs. Prefferably, try bogging Germany down in Belgium if you can. You just need to hold out long enough for Germany and USSR to go to war.

87505e  No.16133107

File: bcfc04d118b6bee⋯.png (2.66 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, EU3_9.png)

File: a6626ee5f995972⋯.png (3.11 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, EU3_10.png)

File: 2a5fad36d18ecdd⋯.png (2.67 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, EU3_11.png)

File: 3725de85f1f07b6⋯.png (296.66 KB, 5616x2160, 13:5, EU3_MAP_FAN_1732.1.2_1.png)

File: 6a867df281f8ab5⋯.png (1012 KB, 607x1200, 607:1200, 1545030943377-0.png)

230f54  No.16133615


HIP got updated few days ago. >>16130188 is HIP for Holy Fury. They finally fixed the plague. Elder Kings mod is updated for HF but you need TortoiseSVN to download it.

b013e4  No.16133692


>uses reddit spacing

>tells someone to go back to reddit

Imagine being this stupid

6e333f  No.16134006


>vic2 without dlcs


686b5d  No.16134401


>Play EU3 whit MEIOU

>unifiy China as Ming

>it's just dealing whit the temple, eunuch and beurocrat factions until the end game

>still the most rich and advanced nation in the world

i just want an strategy game whit china.

faf673  No.16135001


>blobs into france

>blobs into britain

>blobs into russia

>doesn't link up that bottom french earlier to form a ring around swiss

>worse yet, doesn't take switzerland

>doesnt take holland

>doesnt take latvia

>doesnt take estiona

>forms with austria but doesnt serbia or bosnia

>blobs past carpathians

>doesnt take black sea port

>doesnt take crimea

>blobs into italy

>screenshot is cropped because he's most likely still on zero infamy because of cheat

213e6d  No.16136112

This is the ideal Großgermania borders

pic related

f4370f  No.16136142


I'm deeply saddened that despite the well deserved hate for paradox no one decided to laugh at the layers upon of layers of fat on the often dancing lead developer of eu4. Truly, the barbarians have taken over.

6b94e6  No.16136859

File: c751acc0ce51a76⋯.jpg (39.64 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 1e3f_crusader_kings_2_logo….jpg)

Ck2 multiplayer game about to start, join while you still have the chance.

ID: 90123650082497544

No password needed.

Be there or be square.

74ec7f  No.16136972

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>it's not hip to be square

d0c8a6  No.16137005


Either that was removed in D&T or it's specific to the Ming.

I started out during the Yuan rebellion. Not very challenging as there are several rebel states, but it means that the map will always look different once the Yuan are out of the picture. Then it's just the classic EU3 game of allying with B to take down A, then with C to take down B until you're the only dynasty left. It's a lot more fun than starting as unified China.

I could have stopped after I colonized America, but in D&T unified Japan is more or less as strong as China. After a first unconclusive victory, I built a large fleet for the specific purpose of defeating the Japs. The screenshots are after the second war, where I destroyed their entire fleet (the AI is still stupid) and took their overseas possession. 30 years later and they've already gotten a hundred ships. Also, I made them convert to the Chinese religion just to fuck with them.

6b94e6  No.16137363


offer is up again, you have 5 minutes from when this is posted

6b94e6  No.16137397


actually, more than that, I'll tell you when the offer becomes unavailable

612372  No.16137413


CK2 is preddy shid though

6b94e6  No.16137982



t. vicky pro

1d62e9  No.16138101


But Vicky 2 is superior to CK2 you fag

148f8e  No.16138224


is this out or still in the works?

36e355  No.16139750


>Doesn't know how to avoid being cucked.

What a casual.

d1a3d2  No.16140633



If there is interest I can release an updated and improved version of the original 3, but I haven't finished the new companies yet.

d454e9  No.16140741


>hating Germany

You seem like a miserable cunt tbh mate.

976766  No.16141222


Japan let the US convoy through their waters for no reason? or was it because the shipping was done by the soviets? i mean it just seems ridiculous to me, even without communication with germany japan shouldn't let an enemy nation do whatever they want in their territorial waters.

What the fuck japan?

f65639  No.16141226


I've actually never played Vicky. Still think CK2 is shit.

d22bd2  No.16141231


It's on hold, I'm taking a break due to wagecuck and exhaustion from modding the game for 1yr+ nonstop.

bd7386  No.16141446

File: a18e10929c51c74⋯.jpg (111.82 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Cu_y7LNWgAEXlBA.jpg)


f5001d  No.16143902

File: 079ad0e0fbac1c1⋯.jpg (338.43 KB, 2048x1450, 1024:725, J2fB1ab.jpg)


It was pretty far north and American ships would often just fly the Soviet flag

976766  No.16144776

File: d86f52f78688507⋯.png (1.3 MB, 953x600, 953:600, ClipboardImage.png)



>japs just didnt have the reach nigger

Nonsense, they conducted operations even in the indian ocean, yet somehow they couldn't keep some ships in the spae between Sakhalin and Hokkaido? they also controlled the kuril islands at the time, i mean, it would've been extremely easy for the to blockade the soviets had they wanted to, i can only assume they didn't want to anger the soviets, but still, seems bizarre to me.

Imagine being an american sailor passing through japanese waters like whatever on your way to vladivostok yet knowing there's a serious war and serious battles to take control of japanese waters down south.

6e333f  No.16145048


>i can only assume they didn't want to anger the soviets, but still, seems bizarre to me.

yes, that was it. they were already fighting a long war in china at the time, and didn't want to involve themselves in another huge land conflict. in addition, shipping to vladivostok was handled entirely by soviets and didn't include equipment or ammunition, it was just food and other non-military goods so japan couldn't have interfered with it on the basis that shipping weapons through their waters violated their neutrality.

36e355  No.16147735


Skirmishes along the Soviet-Japanese border made it clear that the Soviet army quality was way above Japan and they'd absolutely crush Japan. Which is exactly what happened when the Soviet army did actually invade.

976766  No.16148385


>Soviet army quality was way above Japan and they'd absolutely crush Japan

That's bullshit

>Which is exactly what happened when the Soviet army did actually invade.

Like 7 years after the "skirmishes" when the kwantung army was a shadow of its former self, even so the japs gave a decent defense in some cases

e4dbdc  No.16148605


Is this a metajoke implying that Großgermania shouldn't exist?

540019  No.16148634

File: 193eb6bd907806f⋯.png (176.02 KB, 438x462, 73:77, shit_akko,_you've_only_got….png)


>soviet army


03b8ce  No.16148651


Lol you what? Quantity is quality

03b8ce  No.16148668


You can't hold it in, do you? You seem to just have that intense urge to project your faggotry, and nothing helps but fantasizing about your gay shit. I'm sorry, I can't relate, but I hope that your death from prostate cancer won't be too painful.

dd7c26  No.16148676


>yet somehow they couldn't keep some ships in the spae between Sakhalin and Hokkaido?

The issue is that Japan and the Soviet Union had a non-aggression treaty that Japan was very keen on keeping, so as to not anger the Soviets they let the land-lease pass through.

03b8ce  No.16148717


At least I tried to have fun with my retarded posts.

b15ebe  No.16148774

File: a4fd2eef8ce7a34⋯.jpg (469.03 KB, 1146x935, 1146:935, reconquista.jpg)

>wife confesses cheating, the baby gets bastard trait and a new dynasty, but still considered a full child of both parents and gets to inherit before dynastic relatives

At least it wasn't some gfx_culture mande spawn, but still not keen on taking full responsibility of my wife's son. I think I'm done with this mess of a DLC altogether

00d459  No.16149030

Anyone still got that picture explaining some of the mechanics of EU3?I wanna get into the game but i'm small brain

e6f713  No.16149039



This is how brain damaged communists actually are. This is what they actually believe.

6e333f  No.16149511

Does anyone know what do I need to annex a 4-state unciv in HPM? I researched Nat&Imp but it still won't let me fabricate Establish Protectorate on them. It's Korea btw

f5001d  No.16150670

File: 748652aa4912cd5⋯.jpg (146.05 KB, 1412x851, 1412:851, soviet swagger.jpg)



>le slav human wave meme

Enemy at the Gates is not a documentary

641640  No.16150772


They changed the way that conquering un civ countries work, you now need Nat&Imp plus machine guns and check the population, the long explanation is in the mod page.


f6b6ee  No.16151847



Actually the Soviet had a pretty good army since they had weapons contracts to develop German tanks prior to the war & they made pretty reliable and easier-to-make weaponry compared to the much flashier and effective but ultimately difficult to produce German ones. The difference here is that Soviet leadership is an utter joke, they got gutted by the Finns because their generals wanted to impress the Soviet high command by pulling off a russian blitzkrieg so that Germany would shake in das boots but uh oh they forgot to issue proper camouflage and create a proper supply line so they flunked over and over again. The human wave meme comes from the fact the Germans were so good at pocketing the enemy that they would routinely get thousands of POWs without even trying, literally the only country that ever did human wave tactics to memetic standards are the Chinks, in fact I suspect that in a future war they're just going to try to send as many conscripts at the enemy as possible, in typical bugman fashion.

1d62e9  No.16152029


>Soviet leadership is an utter joke

Yeah, especially after the purges, but even the leadership got its shit together later in the war.

37a392  No.16152094


>trannypol leaves it's containment board again

stay in your shiboard, nobody wants you here

56aeb2  No.16152096


I like how the pictured soldiers are a mongolian and some sort of turkish mongrel since the actual Russians were all dead having been used as meat shields by hateful bolsheviks.


Iron shortages have been a problem in V2 for ages tbh.

540019  No.16152104



>shit training

>individual bravery based on part "well SOME of them have hearts true to the motherland!" and part "shit ill get shot by the commissar if i don't advance"

>Tanks that doesn't even work in a flat field is somehow supposed to work in China



>the ONLY good, reliable thing on the T34 was the Krupp gun, followed perhaps by the MG that they used to sight said gun given their lack of decent gunsights.

Otherwise agreeable, but granted decent artillery, certain other pieces of equipment, there is hardly much "quality" to be found.

bc4072  No.16152450


Turkics are actually decent people, except the Khazars they can get fucked for embracing kikery

bc4072  No.16152463

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

anyone enjoy Revolution Under Siege or any turn based grand strategy games? they're not bad but the loading of turns is annoying af. I tend to prefer real time Grand Strategy

6931fb  No.16154319


HPM is getting worse with every update thanks to the modder's autism.

>Meiji restoration and other flavor events for Japan

Those arent a HPM exclusive thing, they are in every NNM based mod.

e57b61  No.16154345


>Turkics are actually decent people

Fuck outta here roach

315f58  No.16154365

File: 7ecc762abefaabb⋯.png (10.94 KB, 572x132, 13:3, ClipboardImage.png)

>decide to give CK2 a spin

>"huh, I've never tried playing merchant republic before, let's try it"

>everything is cool, then succession

>keep all titles except doge, that's fine, but all their succession laws suddenly become open elective and heir is some random courtier (a fucking lowborn at that)

>try killing my dude via console commands

>random courtier inherits all titles… and becomes the fucking player character

>decide to look at paracocks forums for answers

>only find pic related

>paragoys explain that merchant republics were extremely buggy since release and parakikes never bothered fixing them

>"if you quit to desktop every half an hour and reload, you will almost certainly avoid any bugs since it'll force all the flags and triggers to recheck :^)"

I knew they're fucking incompetent, but this is something else. Holy shit, they're wasting time adding fucking bear memes instead of fixing six years old bugs

56aeb2  No.16154504


Why would they put effort in? They have no competitors.

e12a63  No.16156688


this basically, if even a proper indie dev would get in the market they have to start to stop the kike dlc and pull thier shit together….. i really wish that new polish dev that made "not EU4" recently will get some revenue and will start being a full time dev

1fc36b  No.16156703

so guys, what about rome imperator? any toughts or ideas, opinions on it? i personally kind of liek it but i won't get it because greek flavour has already been locked before pre orders

315f58  No.16156730


>civilization-tier pops

>mana everywhere

>can already tell there will be even less flavour than in EU4 or CK2

>map so large it's practically guaranteed to have abysmal performance even on good machines

You and I both know it's going to be shit. We can only hope some total conversion mod will unfuck it at the low, low cost of tanking the laready bad performance so bad you'll need to get a 10$ CPU to play it on medium speed

315f58  No.16156733


>10$ CPU

meant $10k CPU, fugg :DDD

ba02e9  No.16156770


All I wanna know is the amount of KANGZ in the game. I suspect it will be pretty high. They also said that there are no historical records of Germania for the start of the game (Which is true, fair enough) so I'm sure they sprinkled in some stronk fymale rulers in the region. At least I wouldn't be fucking surprised.

ba02e9  No.16156773

315f58  No.16156784


that's pretty good for that price. But it couldn't run modern parashit at a decent performance. Just consider how many people needed to remove India from vanilla CK2. Or, hell, imagine MEIOU, but on a much bigger map

315f58  No.16156788


Yeah, they said they just made up tribes when they didn't know what was there at the time, and a part of me wants to be mad at them for it, but truth is it's probably the best way to handle it. We know it wasn't just an uninhabitated wasteland, so just placing some random tribes there is probably the optimal solution

5dd5f9  No.16157595

File: 53822e6591708c4⋯.jpg (594.28 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190223183909_1.jpg)

File: d02435c83cefb01⋯.jpg (550.17 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190223184128_1.jpg)

Any suggestions for perfect Russian borders I should aim for? Also is Religious ideas shit even for Russia now?

6e333f  No.16157660


Everything east of the Elbe to reverse the Germanization of Western Slavs. The entirety of Balkans and Anatolia because Third Rome. You might wanna go even further south to capture the Holy Land. All of Caucasus because it was Russian historically and to solidify Black Sea as your Mare Nostrum. Probably also Hungary, for no real reason other than to connect the western and southern expansion routes and make your borders look prettier.

ba02e9  No.16158404

File: bffaad585016858⋯.jpg (357.35 KB, 1096x1121, 1096:1121, FullSizeRender.jpg)


>Any suggestions for perfect Russian borders

fca7a0  No.16158440

File: b2f615851dfd6c9⋯.png (286.19 KB, 633x886, 633:886, dye7rtu.png)

f7ed80  No.16158778


>that one bit of serbia

why would they take that?

92a700  No.16158939

File: 9527db3cecb2530⋯.png (255.08 KB, 1200x990, 40:33, 1488026177295.png)

6e333f  No.16159813

File: 9b41d3f105c21cf⋯.png (530.78 KB, 1048x1200, 131:150, gotland.png)

File: b0dbcbc1be72952⋯.jpg (401.46 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, aki.jpg)


>Germany invades Sweden

>Finland helps them and annexes part of it too

That would've never happened, the risk of Swedes damaging iron and tungsten mines during the invasion outweighed the possible benefits. Finland being an accomplice is especially ridiculous with how friendly they were with Sweden during WWII.

b4ad8e  No.16160012


>Taking Hungary to "link" the former ERE and Russia proper

>not winding around the Carpathians through Wallachia

Why do you want Russia to be a blob instead of following pretty natural borders?

6e333f  No.16160055

File: 6e0b661a90dd0b8⋯.png (130.3 KB, 1287x1023, 39:31, Countries.png)

File: 00188eeb6adb0ec⋯.png (129.55 KB, 1287x1023, 39:31, Countries2.png)


Of course he should conquer Moldavia and Wallachia, but leaving Hungary out would result in an ugly "hole" in his borders. Compare my first and second pic for reference. He should also conquer Eastern Austria and Istria while we're at it.

6e333f  No.16160064

File: 2a8807ddb760241⋯.png (49.67 KB, 448x211, 448:211, Uganda Plan.png)

Should I?

850ed7  No.16160073

why is stellaris still so shit jesus

all i want is better difficulty settings, lord jesus at least give me that

the war is fine and can be challenging at times, but once i get my economy rolling, i can't really lose, i just casually wage multiple wars at the same time and outnumber enemy fleets 4 to one

d89e5a  No.16160094

File: 18ea178b74be409⋯.jpg (748.27 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, niggers.jpg)

Anon's HIP edits is back on track but for 2.8.3 only, I seriously don't like Holy Fury.

Might release an update later today.

f6b6ee  No.16160313


do it for the memes

f6b6ee  No.16160317


What saved Soviets' asses was the lend lease from western powers and just the sheer amount of factories that could produce cheaply manufactured, shoddily put together weaponry, but that could at least bring it to the Soviet troops much faster than Germany.


The point isn't the quality of Soviet armaments, it's the fact they had the industrial capacity to support the war, unlike every other major country but America.

f55138  No.16160398

File: 0b28ca98219c2a6⋯.jpg (3.82 MB, 4500x3665, 900:733, etnokartta.jpg)


Those are Finnish lands, though. We went to war with Germany against the soviet union to retake Karelia. I'm sure we would have also taken Tornionlaakso, had Germany offered.

315f58  No.16160510


>implying Germany wouldn't have annexed Finland too if it decided to go through with memecommisariat bullshit in Sweden

The entire Generalplan Ost with its reichscommissariats (save perhaps the ones in Poland, benelux, and Norway) was nothing but a wishful LARP that's played up nowadays as part of anti-nazi propaganda. Consider how many germans there would be after the war, how many civilians in occupied areas who would be set to be deprived of all property or even genocided (and thus would be forced to take up arms in self-defense), and how much territory would need to be policed. Germans would need centuries to breed enough to colonise those places (assuming the birth rates would actually pick up and there wouldn't be less Germans with each generation like today, something that is dubious, as despite Hitler's greatest efforts, they only rose by a minor amount) all they while they would need to somehow forcibly remove the native population, else they'd enjoy a century of constant gorilla warfare (which would likely be supported by foreign powers interested in breaking germany's hegemony). In reality, Germany would have set up some puppet states like it did during WW1, grabbed a few more chunks of Poland, and left it at that.

f55138  No.16160543

File: 81ed694a1ea1a7c⋯.jpg (124.08 KB, 1024x1016, 128:127, sienimetsällä.jpg)


I doubt it. Himmler had an autistic obsession with Finlan. But I do agree that generalplan ost is a meme.

34dc92  No.16160609


What's the yellow blob smack dab in the middle of Scandinavia? I thought all Saami peoples started further north.

f55138  No.16160635


You mean near Göteborg? Those are Finns who were taken there by a Swedish king to inhabit some land that was too harsh for Swedes.

7678a5  No.16160653


Germany would collapse faster than the soviet union tbh

Everyone was some sort of dysfunctional retard or a cleptomaniac, there were three powerful subfactions and after hitler's death it would turn into a civil war and complete dissolution of germany herded on by america and japan

34dc92  No.16160665



548439  No.16160670

File: 8e459c14d1d2f71⋯.jpg (220.56 KB, 1000x1256, 125:157, press f.jpg)

>mfw played Paradox games

>mfw the only enjoyable and non-shit Paradox game is EU4

>mfw the only enjoyable grand strategy game is EU4

>mfw it is a Paradox game

34dc92  No.16160679



That's not how you spell EU3

6e333f  No.16160704

File: f8ad97cac2cb3b7⋯.jpg (189.14 KB, 1160x696, 5:3, liquoria 2.jpg)


Vic2 is very enjoyable

4daa3c  No.16160772


Modded or non-modded?

c6f6e1  No.16160777

c66876  No.16160790

File: c334176bac6a804⋯.jpg (34.88 KB, 474x474, 1:1, shade.jpg)


>green face

Get out.

fe47d1  No.16161120

What is the Opium War event id for HPM? Finding it has been impossible.

315f58  No.16161189



6ba889  No.16161214

54462c  No.16161220

File: 19033b93404cefa⋯.jpg (403.52 KB, 560x560, 1:1, Hypernovachainmask.jpg)

Why the absolute FUCK are there no holy wars in WTWSMS for CK2? Am I supposed to rely on the RNG bullshit fabricate claims and super economy and prestige draining border disputes?

4daa3c  No.16161511


Even conquest cb´s?

54462c  No.16161536


only for muds and some pagans, most Christians get nadda. just want to switch over to the chirstians and reconquer all the shit I conquered as a mudslime like 200 years ago ingame. I can only find in the common/cb_00 the pagan_holy_war=blocked and remove that but I can't seem to locate the one for christians or even muslims(all they have is invasion, jihad and conquest)

e1f053  No.16162295


It was kept under German occupation so they could play Hungary and Romania against each other.

106dd6  No.16163959


not a roach

I bet you like Kurds. Kurds are parasites, like jews. undermining their host nation.

106dd6  No.16163979

File: b7404f6a1698b59⋯.jpg (25.16 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 43779356_318863192259253_2….jpg)


5aa96f  No.16163984


There are no nations in the middle east.

5c9020  No.16164148


Holy wars activate when Islam does, last I checked. Roman Christians also get the sorta okay special reconquest cb's.

It's still rather silly to have Barbarian Kingdoms/assorted goobers rely on claims when there's no real foundation for such a thing outside of maybe Iran by gamestart, though. They deserve better than just generic feudalism.

I've been tempted for a while to assemble an autism project a la anon's HFM edits for it. But, I'm not settled on whether to take the 2.8.3 or wait for the Holy Fury update to see if I can keep the nice things while gutting all the rubbish additions.

f6b6ee  No.16164232


I mean, you're asking us to choose between autistic 56% anatolians and gay communist muslims

315f58  No.16164392

File: 6787f6651c3a497⋯.png (1.03 MB, 800x650, 16:13, ClipboardImage.png)


I fucking give up. Even given all the workarounds, republics seem fucking unplayable in longer games – there's just so many bugs that just keep on accumulating and fucking you in the ass, not to mention some mechanics being ridiculously half-baked and exploitable so even if the bugs did get resolved, the game would still turn into a shitfest after a few centuries.

No fucking wonder nobody ever plays merchant republics - he fucking can't unless he enjoys a heavily meta game where the real challenge is not getting jewed into a game over by fucking bugs. It's a damn shame too since some of the mechanics are actually pretty fun.

Fuck Paracocks.

ae6c97  No.16164566


We're at the point where a customized feudal elective (since Paradox managed to make that non-hardcoded but still can't fix the other elective succession law because ???) will probably be able to make a more functional merchant republic than actual merchant republics.

Another shining example of Paradox's crippling incompetence is their solution to the colony AI in EU4 (has this been posted about yet?). Before the Golden Century patches, it would mindlessly obliterate all non-accepted cultures, preventing American or Mexican from ever emerging. You'd also never see something like Puritan communities in the Thirteen colonies for similar reasons. To 'fix' this, Paradox just prevented the colonial AI from converting anything at all. This even managed to make the plebbitors angry, as the AI is now preventing people from getting some of the cheevos.

54462c  No.16164826


Oh shit, is all of what you speak on the 2.8.3 version? I've got the one fore 2.8.0 and I had to force Islam through mods. Is there and event I can trigger and maybe trigger in turn christian holy wars?

54462c  No.16164834


*force islam through console commands

ae6c97  No.16164844


Is there a section in the start-up options for 'Experimental Rise of Islam' or something along those lines? If so, set it to historical (dynamic is even more broken) and Mohammed will spawn sometime in the late 6th/early 7th century.

If you're in the middle of a campaign, though, I'll see if I can find the event code.

ae6c97  No.16164855



Found it. The id is 'zusk_event.51' to immediately spawn not-Mohammed and start the event chain.

54462c  No.16164900


Okay let me try that, but I'm already about 250 years or so in after the death of Mohammed with semi-force console conversions after unified islam to shiite and sunni all over the sand world because I wanted a meta and my autism demanded a game frome like 480AD to 1456AD

f6b6ee  No.16166001

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Respectfully Disagree


Are paragoyim suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, since no other company is making any grand strategy game of that scale or are they that delusional? Cause all the jewtubers that play their garbage seem to just riff on how broken everything is.

f6b6ee  No.16166042


You know, I kinda understand now why Kaiserreich is so popular with paragoiym: they feel so oppressed and in such a dire need of feeling like dissent must never be around that they're willingly changing history to be on the losing side just to make it the winning side in their revolutionary, ragtag bunch of resistance member kind of fantasy mind.

4eb16b  No.16166133


Paradox games are the only games where communism actually works, so it's great escapism for these fucks.

b90dc6  No.16167302

File: b992f7f377be031⋯.jpg (47.96 KB, 621x621, 1:1, 1416983714094.jpg)

48e7a8  No.16174048

File: 23f1fde3b8b05ee⋯.png (141.88 KB, 224x359, 224:359, ClipboardImage.png)


Just saw this. Please do it.

b4ad8e  No.16187374


To be fair, goy4 kaiserreich has had several times more effort put into it than vanilla goy4 has.

1d62e9  No.16187397


but anon, several times zero is still just a zero

b4ad8e  No.16188609

Has anyone looked at stuff related to man the guns for shits and giggles? It looks insanely broken but the steam review is 4 stars and plebbitors seem to be eating it up. What gives?

976766  No.16189338


Honestly, how would you balance that? it's a game, different political and economic models should give different flavours, not be completely useless even if they'd be irl. Not to mention the potential controversy.

You always have mods if you want a more realistic scenario

d5eb39  No.16190203



Holy Fury is highly rated as well.. By people who do not understand the mechanics.

788436  No.16190257

File: 3f74535cba8e695⋯.png (275.17 KB, 1074x1078, 537:539, 1543756686182.png)

So has anyone experiment Man the Guns far enough to see if Fleet Comp still matters when it comes to naval battles or can you just spam Battleships and carriers alone to win consistently?

2a9086  No.16190282


>post deleted because the fat gay jew doesn't like his cultural marxism exposed

dd7c26  No.16190398

File: 962b4e0980f0418⋯.png (100.63 KB, 489x256, 489:256, back to cuckchan.png)

315f58  No.16190725


>play a short HIP game

>pope calls crusade

>observe as the AI does the same crusade shit as always

>some duke in england apparently won it somehow

>gets fucking 9k gold

>every retard in christian europe has a truckload of high quality artifacts now

Great DLC, Johan.

f6b6ee  No.16191401

File: 3e9d1e1e4bf31c2⋯.png (26.62 KB, 156x210, 26:35, ClipboardImage.png)


That's really the bottom line, isn't it? That plus revolts spawning infinite amounts of rebels and pretty much allowing yourself to become a Commie for free.


All jewtubers and streamers are cancer, but I check them out because they tend to review mods or exploits that I may have not known otherwise.


GoI4 is just pure AUT history fellating and mutliplayer faggottry. You may let some slide but for some reason the fact you can get Hitler killed in 1937 by his own people is the dumbest fucking thing. Or the fact that it allows for Austria-Hungary to exist. There's being ahistorical/funny and there's being a memester for the sake of selling copies.

There also used to be this retarded glitch where justifying a war goal on an enemy nation you didn't declare war on and declaring right before they take your capital on an unrelated war lets you white peace them and sticks their troops into enemy territory to take a shitton of attrition.


You can harvest infinite naval experience and America is finally a broken nation capable of enslaving half the world in '37 with the base focus tree.

f6b6ee  No.16191413

File: 746605594b08cf3⋯.png (212.13 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


I think it's just because they're happy to play multi again with their aut-history sim


I would honestly like various political ideologies as a different sort of difficulty modifier to your game (because of their buffs and debuffs and public support and economy and shit like that), so having a Communist nation and keeping it afloat would be some sort of real achievement as opposed to "grind mana to change flag". If Geopolitical Simulator was any moddable, one could possibly remove the retarded inner machinations that make aggressive expansion impossible as opposed to just really hard to pull off, gun's and gun'smithing law bans an option as opposed to a necessity and anything left of center less broken. By all accounts this should be a fantastic autism simulator game but unless you're playing as rebels, a bad goiym nation like Norks or Syria or breaking the economy you can't have any fucking fun at all.

9b0293  No.16191554

File: f39b8cc1b26ebe7⋯.jpg (59.41 KB, 500x500, 1:1, beyond_mad.jpg)


>mfw devs told me to go fuck myself and blocked my email address because i kept reporting bugs and discovering work arounds cus Eversim gets the UNbux therefore doesnt need us goys to help them.

Fuck them.

a217d4  No.16191708

Been playing CKII, and I've been running into this problem where everyone turns into either a lunatic or possessed.

The event seems to be getting spammed, as even I get the event like once a month.

Anyone got any fixes? I'm willing to disable any and all diseases at this point in order to fix it.

f69978  No.16191766


Disable satanic cultists.

a217d4  No.16191785


Are you sure?

I mean literally everyone has these traits, and my character isn't a cultist and is still getting these events?

315f58  No.16191975


>this shitty game

Probably the most anti-fun strategy game I've ever played.

>have to make a gorillion trade deals MANUALLY to get any income going

>war pretty much equals game over and is handled like shit anyway

>retarded halfbaked mechanics like there being literally no downsides to joining any international grouping you can (joining south african economical union or whatever is a viable move when playing as fucking Mongolia, for example)

>everyone is fucking irrational to a retarded degree

I think my favourite moment was when I started banning political parties and declared that being gay is a crime (despite everyone in the country asking me to legalise fag marriage), and then made up for it by building some sports stadiums and raising the budget of the olympics team or whatever.

The whole thing is an overcomplicated mishmash of ideas that don't really work, with no quality of life features and a clear leftist bias.

54462c  No.16192151

File: e1aaff6b018e19f⋯.png (36.35 KB, 1127x685, 1127:685, b61555a222a126af2aa726665b….png)


It worked! Thanks alot anon

9d1026  No.16192185


That's a cute Apu

f69978  No.16192269


Are you playing Holy Fury?

9b0293  No.16192447


games made in france and is used by the UN for its simulators.

the devs probably goto the pedo parties the diplomats visit.

f6b6ee  No.16193360

File: 289d56be62eaf62⋯.png (90.42 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



wanna share them with us?


>have to make a gorillion trade deals MANUALLY to get any income going

This part is actually kind of interesting since you have to set up appointments with various leaders and shoot the shit with them, but the appointments themselves are utter shit, Bank of Africa™ strategies are the only way to get any kind of funding going and overall it's incredibly sterile, it feels like the AI is doing absolutely nothing but keeping the status quo, and in a way keeping the status quo is the only way to play the game efficiently. Also fuck the way Approval Ratings work, for the anons who don't play the game, it's the most schizophrenic stat in any videogame ever, do leftist scum shit and increase pensions by millions of dollars and it shoots to 100%, and you can game the system continuously to go to 100% for important decisions and lowering it immediately thereafter by undoing your choices, it's so fucking retarded and if it really is used by the UN it shows just how out of touch these rich bastards and Jewish politicians know of the people they're supposed to govern.

>I think my favourite moment was when I started banning political parties and declared that being gay is a crime (despite everyone in the country asking me to legalise fag marriage), and then made up for it by building some sports stadiums and raising the budget of the olympics team or whatever.

Yeah, for some reason the people really fucking love their bread&circuses but way beyond the point of sanity, the more you spend in your national team, even if you're some shithole third world country like Mozambique or Sri Lanka the more the people are a-okay with you killing their future.

And honestly it's frustratingly bad, like the fact you can play an active role in quelling protests is great, with taking key govt locations and whatnot, the fact that everyone is voiced (even if shittily and could've used some more or better text to speech application) is fantastic, the fact you can splinter from another country and larp as a Neo-Confederate or an African Militia, complete with third parties funding you is great, but the whole game is a fucking joke.

It's also got to have the most retarded war feature in any game ever. Sending armies literally makes them move from the city they're deployed to a city they're supposed to attack, then all the way back to yours, so basically the only strategy is to outbuild your enemy.

a217d4  No.16193605

230f54  No.16194190

File: d207a0cfd0628d7⋯.png (3.24 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 203770_20190302173936_1.png)


9d1026  No.16194220

File: 2d8393db1353247⋯.jpg (38.67 KB, 600x799, 600:799, 1287003065713.jpg)


>it feels like the AI is doing absolutely nothing but keeping the status quo, and in a way keeping the status quo is the only way to play the game efficiently.

So, the game is escapism for the UN because the real world makes them butthurt?

Holy hell.

e12a63  No.16194233


>Yeah, for some reason the people really fucking love their bread&circuses but way beyond the point of sanity, the more you spend in your national team, even if you're some shithole third world country like Mozambique or Sri Lanka the more the people are a-okay with you killing their future

sounds like a normal life sim then

315f58  No.16194384


>set up appointments with various leaders and shoot the shit with them

You can set them up with celebs and stuff too. It's an easy way to farm some free poltical points.

>"Hello :DD Drink alcohol"


>"take party membership nao."

<"yes, hic!"

and then they whiteknight their balls off for you in the newspapers


>"take alcohol"


>"ok take coffee then."


>"Now take party membership :DDD"



>"take alcohol"




>"party membership?"

<"Fuck you!"

>"Off to the gulag, then."

The game is so shit it's hilarious at times.

3a4684  No.16194412


fuck you don't post that


9d1026  No.16194419


We all are gonna make it brah

a217d4  No.16195175



I disabled satanic cults, yet still everyone is getting lunatic or possessed.

fe47d1  No.16195643

So my HPM money keeps resetting to 0 everytime I reach 10k?

What is this about?

f6b6ee  No.16195748

File: 03d5f5ad2727415⋯.jpg (934.94 KB, 3284x2196, 821:549, boban's kick.jpg)


I never knew it was backed by UNbuxes but now it explains so damn much, doesn't it?


No dude, you don't get it. You can give them free healtcare for everyone and then pass some bullshit reform then remove the free healthcare and they don't care. It's way different.

Also you may not know this but soccer has single handedly started more wars than any actual resource in the world. Yugoslavia died because of it, for instance.


According to the game half the world leaders have a terrible ulcer, so I don't really know if it's some stealth signaling or what.

b90dc6  No.16196147


We're all gonna make it brah

6e333f  No.16197626


vassal payments? try disabling them

230680  No.16197791

File: 96eae477bb34d1b⋯.png (2.01 MB, 1102x1452, 551:726, 234539g.png)

>play cyprus for the nth time to form the kingdom of jerusalem

>survive and ally spain france and poland

>smash kebab

>age of reformation

>gain jerusalem, gaza and jaffa in the peace

>kingdom of jerusalem can't be formed after reformation


629085  No.16197986


Oy vey, does that mean Jew World Order will collapse too? That's not possible goyim!

video game

a217d4  No.16198313

File: 160a9ec362e6ed0⋯.png (512.61 KB, 729x614, 729:614, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone else have this problem with commanders in CK2?

I can only get commanders by using the, "Promote commander," intrigue thing.

dc48a2  No.16198334


do you have syphilis?

14a37a  No.16198463


I was going to reply until your formatting made it too obvious that this cannot be any thing other than bait.

433a39  No.16199294

tbh i want to play HOI4 now just to see how much of a clownshow it is now. Although i wont because there is no way i would buy it and it wouldnt be worth the effort to pirate it.

173861  No.16200494


i don't know what you mean, you can check the character ledger and filter for men within diplo range and sort by martial score

238c2d  No.16207389


Obviously you need to post the e-mail logs and their replies, anon. You can't just say that without proof.

764964  No.16210631

c338f1  No.16210637


thx 4 ur blog bro

c338f1  No.16210639


>this is real in my mind

070c52  No.16211087


I've only glanced at it but it's so fucking lazy. Before the Naval ships would be class after real ships (so a Japanese 1940 super-heavy is a Yamato class, a German is a Bismark class) and such, whereas now they removed that because you can design your own ships now, so you can give them more turrets, different engine, basically the same thing that was in Hearts of Iron 3 so after 4 dlcs paradox finally managed to achieve the starting point. Instead of keeping the hull names and just calling the the "Yamato hull" "Hood Hull" "Queen Elizabeth Hull" etc etc to add flavour to the game. They've just renamed all the ships "1936 destroyer hull, 1940 destroyer hull" which is laziness on such a grand scale I can't even comprehend why they would remove the names of ships that are already in the game.

Another thing the DLC adds is fuel, again, the starting point as this already existed in the predecessor. This time though they've so badly balanced it that Germany, which had problems getting enough fuel for it's planes in the real war, is usually maxed out, whereas Britain and France can't use their navies because of fuel shortages.

1d62e9  No.16212426

Help me, anons, some mods for CK2 crash on me after I click on a title. Any idea what's going on?

1d62e9  No.16212916

File: 9435a2da35ea736⋯.png (82.85 KB, 300x168, 25:14, ClipboardImage.png)


Figured it out. In some mods, playing as a merchant republic causes crash after you click on like the fourth or fifth title. Fucking retarded. Fucking Johan. I keep trying to make MR work somehow because it looks like a good change to my usual playstyle, but it just fucking breaks down in a million fucking ways.

54462c  No.16213001


MR have been broken for a while apparently, you must jew the other countries by force

35453f  No.16213857


Alright I will post it when I'm done with the porting.

6b2804  No.16214055


It fucking sucks Paracoxs is the only one making these games, that's for sure. I loved Vicky 2 and EU3 and HOI3 but after playing them to death I feel like I just can't get anymore out of them and all the newer games are just mudslime simulators

6b2804  No.16214068





I think you misunderstood. No one is saying Russia has quality anything but it's just a historical fact, Japan tried invading Soviet Russia but was defeated and so they instead made their way into China after signing a peace agreement with Russia. Look up Battles of Khalkhin Gol and Lake Khasan

947d20  No.16214210


I'll put in the backburner a geopolitical sim mod or revision then

38611c  No.16214223

File: ddb153cd82c662f⋯.png (351.14 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1446616340866.png)


Hokushin-ron wasn't supported by the time the border clashes with the Soviets occurred. And the Nanshin-ron had already been decided upon since by the time Khalkin Gol and Khasan were fought Japan had been in China for two years. You have completely reversed the timeline of events. Maybe you should look up the Battles of Khalkin Gol and Lake Khasan yourself?

15d919  No.16215440


We are currently fine-tuning new tutorials for newcomers to our games. We believe that the best starting point would be Ottoman Turkey as they are not only the least powerful and in dire need of further buffs (which are still coming by the way), but would also be the greatest test of skill a player under any of our games would experience. Therefore, our tutorial would not only introduce players to our games but also serve as a means to really get good at grand strategy, which also needs a lot of accessibility. This way we ensure that all playthroughs are all about increasing skill and further experiment with the Ottomans to see what works best, while making the other countries more akin to casual play that you can relax to!

Regarding Imperator, we believe some islam-induced events could bring some much needed flavor to the setting as the empire extended to Anatolia and therefore romans were peaceful muslims.

t. Parafrica

b451b1  No.16215464


Dont forget to debuff the overpowered byzantium, constantinople should be sunni turk at gamestart.

15d919  No.16215512


Don't worry, next patch will introduce a penalty to byzantium for stacking more than 10 soldiers, they're too damn strong as it is.

07ed93  No.16215530


>and therefore romans were peaceful muslims.

For the life of me I can't tell if this is real or parody. But then again i don't follow anything grand strategy related if it is not posted n this thread and even then I might miss it.

07ed93  No.16215534


Oh shit, I just realized my mistake. Paracucks wouldn't question that Muslims are peaceful.

e12a63  No.16215945

help a faggot out, just downloaded vic2, the tutorial is already being played and im watching a jewtuber to see another utorial any tips to gitgud at the game?

b451b1  No.16215961


Play belgium, sweden or any south american nation to learn the ropes, they normally dont have any wars.

Liquor factories = infinite money.

7 line infantry/guards, 1 engineers, 1 hussar, and 7 artillery makes a competent stack for armies.

e12a63  No.16216026


cheers, im going from cuckking2 and seeing this to be only 100y feels im gonna be rushed to actually do stuff i enjoy going from a OPM to a full continent nation, if i pick uruguay or colombia or sweden there are any mods that increase the timeline?

b451b1  No.16216049


Believe me anon, the time limit is good enough for how the game works, you can take multiple states in a war (think of them like duchies in ck2).

Another tip, try to get your administrative efficency to 100% asap so that you can just live its funding at 51% unti lyou expand again.

6b2804  No.16216078


I think you may be confused

38611c  No.16216167


Are you pretending to be retarded?

>Marco Polo Bridge Incident: 1937

>Khalkin Gol: 1939

64963d  No.16216905

File: 42df744cde03fd5⋯.jpg (51.03 KB, 616x353, 616:353, 181897f808542a4ef1f2822485….jpg)

File: d628029805db08a⋯.jpg (640.39 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ss_662ef6431dfec09a16bbaa2….jpg)

Is anyone able to give an opinion on this series? I'm half-intrested playing the latest game as somewhat of a prequel to Nioh, and The steam store screenshots are giving me Total war vibes, but I'm not sure.

3473ac  No.16219129


Get hfm (+ anon's edits). Vanilla vicky2 is super broken and you'll spend half your time hunting rebels.


thanks t. maker

b29377  No.16221259

File: e1d3799ed6d4f02⋯.jpg (817.23 KB, 2202x1879, 2202:1879, e1d3799ed6d4f02040f9331fa9….jpg)


873bad  No.16224609

Is there a way to diagnose crashes in Vicky, particularly when you know exactly what caused it? I'm trying to manually fire an event which worked in a previous version but CTDs now. Specifically, it's Event 2600 in Blood and Iron. Yes, I've appended a province number. This stopped working only in the newest version, I think.

c389eb  No.16224647


It's not quite Total War in that you're micromanaging troop formations, but instead commanding what would be called Hero units in Total War type games, as your generals have stats and skills that you can slowly cultivate.

Also specific to Sphere of Influence, you are playing as a single officer, who has varying amounts of influence on his/her forces based on the rank they have in their forces, ranging from only able to command troops, to having their own cities, being a ruler in complete control, etc.

ac2543  No.16227212

File: b90b0578ba6e1e7⋯.png (3.13 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 203770_20190310131343_1.png)


873bad  No.16228969


Seeing shit like that is an instant assassination plot for me, including the children and the coalburner.

315f58  No.16229095


but that shit always happens to half of Europe. Shit's tenacious too:

>play Trebizond

>suddenly plague

>succession fucked, new heir is some faggot from distant branch married to a steppe nigger


>all kids are steppe niggers

>kids of kids are too, as are their kids, despite never marrying them to other steppeniggers

>5 generations later, some irish cunt finally manages to spawn a white child

fucking ridiculous

873bad  No.16229127


I just turn on assassination as a free action. Paradox's goal is white genocide, so I won't allow that to happen in my escapism. I'm actually curious about running a game where the only political action I ever do (other than marriage) is assassination, to see how much of the world my family can eventually own.

6b2804  No.16229720


>We believe that the best starting point would be Ottoman Turkey as they are not only the least powerful and in dire need of further buffs (which are still coming by the way

Yep that sounds like Paracocks

be1a42  No.16234891


So much for muh historical immersion.

989d38  No.16235336

If I'm playing Vicky II as Finland what's the best time to try for independence? Should it be like real late game? I imagine I'd have to wait for something bad to happen to Russia.

b15ebe  No.16235365


There's a dedicated event that adds wild niggers to patrician gene pool. Even as the player you won't be able to stop your unmarried male kin from suddenly spawning some sheboon as wife out of nowhere. I recommend modding that event (REP.413 in republic_trade_events) to more amiable culture, or better yet multiple different cultures to add (white) diversity.

4b7ee1  No.16235373


Also, how do I edit Vicky II's war handling to allow me to join any side in a war any time, not just when one side wants "status quo"?

8289b4  No.16235442


>whites so weal they lose in video games as well

wew lad

09ef21  No.16235474

File: e659755209c4c0a⋯.jpg (86.33 KB, 850x572, 425:286, zanjwomen.jpg)


I mean honestly? with the islamic african slave trade it wouldn't suprise me that at least one merchant sees a fine young nubian he wants to buy and bleach. Your kids do get your ducats to do what they please with after all.

In medieval venice they would probably still highly frown on a saracen kid being doge though, but I don't see it as wholly innacurate as them being there. Venice being medditerranean makes sense for one or two negros, unlike bohemia in KCD.

b15ebe  No.16235488


The idea is fine, except the chicks of the all too common event are always magicked from the Slave Coast, and never from any of the several more immediate cultures in the proximity, and the gfx_culture handling of ethnicity means that it only takes a few coin flips for a patrician family to become permanently kangz.

6e333f  No.16235509


They should just implement penalties across characters from different races, not just cultures. And make them high in order to prevent them from achieving positions of power. Not like Paracocks are going to do that though, because "muh racism."

a30784  No.16235843


If you are sphered by someone who isn't your overlord, they can get an event to support your independence. So, insult russia and improve relations with great powers and hope that someone can be bothered to sphere you and won't be afraid to fight russia.

ed84db  No.16237345

Any king Arthur mods that are good? Lancelot cuckery almost ruins the myth for me so I have to fix it.

e5c966  No.16237452


There's Winter Kang but it has a Lancelot (made into a huge coward and compulsive liar) and it makes Sagramore (a Hungarian) into a Numidian. Take that as you will.

25c7a4  No.16238255


They should add black eunuch traps enjoyed by Turks.

d84c35  No.16238318

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

How easy would it be to get into Distant worlds coming from EUIV, CK2, HOI4 and Stellaris?

I really like Stellaris but it's not as deep as i'd like and the way the description in the OP makes it out, it seems like it'll have a steep learning curve

b5e0ee  No.16238404

File: bef1b321461bfa4⋯.gif (6.98 MB, 420x604, 105:151, avaruushäröpallo.gif)


It's pretty easy to learn. You can basically set the game to play itself at first and then gradually take manual control of more and more features. I recommend doing that + finding some beginner's guide to follow.

e9ecac  No.16238642

Is there ANY mod for EU4 that nerfs the Ottomans?

In every single game that I play they conquer Vienna and a huge part of Europe, the Middle East is always stable because everything belongs to them, and they can win against coalitions of European nations alone.

Plus, the thought of kebab winning makes me sick. I want to know if there is a mod that makes them much weaker than they are since paracucks buffed them to oblivion. Give the christian AI a clear chance to win and wipe them out or, at least, contain them

976766  No.16238702

File: 0a39cadd3442338⋯.png (3.82 MB, 1600x1200, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


Speakind about Stellaris, my game crashen when i try to save after about 20 hours in also in the market i can't set monthly trades the limit is 0 of anything and the normal trade has allt he same value, as in selling 100 minerals for the same price as selling 10000 minerals same with buying.

Playing pirated 2.2.5 and massive galaxies.

Mention it because i've looked around but don't see anyone else with the same problem, any help?

db1084  No.16238974

File: 232066400386240⋯.jpg (43.53 KB, 245x376, 245:376, 245px-Hisham_I_of_Cordoba.jpg)

File: eff05a8be05e190⋯.jpg (25.29 KB, 245x333, 245:333, Abdul_al_Rahman_I.jpg)

File: 24a48a55c4b43a1⋯.jpg (219.92 KB, 798x1009, 798:1009, D1iJ7pEXQAE6Ylq.jpg)

File: de7d9189fc9881b⋯.jpg (74.56 KB, 484x728, 121:182, D1iwSUXWsAIg3WO.jpg)


Speaking of real history why don´t they make or a modder makes the berbers ethnicities white instead of moors since the rulers of the cordoba emirate where white.

d722a8  No.16239112

File: cb75f914c27da8b⋯.jpg (68.41 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, 20 year old white man.jpg)


>Seeing shit like that is an instant assassination plot for me, including the children and the coalburner.

989d38  No.16239304

What's a fun Vicky II nation for someone with an okay amount of experience that hates managing SOI?

8b8048  No.16239377

File: 265e323e7691a0e⋯.jpg (29.72 KB, 459x271, 459:271, sj.jpg)

So I formed Scandinavia, I control almost everything in Africa except the Sahara, and I'm number 3 in the world; it's 1876. What now?

a3cfe3  No.16239460


Initiate islamic golden age 2.0

6e333f  No.16239760


Take Finland back from Russia if you haven't already, then the area around St. Petersburg and the Baltic states.

In a nutshell, reverse the outcome of the Great Northern War.

87a918  No.16243210


You meant Stellaris right, OP?

25c7a4  No.16243821


That guy is actually from Turkey.

b90dc6  No.16245231

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>reverse the outcome of the Great Northern War.


5de33a  No.16245292


>prequel to Nioh


Does that mean that Crusader Kings is a prequel to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare?

b4ad8e  No.16247835



repatriate yourself to 4chan my man

b4ad8e  No.16247842


>Is there ANY mod for EU4 that nerfs the Ottomans?


b90dc6  No.16247847


Haven't been there in 6 years, not going to start going back.

e4dbdc  No.16249594

File: 596b43050a73fac⋯.jpg (411.95 KB, 724x1024, 181:256, preparing to scan doujin.jpg)


On related note, I remember M&T game where I was having fun as Muscovy/Russia. That was until Crimea was formed by rebels, immediately became march of Ottomans by event, was immediately turned to regular vassal by the Kebab and annexxed ASAP to give them foothold in Ruthenia and resulting in Kebab invasion.

315f58  No.16249821


I usually enjoy the challenge and rape them despite superior everything by exploiting the retarded AI and mechanics. It's true that it gets harder each update (since they get a buff every single update) and I haven't played vanilla in forever, but it should still very much be doable, even as BYZ.

But I get your frustration at having them pollute the map every time. I think MEIOU should slow them down, at the very least

d8c770  No.16250136


Yeah, some of the events in M&T need a timegate/more reasonable triggers, otherwise it becomes ridiculous. France, for example, has a set of events depicting the establishment of the House of Valois-Burgundy (which can potentially result in France just getting Burgundy outright), but there's no limit as to when this happens.

It stole my vassal Burgundy from me (I was Austria and had gotten the best possible outcome of Burgundian Inheritance that gets you Low Countries and French Burgundy), put it in Personal Union, and inherited Burgundy within a few years. This was in the late 1500s, so I guess Philip the Bold found a time machine. It did give me a reason to take a more aggressive policy against the Frogs, but that was still nonsense.

Not entirely related but the Dutch Revolt is also busted, since it's nigh-impossible to avoid even if the conditions that lead to it aren't really there. Why would the Dutch still chimp out when they're all Catholic (I took the joke path that castrates the Reformation) and were treated as softly as possible during the Bildersturm? Before a fix, even a Burgundy/Lotharingia that moved its capital to the Low Countries and switched to the Low Frankish culture group would still get hit with it. You also lose all cores on the provinces that join the revolt because ???

5b2434  No.16252955

File: 7ba3e3d8175339b⋯.jpg (408.34 KB, 1261x881, 1261:881, 1552757697658.jpg)

File: f79f6f08524b94a⋯.png (299.17 KB, 1339x893, 1339:893, 1552757483507.png)


5b2434  No.16252966

File: 511bc8db0c3e9cd⋯.png (164.81 KB, 1089x605, 9:5, 1552757508740.png)

d8f12b  No.16252986



How? How do people like these become moderators/admins in every fucking community every fucking time?

b90dc6  No.16252999

File: d2587b709dd8cb3⋯.jpg (51.36 KB, 714x1024, 357:512, d2587b709dd8cb3f9dd8375350….jpg)




>Bosnian mudslime genocide

<hehe funny

>Chad Aussie wasting some mudshits


Fucking hypocrites.

1d68d0  No.16253045

I haven't bought a game in over a decade but the next one that has at least one explicitly censorship free server I will buy even if I never play.

256538  No.16253058


Moderators/Admins don't do anything to add in a community other than to police it.

6e333f  No.16253116


Nothing ever is free, and since they don't get paid for moderating online communities, they have to make up for it with power tripping. And virtue signalling, in reddit's case.

ccebfb  No.16253644

Does anyone have a link to Aurora? I've been searching for it and all links are down

315f58  No.16253702



>parashitter reddit brigade virtue signals

Wow, who would have thought.

9fb9ca  No.16253704

Does everyone here use anon's edits for HFM? I'm tempted to disable it since I keep finding that there's always one or two bugged decision or events that mess up my entire game.

e12a63  No.16259682

>learn Vicky 2 tutorial

>ok that’s a lot of stuff but I think I can do it

>follow anon suggestion and get in a South American country



>improve relationship with equador so I can invade venezuela

>Brazil declare war on me



>Brazil declare war on Paraguay, then Bolivia and me



>improve relationship with Brazil, they declare war on Argentina equador Paraguay


>a couple of days pass I’ve trained some army and focus on industry

>Brazil’s make peace with Paraguay and declare war on me

Fuck me, UHES are really on the war path…. I’m gonna go in either Asia or Belgium next but this shit is ridicule

<anon, but why don’t you play as Brazil

C’mon now, I want to learn the game and picking the biggest one means when you do something wrong you don’t fail

9886d8  No.16259874


>You can harvest infinite naval experience

At an extremely slow rate.

Also, all the alt-history paths you cry like a bitch about are completely optional - if you check the historical button at the start of the game, everything will happen as it did in the past. Stop being an ignorant idiot once in your sad life.

700ef4  No.16260318


I never had Hue declare war on me, are you plaing some 1 province minor?

700ef4  No.16260328

File: 7da2a9a41c4d384⋯.gif (780.25 KB, 325x203, 325:203, D7244F19-03EA-4F14-A5CE-91….gif)

a10a54  No.16260723


Playing as Colombia. As soon as I’ve made some army and make a CB on any neighbor I end up at war with HUES or deep in the game either burgers or UK due to the sphere influence

took me also 100y to make a factory…. in surely doing something wrong somewhere

1d62e9  No.16260945


>You also lose all cores on the provinces that join the revolt because ???

I think that's because the core mechanic itself cannot seem to decide what it actually represents. Sometimes it's portrayed as internationally recognised part of your country, other times it signifies the province being fully under control administrative-wise and the populace accepting you as their overlord (even though revolt risk and autonomy should deal with that) and other times something else entirely

54462c  No.16262281

File: 078481351508fc5⋯.mp4 (895.36 KB, 640x360, 16:9, medieval remover.mp4)



This has only made remove kebab funnier

429872  No.16262441


>anything in south america for first playthrough

Lmao. Play the Netherlands, small enough but still can be relevant, and you can learn colonization.

6e333f  No.16262903

File: a0398e2a3d09c08⋯.png (883.71 KB, 1540x2240, 11:16, shioi consider the followi….png)



Brazil has a core on one of the Colombian provinces, they can declare war on you at any time regardless of the relationship value unless you're allied with them. Just give up that single province when they attack, you'll lose some prestige but who cares. They should leave you alone afterwards. You'll have to get it back if you want to form Gran Colombia though.

>C’mon now, I want to learn the game and picking the biggest one means when you do something wrong you don’t fail

Size of a country is not important, it's the population that counts. Brazil has about as many people as Portugal, only spread out over a vast territory. Population of New World countries can increase quickly in the late game due to immigration, but you'll be quite weak for the first half of it or so (internationally speaking, of course, Brazil is easily the strongest nation in SA). Though it's probably better to follow the other Anon's advice and start with some medium-sized European nation.

e12a63  No.16263247

File: 9a952b8d65d09cd⋯.jpg (14.52 KB, 441x411, 147:137, 30c.jpg)


yeah i tried since somehow ive conceded that one provicne core, then survived all the way but now im in a slump…. usa is sphering ucsa mexico equador, while UK shere venezuela brazil and haiti…. im ally with peru and argentina and the rest is all gone. i learned that army inst tied by manpower like in the other paracuck games but on amount of soldiers, will start again soon and try again althougth im not really sure how can i help to spread factories apart of losing money from tax middle and rich class and investment below 0

7250bc  No.16264878


I havent played vicky 2 in almost a year, but yeah.

663e48  No.16264893


Reddit is owned by jews and deletes the accounts of anyone who moderates but doesn't go against their narrative.

1fc36b  No.16265291

File: 22ab50bd0cdb43e⋯.jpg (18.12 KB, 177x298, 177:298, aww yisss.JPG)


i always laugh when american blacks think they descend from iberian moors, i remember reading somewhere that a ordoban caliph had to paint his hair black to look more arabic because he had red hear

81d6d7  No.16265346


Berbers are pretty light-skinned, as were Vandals and Visigoths of course. The North African muslims deliberately bred with Arabs because Arabs "are the best muslims" and they needed some legitimacy as rulers so saying you were a descendant of Pedophile Prime was a good idea.

1fc36b  No.16265362


i meant more that the dude was so white he tried to look like an arab , meanwhile afro americans claim those people were as black as space rock

e12a63  No.16265541


>being a descendant of pedophile prime

>I don’t know anything about Mohammed apart of shitpost

You really should pick up a theology book nigger

7250bc  No.16265554


He married a 6 y/o girl and fucked her at 9, thats a pedophile you annoying muslim.

81d6d7  No.16265583


I know, I was confirming what you said. Native North Africans were pretty white. Emphasis on were.

81d6d7  No.16265598


Descendant of a relative of Muhammad, fair enough.

48e7a8  No.16267129

File: 33bf8cde3af610f⋯.jpg (535.05 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, v2_22.jpg)

r8 this black ethnostate

920076  No.16267165


Que Boss Nigger theme

b90dc6  No.16267199



e12a63  No.16267354


>Khadijah married him at 28

>Sawda bint Zam married him at 27

<b-but /pol/ told me he was a kiddie fiddler

>aisha married him at 12 actually fucked her at 15

and was the last wife that kept spreading his word about god

wow it looks like you are actually full of shit anon

d13fb8  No.16267379

File: 41b23816f7a7716⋯.png (58.88 KB, 197x281, 197:281, eadxz 41b23816f7a771615cc2….png)


I love when muslims pull the "ackshyually she wasn't 9 years old, but 12 years old, checkmate!"

>You see officer, I married her when she was 12 not 9 and only had vaginal sex when she hit uhhh 15 before that I only did some light rubbing, see I'm not a pedo.

a0cdb9  No.16267598

File: 13bc156aa98d46d⋯.jpeg (625.29 KB, 2560x1714, 1280:857, F9BB2074-3403-4802-BBAF-8….jpeg)

File: 7a8e8e47d0c4141⋯.jpeg (122.56 KB, 658x610, 329:305, 0946A5E4-24B7-4D9B-90EC-A….jpeg)

File: 7fe44fbc44c9b06⋯.jpeg (856.49 KB, 1244x1878, 622:939, DCAAC2F3-CF3E-4ED9-A481-F….jpeg)

File: 6211d64fd3ae710⋯.jpeg (195.5 KB, 697x649, 697:649, 010DAAFF-7E25-47C5-90D5-6….jpeg)


Moors were white too.

It’s sad to see that many people think that coming from Africa instantly means being the darkest nigger from Western Sub Saharan Africa.

e12a63  No.16267604


>implying im a mudslim

>implying in the 600ac wasnt the norm to marry in the teens

>implying its being pedo when hit puberty

reported for being a r/thedonald lurker

d13fb8  No.16267610


12 years old is hardly puberty and he is confirmed to have sexy time by then, he just had penetration at 15 because her loli cunny was too tight for his fat 60+ years old minaret.

e12a63  No.16267675



when he marrided her he was 48 show how much you actually about the subject aparto of shitpost

>its confirmed to have

[citation needed]

0fd887  No.16267687


The 3rd picture is the reaction of being call a tribe of niggers.

48e7a8  No.16270037

File: e5cb9e8804858cc⋯.jpg (707.2 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, v2_23.jpg)


Here's the mod if anyone's interested. Also allows you to send them back


6e333f  No.16272736

File: 60664bdcb44d31e⋯.jpg (306.1 KB, 850x1185, 170:237, idiot!.jpg)


>workforce over 75% slaves

>even though they wouldn't have got there in the first place if slavery wasn't abolished in america first

>american blacks now own other american blacks as slaves and everyone's okay with it

your mod is broken

b90dc6  No.16272757

File: 81d8d2bbbb63e57⋯.jpg (92.84 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 55517332eec43b1f3f60434d83….jpg)


>implying the rich niggers wouldn't just enslave the poor niggers

43fab5  No.16272775


The best is that actually happened.

48e7a8  No.16273572

File: 421802bc3a3cb62⋯.jpg (76.57 KB, 680x680, 1:1, my_opinion_on_your_opinion.jpg)


I consoled it in for the screenshot. You're supposed to get the event once slavery is abolished.

c74556  No.16274532

File: ff15a0d312c19eb⋯.png (405.49 KB, 750x702, 125:117, mari_lifts.png)


>therefore romans were peaceful muslims.

c74556  No.16274535

Anyone manage to revive Hellenism in CKII yet?

908259  No.16275634

File: 158266d0b1b9c87⋯.jpg (802.47 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 20190322032713_1.jpg)

Mexico's offering to sell me land up to the border in solid blue. Do I go for historical borders or blob into Mexico? Dotted blue shows where I could make the southern border later on if I war them for a couple more states.

Going to be going CSA in the ACW.

48e7a8  No.16275742


I'd say go for it but do CSA cores spawn in atypical places? How grob do you plan on making your confederacy?

b90dc6  No.16275941


Yes, it needs to have a US core and be a slave state to get a CSA core.

6e333f  No.16280089


Go for the historical Gadsden Purchase, borders of Greater Cession look ugly.

315f58  No.16281179


Just tried EU4 with MEIOU after a long while, playing BYZ inb4 muh byzaboos. Holy shit, they sure are stronger than I remember, but luckily, there's never a shortage of AI retardation to exploit against them.

>constantinople has a fort needing 14k sieging troops to even start the siege ticker

>largest army in the world (Ottoshits) has 11k

>declare war while keeping my army back and my navy in port

>Otto decides to march to constantinople with his whole doomstack because retarded

>bring fleet out of port and block the strait (Otto navy is small and shit so no problem there)

>doomstack cannot move since the fort won't let them go past Constantinople and the ships prevent them from going back

>they can't even siege the fort because there's too few of them

>proceed to send my army to occupy Ottoshits with zero resistance as their doomstack squats around my capital, praying to Allah for cannons to get invented already

I love this shit. Every time Johan adds a new mechanic, it creates fun exploits like these to shit on the AI. Cue in Swedes getting asshurt about BYZ existing, so they buff Ottomans again (it's getting ridiculous. They're space-marine tier; you literally cannot beat those shitters in early game in a fair fight, even if you have the same tech level, superior numbers, good general and favourable terrain. And even if you somehow did, they seem to be swimming in money at all times, so they'd just make a new army).

e05e9e  No.16281568


I'm surprised they still have a strait crossing between Constantinople and Anatolia at this point.

2c0b83  No.16281680


Eat shit, yid. Trist was a traitor and Gasden was a retard. The whole damn thing is US soil.

Speaking of which, why did they remove the ability to sell land to other nations from Vicky 1? THAT HAPPENED ALL THE TIME IN THIS ERA. Is there a mod that can bring it back? And what's this event, anyway?

2c0b83  No.16281686


>workforce over 75% slaves

>american blacks now own other american blacks as slaves and everyone's okay with it

You know fucking nothing about history. This is what happened in Liberia in the real world. Fuck off.

48e7a8  No.16282606


Also happened in the United States lol

315f58  No.16282698


They really try to work around it. They made it so that you can't block the strait unless you control one of theprovinces on either side, and of course put a fort on the ottoshit province next to constantinople so as to ruin that tactic. I thought it was a fucking joke when I saw it – there's literally one strait in that whole fucking game that's in any way relevant, and that's Bosphorus, meaning they changed the mechanic literally just because they were butthurt about BYZ. Of course, the date is so late that turks already control everything around you so as to make you more fucked. I beat them in vanilla anyway, but it required extensive cheese and savescumming.

I expect EU5 start date to be right after Turks conquer constantinople

c29210  No.16283117


what game is this?

31446a  No.16283916


They're fucked up turbovirgins who have no friends or relationships and think that being in a position of e-power lends them credence and makes them a more respectable human being.

Terrible hole sucklers see who can suckle current admin hole the best to gain mod powers. They show off their incredible strength and power by banning people or making vague threats of moderator action as a way to attract potential mates or friends. Unfortunately, they don't seem to realise what they look like to normal humans.

They are chameleon skinned invaders of communities and they hunt for those beliefs which are simultaneously popular and allow them to judge others to make themselves look better. In this case, these gentlemen have latched onto the idea that islamophobia is a bad thing. They then use it to come up with the idea that posting islamophobic memes is a bad thing that must be stopped and if you do it then you're bad and you must be stopped, then they say they'll stop it and try to ban you or whatever in order to make themselves look like competent protectors of whatever it is they're trying to gain, whether it be a woman or a friend.

The reason they become moderators/admins is because they're one of the few kinds of people willing to put up with the monotony of it all because they honestly believe they'll get something out of it at the other end. It doesn't help that this kind of person is also the kind of person who gets bullied a lot because they're always fucking stupid, thereby giving that kind of person an inclination towards power tripping also.

b90dc6  No.16284804


Victoria 2

68925e  No.16286875

New Thread


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