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File: 49bf1834bd1bd76⋯.png (17.68 KB, 512x512, 1:1, BB6523C7-E00A-4100-A8FE-50….png)


Anyone else feel like they really and truly do not belong in this world, or this reality for that matter? I want to know if anyone else feels as if they wish to travel to another existence and escape this world, maybe ive been reading too many comics and playing too many video games, I mean I do interact with people a lot, Im not some social outcasted robot, but there’s been a consistent increasing feeling of unease and continuous longing for something else. Does anyone else feel this? Is there a way to escape this world, or this dimension for that matter, without suicide?

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Why wouldn't he want to dabble with that? It's a great thing to dabble with. Even the CIA dabbles with it.


This universe? Yes. This plane of existence? No. I believe this is a Pythagorean universe, and I belong in the complex plane, not the plane of real numbers. I think I'm an extradimensional being. Math works differently the way I see it.



Yea. I always knew. Never like it here, even as a baby I remember hating the world more and more as I grew to understand it. I was constantly disappointed by every new thing I learned about the world and other people. I have such high standards and high hopes and I am filled with such wonder and curiosity but it is all constantly punished and crushed by the world and others around me. I feel like I am punished from birth by just simply existing here. I believe I am from heaven and I did something wrong or needed to learn something important so I was sent here to suffer/become better in a way that I can't understand and then finally return home again eventually. For someone from heaven, just being here is literally the most unimaginably painful hell for me. I look at others and I see most people as soulless husks who love everything around them and about themselves no matter how bad it all is. They all love and accept what is literally hell to me and I am disgusted of them. I have dreams and small memories of heaven, which is very hard to describe in words. It's just perfect and beautiful, and everything is exactly the way that it should be. It hurts to not be there. Suicide doesn't seem to be an option so I'm just waiting patiently for God to allow me to go home. I recoil in horror at the thought of old age, not because of becoming wrinkly but because of how much longer I must spend waiting in hell before I get there. Nobody can help me but God and Nobody has ever had anything useful or helpful to say to me. I don't even know why I reply to this thread, maybe out of desperation. The air I breath isn't good enough.



I've been feeling that way since I was a child… This world is just so dull. Cities feel like prisons. I don't even feel truly alive most of the time.


There's a dark side to those substances. Even Graham Hancock stopped using them after he encountered some malevolent entities.


Reminder that it's people who have made this world so shit. Escape isn't a solution though.

File: 92ff6cbdeddf500⋯.jpg (130.03 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, world-war-3.jpg)


What do you guys think about the WW3 prophecies?

There have been many apocalyptic prophecies about ww3 in europe but also in other places, a lot of them come from people that live or have lived in germany and austria and some prophecies are 1000 years old, the scarry part is that the prophecies are very similar and most of them talk about a 3 day long darkness brought by a dust that kills everyone who comes in contact with it, very few people will survive.

Here is a link to a book with many of the prophets i am talking about.


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What are the chances it can happen and nobody notices


What is the difference with "Global War on Terrorism" and "WW3" Global War = World War fucking morons


pls yes


I used to talk to someone from Germany and his dad told him how Russia is going to overrun Germany in the future. I thought it was strange thing for him to say and he seemed so sure of it too.


Don't underestimate the orc rush. They win by numbers and primal rage.



Keep in mind that most newspapers in Germany get told what to write by the CIA, and there's been an ongoing demonisation campaing against Russia. That guy's dad might have been 100% sure of what he said, but it doesn't mean it's anything remotely close to true.

File: f23f0ca5f01a6d2⋯.png (29.71 KB, 642x314, 321:157, 126472847924.png)


I'll start with something obvious and stupid just to get the thread rolling. You can even just ignore the first one if you like, the others are far more interesting.

Seems like every year this same old shitty gimmick comes back with a new name duct taped onto it. Why does a diet that works so well need to be constantly re-named and re-branded over and over again? Unless people try it out and get some temporary short-term weightloss and then suddenly just gain it all back again plus extra with a side of some kidney and liver problems, I don't know why the hell it would be necessary to desperately scramble to be forgotten as quickly as possible literally Every. Single. Fucking. Year. and then hurry to re-name the whole fucking thing and throw it out into the public again and scream "WEEEEEEEEEEW NEW FAD DIET BRUHHHHHHHHHHHHHS THIS IS THE NEW SHIT! DEFINITELY BETTER THAN LAST YEARS SHIT BRUHHHHHHHH!" and watch every fucking dumbass stacy, chad, and desperate walking hamplanet landwhale fatty mcbutterpants FAT FUCKING FUCK jump back on the retard bandwagon yet again for the 10th fucking time to try and become the flawless image the magazines and celebrities constantly shove down their throats. How many fucking times will they come out with a new name for the same old SHIT? How many fucking times will retards fall for it? I know the fucking answer. Forever, right?

If it works so god damned well, then why do they take it down and put it back up again over and over? I swear it's like when they come out with some shit on t.v. and try to sell it for a hundred bucks and then take it down off the shelf and put it in a new box and sell it to me a couple years later for ten dollars.

What the hell have you noticed that you don't think anyone else has noticed?

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Why do you even post if you wont read the thread dumbass



Really interesting right? Also can we reactivate the embryo stage in a fully grown adult and regrow lost limbs, organs, eyes, and more?


I don't think anyone truly wants to live forever, especially if living in life isn't really living.

As a person alive in a world so dead, there is nothing here for me but dread.


It's just marketers making money off of dumb people. Most trends are, either created by or being profited off of by business guys. Good money to be made in that.



Then let's make a better world!

File: da4ee736c7a17cf⋯.jpg (3.71 MB, 1600x5632, 25:88, 1548479538341.jpg)

File: dd0b6c440f1519b⋯.jpg (36.19 KB, 400x559, 400:559, 1548357522612.jpg)

File: c928fdf1d88c845⋯.jpg (637.8 KB, 2677x3401, 2677:3401, 1548031310280.jpg)


Post infographics, journal entries,essays,or anything informative on metaphysics,conspiracys,faith, or anything you want to share i cant get enough of these

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It's popular though, so I think that's the point. But I'm not so sure

>fire is alive



>Norse exploration of America

>White Indians in North America

Those aren't conspiracies and have been accepted by mainstream historians for quite a while now.



>earth is a prison

yes but it has nothing to do with religious shit - people themselves have made it a prison - and by focusing on religion we're letting the culprits get away


File: cdf4296418bf02c⋯.jpg (36.23 KB, 750x419, 750:419, f52dcaaf652d05e7fc5e35db6d….jpg)


There are so many unasnswered questions that I decided to suggest it: the sun observation/eyktarstað problem, the Maine Penny, butternuts found at L’Anse aux Meadows despite butternuts never growing on Newfoundland, Ronwayana, some of the unanswered descriptions in the Sagas regarding locations and Indians, &c., &c.

I have spent a lot of time going over the Sagas, studying maps, and doing research on the location of Vínland, and it is one of the mysteries that interest me the most. There are so many wide-ranging theories where it was, and I don’t think the buildings uncovered at L’Anse aux Meadows is ‘it’, but rather a base/winter camp – possibly the Leifsbúðir of the Sagas…


Quite so. Someone could do a version where everything is ranked from far out there/silly to real, but I am just suggesting fringe theories, conspiracies and mysteries in order of how well-known they are.

The fire is alive one is quite popular, and unlike a lot of entries on the iceberg, it isn’t some obvious wordsalad or creepypasta, no matter how far out there it is.

Ideas for some more surface level entries:

Waco shooting, Shakespeare authorship, Oak Island mystery/treasure, Project MKUltra, death of Frank Olson, death of Vince Foster, human hibernation, Dyatlov Pass incident, Order of the Friars of St. Francis of Wycombe/Sir Francis Dashwood’s Hellfire Club, ‘Intelligent’/communicating trees, ASMR, chemtrails, wendigos, Planet X/Nemesis, melting glass, hollow Earth/vast caverns in the Earth’s crust, EETA 79001/Martian meteorites seeding life on Earth, Panspermia, Soviet reanimation experiments, Zionism, human echolocation, Mary Celeste crew disappearance, real British royal bloodline though George, Duke of Clarence/Michael Hastings, death/disappearance of Norse colony in Greenland, esoteric symbolism of the Cosmati Pavement in Westminster Abbey, disappearance of the Roman Legio IX Hispana beyond Hadrian’s Wall, Roman exploration of North America, Nazi base(s) in AntaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Reptilians and NWO for entry level.

File: 70a3512f4014f9f⋯.png (629.26 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, received_362377207912385.png)

File: 1a7d09d0f14d4e7⋯.png (485.46 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, 1547096840172.png)


Does anyone here think that Saki Sanobashi could be real? The rumour started on halfchan, but since then others have been talking about it. As well as this, it doesn't sound like it would be anything out of the ordinary for eroguro.

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Clockman OP:

>from respected member of a forum

>knew what network and show he saw it from

>was involved in the search

>other descriptions of the short from a decade earlier added validity


<some anon over three years ago

<never seen again

<'name was something like this or something'

<'saw it on the dark web bro'

The two aren't comparable.



Yeah bro, it's real. I went looking for it on the darkweb when I was in high scool. Big mistake. All the blood was very hyper-realistic, and at the very end the last living character looked right at me (I somehow knew she was looking specifically at me, not the camera) and told me she was gonna kill my mom. The next day, my mom choked on a hot dog and died…



See, if if she'd be better at deepthroating, not only would she still live, she'd spare the world you.


Could the real name be Saki-san no batsu? (Saki-san's punishment) or some variant of Saki-san's X





File: 2500a37420ce64b⋯.jpg (2.63 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, 1549949000386568242068.jpg)


Card flipper here.

Looks my original thread got saged.

Im still giving reads

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Just wanna make sure im not gonna give a read to someone trolling me.



I'm not trolling, it's just a picture I found of sheep and naked people


File: 934f4b11c55bf9f⋯.jpg (2.61 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, 1550562435482778074431.jpg)



Time card. Present.

Eight of coins

A card of a love of ones job/hobby. The artist lost in his work. Making money but more happy just applying his craft.

Card says focus on work or a hobby you love to elevate that status.



Thanks, I think I know what I have to do



Happy to be of service.

Go in peace

File: f5a59ca5a2a2d81⋯.jpg (89.86 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 65e7b202eb4c90bee6daef04db….jpg)


Does anyone have any experience with spirit crystals


Never heard of it. Do you mean spirit quartz? That's all I saw when I searched it up.

File: 91c17424f68cd91⋯.jpg (31.83 KB, 332x336, 83:84, MedusaBocklin1878.jpg)


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File: 38b798933864334⋯.jpg (441.98 KB, 600x645, 40:43, Martin_Luther_by_Cranach-r….jpg)


>in the authentic Catholic sense

Ah, so you are a heretic. That figures.



>It does not mean He partakes in them

Okay, God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit are SuperChad Virgins, who created fleshly desire, but have nothing to do with such debauchery themselves. Jesus Christ was so divine that he never even went to the bathroom. Got it.

>that's not an argument

Why not, Molyneux? If that's what they enjoy doing, who are you to argue?


>I get bored and like to read spooky stories

Phillipians 4:8

A truly convicted Christian would not allow themselves to be led into temptation by reading threads on /x/ about summoning succubi. Why are you putting God to the test, anon?


>You speak like a reprobate, friend.

If you mean "reprobate" in that I am lost, damned for all eternity, than yes, guilty as charged.



Honestly, I don't understand how someone can accept the doctrine of Hell as a fact and yet happily accept going there. But you're right when you say that God won't protect you from the consequences of your own decisions, and you will end up getting what you want. Good luck I guess dude. If you're lucky you might even find it pleasurable when you get there, in a sort of insane way that normal people wouldn't be able to appreciate.



>A truly convicted Christian would not allow themselves to be led into temptation by reading threads on /x/ about summoning succubi.

Would you condemn St. Paul for preaching to the Greeks? The only temptation I'm fighting is to not upbraid you too harshly.

>Okay, God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit are SuperChad Virgins

You speak so flippantly about holy things. The point of sex is to breed, which is a task Man has been given for the sake of bringing more Saints in the world. The actual task of breeding is -literally- below God, it is something left to us as He creates in the Spirit, and was completely circumvented when Christ was born of Mary.

>who created fleshly desire, but have nothing to do with such debauchery themselves.

Yes, perfection is not capable of being imperfect. God is not Zeus.

>If you mean "reprobate" in that I am lost, damned for all eternity, than yes, guilty as charged.

Not quite, you are only damned when you die and Christ proclaims you as such. Seeing that you cling to such pathetic delusions as being loved by a demon, were you get past that, what would keep you from Heaven?



>The only temptation I'm fighting is to not upbraid you too harshly.

Patronizing much? If you're staking out a ministry here, well, good luck with that.

>You speak so flippantly about holy things.

I'm sure they are "Holy" to you.

>The point of sex is to breed, which is a task Man has been given for the sake of bringing more Saints in the world.

LOL Is that the goal now? To crank out more "saints?" Notwithstanding nearly every saint and so-called "Holy man" being insufferable covert narcissists? Or even outright criminals? That's one thing I remember very clearly from the church: We'd get a new preacher, "Hey man, I used to be part of a gang, and I did a bunch of shoplifting, but I got saved by Jesus! Now I'm a pastor because no one else will hire me!" This was so common, it would be comical if it weren't so sad.

Another glaring distinction that never ceases to amuse me is how all the Satanists and demon worshipers whom I know personally are all very honest, moral, and upstanding when compared to the vast majority of Christians I know. Not that this matters to the Most High, but I still enjoy the irony.

>He creates in the Spirit, and was completely circumvented when Christ was born of Mary.

You're probably going to need a fainting couch for this next idea: What if the Holy Spirit had spirit sex with Mary to conceive Jesus? You've got that precedent from Genesis 6 and the Book of Enoch, so why not? But what do I know? I guess you were present when Jesus was conceived, so you know best.

>Yes, perfection is not capable of being imperfect.

You really think desiring another person sexually is a sin? If that's the case, no one can help you. I feel like I'm having a back-and-forPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: b04f9111aeb9073⋯.jpg (604.62 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Breath_Of_Gaia_Wallpaper_1….jpg)


My goal for this post is not to start a debate on whether or not the Earth is flat. My goal is to explain why I think the FES (Flat Earth Society) exists.

When we think of Earth, the majority of humans think of it as being round.


We have images from space of Earth being round, and other planetary bodies in our solar system are also round. It impossible for NASA to control every image online. We have Elon Musk who recently put his Tesla Roadster in space, and you can view the Earth in the background.

However, there is a smaller portion of the population that believes in a Flat Earth theory. We have all heard of people describe "Flat Earthers" as crazy. We also hear that conspiracy theorists are crazy and have crazy ideas, not based in reality. Our society tries to marginalize those with new or "crazy" ideas, ideas that do not fit in the "normal box." I believe that Flat Earth Society is misinformation to keep people away from the real truth. The underlying purpose of the FES is to stifle free thinking by purposely creating an incorrect notion, and then have our society ridicule individuals over those beliefs. It also puts conspiracy theorists in a more negative light.


"Gaia theory or the Gaia principle, proposes that living organisms interact with their surroundings on Earth to form a synergistic and self-regulating, complex system that helps to maintain and perpetuate the conditions for life on the planet." I want to further suggest that the Earth is alive. Trees and plants have consciousness, but could it be possible that the whole planet is a conscious being? I do not have scientific evidence to support my claim that the Earth is a living, intelligent being. Returning to my main point, I believe people are being conditioned to ridicule ideas that would fundamentally change our perspective of the Earth. If we did know that the Earth was a living being, how would that change our perspective? I believePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

35 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



gravity might be real but assuming it's exactly the way we are told it is, just because they say so is stupid. Yes, if I jump off a cliff I will be injured or die so I will not do that because that would be dangerous and stupid, but who are we to assume that gravity is even real? Yes, we can fall and get hurt or die, but is it because of gravity? Is gravity as it is named by science even real? That's just what we have been fed.


1. Horizon always appears and rises to eye level

2. Water always finds its level

3. Gyroscope's always remaining level throughout worldwide

aeroplane flight travel

4. Polaris never moves from its position despite earths

travel through space

5. No measurable curvature

6. Terminator line on the moon during daytime often

does not coincide with suns directional light

7. Gravity is simply buoyancy & density

8. No photographic evidence of satellites

9 . Questionable flight paths in southern hemisphere

10. Antarctic treaty forbids freedom of movement in Antarctic

11. Van Allen radiation belt makes space travel impossible (if it exists) space or the belt!

12. Water bubbles on ISS film footage

13. The Fake moon landing (or is it)

14. The Sun & globe earth model contradictions.

We're able to observe and bring back into view objects such as land, buildings, and boats that are supposed to be behind the curve.

Horizon always rises to eye level.

Water is always level and it makes up 71% of our #earth.

The Bible repeatedly describes the #Earth as Immovable (Stationary), #Geocentric, and Enclosed in a solid dome structure called the #firmament

All images of the #Earth from #space are admitted to be computer generated.

The heliocentric model was created by Freemasonic Occultists.

All the space agencies share the same vector logo.

Astronaut almost drowning in #space

Water bubbles & Scuba tank viewed in #space

The United Nation's logo is a #FlatEarth map

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


our time on earth could actually be shorter than we perceive or can research it to be because 'mirrors' are set up on either side of our human perception to blind us, in the form of ancient structures with writing/glyphs that mimic even older times and ALSO predict future ones. (stegosaurus/helicopter on a temple wall, dino footprints next to human, inconceivably ancient relics, etc.) We may have been alive for less time than these structures have existed AND been given a false history.



Although this flat Earth bullshit is certainly nonsense for 80 IQ idiots, it really does appeal to our need to believe in something much more extraordinary than what we're used to, and so many cool scenarios and fantasy novels could be written just from the "fact" that whole new worlds exist beyond the Antarctic.



Is it bullshit because you didn't feel like reading it and so it's just "some shit I didn't read = bullshit"? nice.

File: bec534d16ee92d7⋯.jpg (166.92 KB, 1013x570, 1013:570, 20190109_124549.jpg)



You can rarely tell when a video claiming to have paranormal activity caught on tape is real, but this one intrigued me.

What do you guys think?

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When people ask such questions, like 'what are ghosts?' or 'does personality survive after death?' they always seem to start from the assumption that there is a 'you' in the first place. That's not surprising, after all, it's how we think of ourselves while we're still alive. We'll say 'I like this' or 'I think' but what if we were fooling ourselves? Or rather, what if we were letting ourselves be fooled by language?

Consider this: it's common knowledge that human beings are contradictory. We're able to feel different emotions that don't seem to mix very well together, and even to love and hate someone or something at the same time. So we might say 'I love you' and 'I hate you' in the same sentence. That doesn't make sense if it was a single entity that was speaking, but it would be perfectly reasonable if there were different Is, all inhabiting the same body, taking turns to speak, and identifying themselves as 'I' simply because it's more convenient than each of them using a different name, and also because from an outsider's perspective, one body = one person.

Many philosophers have questioned the existence of a singular, monolithic, homogeneous personality, instead proposing that behind that I there exists a multitude of wills or instincts, which may or may not want the same things. The person we think we are, therefore, would be an aggregate of many smaller Is, all sharing the same body and memories, but sometimes disagreeing with each other.

Why is this relevant to a discussion about ghosts? Well, assuming that something survives after death, we have to ask, which parts of us do manage to survive? Imagine for example that you woke up tomorrow with your personality intact, but no memory of who you are or what your life has been: would you act the same as normal? Or what if certain parts of your personality, that have so far been dominant, suddenly disappeared, allowing other weaker and normally less influential parts to dictate your actions? Would 'you' still be the same person?

Maybe your grandpa turned into a ghost after he died, but onlPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: df2dfe0235db1ef⋯.jpg (170.4 KB, 500x579, 500:579, odd nerdrum-5.jpg)


Some of what you describe sounds like cognitive dissonance. While I think there is one ‘you’, and not several, safe for cases of schizophrenia (fractured personality), or multiple personality disorder, the idea that not all aspect of one’s personality or ‘self’ survives sounds interesting and plausible – a splintering or fracturing of the personality almost. The more basic/stronger feelings and emotions, such as anger, rage, love, &c. may more often be preserved than more nuanced and fleeting ones.

I have a similar theory when it comes to ‘bloodmemories’, ie inherited memories passed down through the generations in the DNA – the ‘stronger’ the memory, the more likely it is to be passed down unaltered, though they may also be altered or even vanish after several generations, like ripples in water spreading outwards and becoming smaller and more unclear each time.

Another thing I think may influence the behaviour of ghosts – other than how much of their original self/personality managed to survive, and in what condition, is how this new state would affect them – suddenly, or gradually, they regain some of their consciousness without their body/semi-corporeal form – how would we react to this? How would we perceive the world around us when detached from our body and senses?

Further, wouldn’t also the way a person died affect how much of their self/personality survived and in what state? A very painful and drawn-out death in which the person suffered major brain-damage and severe trauma vs a quick painless death or dying in one’s sleep… If someone committed suicide, only to regain some form of consciousness afterwards might also affect how they behave and act in the afterlife.



Considering how the average person acts while still alive, I don't want to imagine how he would act if he were to suddenly find himself deprived of a body and unable to communicate and perform other basic common tasks.

There certainly seems to be a cliche in ghost stories about the difference that the manner of death makes, when it comes to the 'creation' of a ghost and how it behaves. For some reason, violent deaths -whether it be murder or suicide- are alleged to generate angry, vengeful ghosts.



The other day I was listening to a clip from Dead Rabbit Radio, and it brought up something I had never given much thought: how are ghosts able to see, hear, feel, taste?

Does this mean that ghosts are nothing more than something like a ‘brain in a vat’? Deaf, dumb & blind – no sense of smell, sense… A human personality reduced to some form of post mortem ‘consciousness’, possibly damaged and fractured. If this is the case, it sounds like a truly horrific, nightmareish form of existence.


Here is something I have never heard anyone say before.

Ghosts are us, in the sense that we telekinetically project our own doubts and fears unto the world around us. Ghosts we see and hear and feel are projections of our own self. You see a ghost, get scared like a cat looking in the mirror. It was you all along.

File: ed79368ebf4a1d5⋯.jpg (483.41 KB, 2000x1764, 500:441, 1540578154499.jpg)


Can any one recommend some podcasts worth listening too? All I can find is drug addicts having trips and then claiming they're paranormal.


MonsterTalk - a podcast hosted by skeptics talking about all kinds of cryptids and paranormal phenomena

Dead Rabbit - just started listening to this, and it is really good. A great source to some of the more obscure conspiracies from the iceberg chart as well.


The Higherside Chats. It's really comfy, and he has all kinds of different guests, including some really fringe ones.



Monsters Among Us - sort of a call in show. People call in and leave a message about their experiences or he will read their emails.

Behind the Paranormal - father / son team. Shows run the gamut from ghosts to UFOs to cryptids. All shows are posted free and they have like 700 last time I checked


Stuff They Don't Want You To Know


File: 5e578ca76548857⋯.jpg (162.18 KB, 1000x748, 250:187, 1492557605224.jpg)


i found it


File: aad9a448cc10870⋯.jpg (103.39 KB, 683x1024, 683:1024, 5e675c8328eabbbca6022fbb24….jpg)

File: c6b1e11bae01ef6⋯.jpeg (278.95 KB, 470x731, 470:731, 52986E77-EDC3-4E0F-B1A0-2….jpeg)

So it was just an alien from The X-Files? Figures.



I refuse to believe that one is the original after all the shit the went down after that supposedly real photo. I think that is still yet another decoy.


File: 7e5ed44d8294f58⋯.jpg (54.24 KB, 960x480, 2:1, 16831118_10209103178202566….jpg)


I refuse to believe the photo is the reason the site went down. I think that it was yet another hoax.



Why were so many fakes already made and posted as soon as the original was deleted?

File: 96255283f512940⋯.jpg (49.24 KB, 528x528, 1:1, 1511914974306.jpg)


Legend has it that some funky ass human experiments and shit went down at a deep underground military base in Dulce, New Mexico.

Anybody got some good stories or rumors about facilities like this?

4 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Bitch I will shove a 300 meter cigar shaped craft up your asshole.



>somebody has all data he leaked that isnt related to unumpentium?

This please, his knowledge was 50 years more advanced than us and it was proved, thats enough to show him as a credible source.


Holy crap


File: 833e22c0b7f4a32⋯.jpg (1.9 MB, 1320x2424, 55:101, 1550443637152.jpg)


sounds similar to J376



actually read it all, sounds fake as fuck - why was the anon so special that they let him survive and not the others?

File: 06bb234409c9999⋯.jpg (45.73 KB, 259x408, 259:408, 9894135.jpg)

File: fb3ca8b12e8938e⋯.jpg (42.9 KB, 540x213, 180:71, 5988142_orig.jpg)

File: 0fd47e580f58b63⋯.jpg (39.71 KB, 540x244, 135:61, 3844121_orig.jpg)

File: 3f657230f65f3df⋯.jpg (54.63 KB, 396x276, 33:23, 5003731.jpg)

File: 7fb205b765e8189⋯.jpeg (90.96 KB, 414x276, 3:2, 5708051.jpeg)


If the ayys really helped to build ancient places in the form of circuit boards it is logical to think that they did so for when we were advanced enough to see from the sky to build the fucking thing to…idk communicate with them? So…Has anyone actually tried to build all the pieces and put it together?

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I don't see how a different circuit design would help us to communicate with aliens. Especially since aliens usually communicate telepathically. Their technology would seem like magic to us.


Those way-beyond-Earth-tech pyramids, columns, boxes ("sarcophagi") you see shaped in impossible ways weren't done by humans.

That was the angels on Earth before Lucifer pulled the trigger on the rebellion against God.

Those statues you see in Egypt of the jackal-headed dudes and all that? They are life-sized statues, or near-life size, and actual, accurate representations of some of the angelic species. Same with Easter Island. They had technology far ahead of ours. They WERE the servants of God, after all.

But, then they turned on God, and the stuff (I suspect cosmic-grade weaponry) that the pyramids and all were was blasted in the war. Notice how the pyramids seem to have blown their covering stones off? Notice how some of the rock has been surface-melted?

It was a war that killed all life on the face of planet Earth in minutes or hours. Sun extinguished, light was banished, cold on a level never seen descended on the planet, along with gross, deep, darkness. This was the pre-flood cataclysm that resulted in the ocean beds being on mountaintops, and mastadons being frozen, literally, right in their tracks, green food still in their bellies.

Massive, annihilating heat, followed by deep freeze.

Anyway, the architects of Machu Picchu, they pyramids, all the ancient wonders we can't explain was the angels before they went bad. Look at the descriptions of some of the good angels in the book of Revelation. Multi-faced, multi-eyed, like eagles, bears, etc.

They had technology, that like ours, looked simple but was fascinating in its advancement. I mean, whoever thought polishing and mirroring one end of a ruby rod (Not Ruby Rhod) and partially-mirroring the other end, then shining a light on the rod would produce laser light being emitted?

Those pyramids on all the continents had to be shaped like that for a specific, purpose, and I am guessing it was weaponry on a scale we have never imagined. Possibly, linking multiple sites worldwide, to form some kind of heaven-smashing beam.

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what is cern doing, in your opinion?


Really, designing circuits with 90° traces? That's fucking barbaric.


I really think it's a way to control people

File: 320ffda41f571f0⋯.jpg (66.62 KB, 1350x900, 3:2, LargeFW9892.jpg)


>be me


>a black skull on a black spider

>it looked liked a black skull on eight black skinny spider legs

>it came behind my wooden drawer

>i wasn't having a nightmare

where ghosts fucking with my dreams, anons?


I'd think it were demons


File: 8deb8c0c61dcd1a⋯.jpg (55.38 KB, 677x960, 677:960, Aussie.jpg)

Are you from Down Under, m8? If so it sounds like business as usual.



oh shit I thought demons were up to get me, but it's just the aussies dicking with me

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